How to reach your target market

Narrowing your target market is so essential to your success.  The question often is……how do I find them?

I’d like to invite  you to do an exercise that I have my clients do to really get clear about who your target market is. This should help you figure out where they are, once you really know who they are.

Close your eyes and imagine who your ideal client is.  Really take the time to sit with it and get a real image. I find it really helpful to have someone with you who can write it all down for you so you  can just talk and describe the person.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

Man, woman or child?
Age range?
What do the look like?
Do they exercise? Are they sedentary?
What is their relationship status?
Do they have children?
Where do they live?
What is their life like? Job? Stay home mom? Kid in school?
What kind of car do they drive?
Do they vacation? Where? How often?
How do they dress?  Designer?  Trendy? Gap? Discount?
Do they have hobbies?
Are they educated? To what level?

I could go on forever…….are you forming an image?
Now with that image in mind……where do they hang out?
Where do they shop?

Now comes the fun part of figuring out how to get their attention!

One way is to design a custom business card for yourself using the simple online tool called MakeBizCards, a drag-and-drop tool that anyone can use to create a fully unique business card without any design or technical skills. As long as you are still giving away business cards why not make sure that it is well-designed, stands out and does a good job of representing your brand.

My experts below give you some great ideas to get started with.

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • […] How to reach your target market – The Entreprenette Gazette […]

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  • Marian says:

    Thanks Sarah for this post! we’re already doing some of the 28 ideas you mentioned and will probably do the others. This is great! thanks again

  • nick says:

    Try mailing out your own personal recorded message to your target audience and include your business card. This isnt likely to be thrown away with other junk mail. Please visit for more info.


  • My target market is men and women who loves jewelry. I do keyword research first using Google Keywords Suggestion Tool or other tools to find how many searches per month for that keyword phrase.

    Then I join related forums by typing keyword phrase + forum on Google search box. Leave my link at the signature.

    I can also offer free ebooks about Jewelry or some free T-shirts or some free mugs. Everyone loves free stuff. Add my link on each these free stuffs.

    Another way I think we can run a contest. Give the winner one of our best products.


  • ohio cpa says:

    This was a really nice post.

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