How to handle things in your business that you dislike doing

Wearing all the hats in the business can be tricky as you know. There are things we are good at, can do quickly, are required of us, perhaps only we can do, and the things we dread……….but still have to get done.  I know them all inside and out from running many companies of my own over the years, and have done everything from sweeping the floor to being interviewed on ET! and Access Hollywood……. and everything in between.  Funny thing, is that most of my experts who commented below, mention that  either they or "most entrepreneurs" don't like the accounting part of owning a business.  Personally I LOVE numbers; love crunching them, figuring out cogs, the bottom line, playing with margins and cheering for profits. But numbers are not for everyone.  My experts below mention outsourcing, rewarding yourself and just good old fashioned plowing through the tough spots first thing every day.

They have some great experiences to share and some food for thought when tackling your dreaded list. 

One of the things I have all my clients do when their dreaded list gets big, is to make a list for an entire week of all the things you do each day.  Then divide the list into the "A" list – things you MUST do yourself, and the "B" list – things others (like a VA) can do for you.  Once you can afford to hire someone, get them on that "B" list right away so you can enjoy your "A" list life!!

Please let me know if you try some of these tips and how it works out for you.


As the founder of an educational publishing company, my normal days are consulting in elementary schools and companies. Since March, all of work has shifted online where I am working to provide the same literacy support experience I do in person. Our company has created new children's travel books with a give back model and put our annual literacy initiative with the NFL/NFLA online to Tackle Reading at home. I have been writing articles to support families/teachers and seek more storytelling.
Vendor Contact: Kathryn Starke of Creative Minds Publications | Phone: 8043570104 | Email:

As a jewellery designer, my biggest takeaway is that networking is the crux of business. Our success at staying virtually connected shows how important the "human factor" is. As we face a common obstacle, I have seen the global community come together in an unprecedented fashion as we brainstorm ways to keep up with the changing retail landscape. The new relationships & diverse perspectives have helped stabilise my business by expanding my global footprint without taking a step out of my home.
Vendor Contact: Aradhana Sangwan of Arra | Phone: +918800475787 | Email:

Like most businesses COVID-19 nudged us to become more creative and nimble on our toes. We went from having a seasonal brick and mortar storefront pop-up, in-person shows and events to all direct to consumer online overnight. To help make up for the loss of all of the in-person sales we did pop-up sales in our Facebook Group. We were able to move some of our older merchandise, help with our cash flow and get products into people's hands. It was a win-win for everyone.
Vendor Contact: Danelle Schlegelmilch of Sapahn | Email:

We create Made in US, GOTS certified, Heirloom quality,+ Parenting Center approved organic cotton baby + kid's clothes + accessories. Based in Newport, Rhode Island. We've added virtual markets, Pinterest + Google advertising, writing + promoting a blog every week, dropshipping through 2 sites AnytownUSA + Made in America Co., + I've partnered with a much larger company (Seabags) on a companion product. We put 3 of my designs on their sail bags + paired my gift set to make 3 cute shower gifts.
Vendor Contact: Gwendolyn Gardner of Simply Chickie | Phone: 4018559504 | Email:

Covid has taught us that the ultimate unexpected can and will happen and that when the tough stuff starts coming, you have to work hard! Some new business strategies that have worked for us are drop shipping - this reduces extra shipping charges and extra inventory! We also thrive in our live Facebook videos! Not only is it personable to our customers but they get to see the clothes in action. You can find new arrivals in our Turquoise Haven VIP Wholesale Facebook Group every week!
Vendor Contact: Davie Kujawa of Turquoise Haven | Phone: 972-937-0337 | Email:

daph. is a sustainable fashion lifestyle brand inspired by our founder’s Peruvian heritage. COVID-19 prompted us to shift gears in various ways. -Created a drop shipping program. -Acting as an educational resource to our retail partners, sending them links to how to create their online shop. -Developed partnerships with female business owner communities, to participate in virtual events where celebrities style participants using our products. -Social Media strategy to be transparent.
Vendor Contact: Daphne Benzaquen of daph. | Phone: 3145805475 | Email:

