How to Invoice Stores

how to invoice storesInvoicing can be confusing so let’s spell it out here.   I have always used Quickbooks for my accounting software so I use their invoicing program too.  It keeps track of your inventory as well which makes production much easier to keep up with than counting stuff all the time.  If you don’t use Quickbooks, you can create an invoice in Word or Excel too.
Most boutiques are used to getting the Invoice with the inventory. You can either put it inside the box or purchase those little plastic envelopes that say “Packing List” on them and tape that to the outside of the box to be sure it doesn’t get overlooked. You can purchase these at   I always use the plastic envelopes just to be sure it didn’t get lost.
If you are invoicing a store with Net 30 terms, then you are usually required to mail them the invoice to the address provided. They will not pay you unless they receive this invoice. Be sure to read the fine print and send it to the correct address. Target for example requires you to mail 2 copies in separate envelopes for the same invoice. Go figure! Some larger companies will require you to fill out pages of paperwork on-line (or not) and send that back to get a vendor number to move forward. Sadly there is no regulation standard for how this is done.You just have to read everything carefully and follow instructions exactly.
It can be stressful at first but just relax, read it and think about all the money you are going to make from the sale. We all get through it and come out the other side.
Happy invoicing!
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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • THANK YOU Entreprenette, we all LOVE to get paid:)!! Simple: “You just have to read everything carefully and follow instructions exactly.”

  • Bethany says:

    Does Peachtree have an invoicing option too like Quickbooks?

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