How To Vet a Blogger

how to vet a blogger How is the February Check List coming along?  Have you set up some sales to get rid of your Fall mdse. yet?  I don’t know if you are like many of my clients, and myself, and get a lot of bloggers asking to review your product, but if you are, here are some tips and tricks to get the real skinny on the chick asking you for free stuff!  It can be time consuming to sift through it all, but it is well worth the effort in my opinion.

I usually go down the check list below but only if #1, the rating, passes my personal test of a score under 500,000. I prefer bloggers with an Alexa rating under 300,000, but if I really like the blogger, and the blog, then I’ll slide up to 500,000.   The next thing I do is check out their writing style and make sure I like it before I go further into the details of digging for more info.

Giving away your product to a great reviewer with a fabulous following can be a great move for our company and get you more sales, social media following, email sign ups etc……… so be sure to vet them before just dashing off your valuable product into the unknown.

This is a checklist that I use to vet bloggers:

1. Check out their rating
2. Look at their Facebook page – do they have a good following?
3. Check out their twitter followers – are they good?  Active?
4. Review their Pinterest page – is it pretty?
5. Get on their mailing list and check out their marketing skills
6. Read their reviews and see if you like how they write the reviews.
7.  Take a look at their give-aways and see what they require.

If you do all these steps, I believe you will feel a lot better about your choices and have better luck working with bloggers.

Love to know your thoughts and any comments you have.



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