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How to track your success

I have been talking to a lot of clients about this lately and wanted to share it with you too………Wouldn't it be great to track your success? It is really useful to keep tabs on the success rate of all the different things you are doing to grow your business.  What you'll want to do is print out this Daily Metrics Sheet.

Each column is designed to help you track different aspects of your business.   It is important to know how the things you are doing are effecting your business.  Take the time to monitor how your blog posts, online sales, and social media interactions are effecting your following.  This will give you an exact scientific method to see what is growing your various lists, and what you are doing that might not be working so you can change it.

Be sure to make notes in the last column so you can really see what is going on each day.

I'd love to know how this works for you and what you discover about how you are doing your business.

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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