When Covid-19 first surfaced I had been working on a lung support herbal blend for a couple of months. I fast-tracked it and gave it to a couple of friends who shared their experience on Facebook. I shared the post and offered a coupon for a discount on my website. I sold 44 bags of tea through word-of-mouth / Facebook and have had some repeat purchases from that initial offering. I have focused on my theme of Roaring Wellness even more during Covid-19.
Vendor Contact: Rachel Fletcher of Lion's Arrow LLC | Phone: 3184648369 | Email:

I am the host of Elevating with Marcia on Sirius XM211 I am focusing on helping business' pivot to podcasts to create superfans for their business.
Vendor Contact: Marcia Hawkins of Elevated Media ESQ. | Phone: 413-374-2100 | Email:

Tyes By Tara designs jewelry, accessories and intimates to celebrate femininity. To help encourage business during shutdowns we adopted thess tactics: starting an affiliate/ambassador program, reaching out to potential new dropshippers, fulfilling orders from existing dropshippers, providing curb-side service for local wholesale accounts, connecting with new social media influencers, working on seo - product descriptions, images etc., opening stores Etsy, Amazon and other shopping platforms.
Vendor Contact: Tara Stravinsky of Tyes By Tara | Phone: 1-877-595-TYES | Email:

We have had our Ecommerce business increase since the beginning of the CV-19 shutdowns. Our founder, Lisa Beth, has taken to direct engagement with customers via social media quite successfully. We’ve been able to lower our advertising budget & grow our online community while learning a lot about who are target audience is. By this, our sales since CV-19 are 3X higher than during the Holidays. We have recognized a need to ease worry & project hope and try to reflect that in our work.
Vendor Contact: Erik Goodrich of Lde Affinity Jewelry | Phone: 8183989887 | Email:

One of the New Ways, I'm doing business is sharing my latest styles every other day on Social Media. I've joined several Black Business Groups. I also text pics of styles to followers and surprisingly, they buy on the spot. This is different. Because of Social Distancing, I don't hire Models, but I use myself and one of my favorite Photographers to shoot looks and we post like crazy. Yes! We are definitely open to both Wholesale and Drop Shipping. It's adventure worth taking.
Vendor Contact: Nyki Allen of Gyv Me Body | Phone: 8555504100 | Email:

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Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Robert says:


    Thanks for the suggestion on using a VA! Loved the concept. I was not aware that something like it exists. Just visited and signed up!

  • Way, way too much fun! I love this post. Thanks, Sarah & everybody. Marnie

  • Great article Sarah and thanks for sharing my tip here. So much insight above that I’m sure every busy business owner sweating the small stuff will find some great gems to help them succeed in this post.


  • Camille Leon says:

    All such good ideas. The real goal is to keep moving forward! Now, what are we waiting for?! These days, there are consultants, VAs and interns to assist with just about anything. Thanks!

  • Colette says:

    I love this! I tend to get the hard stuff out of the way first otherwise my mind is distracted. A free mind creates lots of energy and lets me power thru my day. If mundane tasks that I must do, I put on the good tunes and set a timer for 10 or 15 minute intervals of straight focus where I power thru and take mini breaks before resetting the timer. When I start crossing the mundane off my to do list it gives me momentum and I tend to get more done than I even thought possible.

  • Amitoj says:

    In tip # 57 (Joy Singhs’ Psych out your psyche) “Accomplishment boosts self esteem, procrastination lowers it.” is going on my wall of “words of wisdom”.

  • Jenna Drew says:

    Thanks for bringing together such a fantastic group of entrepreneurs Sarah! These are all great tips, and I love the reward system idea!

  • grace wieber says:

    When I saw this earlier this morning, I couldn’t deal with it. I knew at that point that I was really stuck on yuck. Thanks for the proverbial ‘kick in the pants’.

    A big thank you to all your contributors too.

  • Like many entrepreneurs, I used to do EVERYTHING in my business. Now, is my best friend and I’ve stopped doing the things I dislike so I can focus on the “bigger picture” of growing my company. Great post!

    Natalie MacNeil, She Takes on the World

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