How to get a blog review

how to get a blog reviewWho wants more media coverage, more website page views, bigger mailing list, more Facebook Fans and more Twitter followers?  I know I do and assume you do too!  If you had a chance to listen to my interview a few weeks ago with Megan from Blogger Black Book, you might already be on the blog review bandwagon….. looking for those lucky reviewers who get to sample your products and write a review for you.   Finding the “right” reviewers for your line can be a tedious job but if you google blogs and take the time to go down the rabbit holes and see who they like and so on…….you can build yourself a mighty fine and valuable list.

I reached out to my Entreprenette Experts and asked them to give us some of their favorite blog that do reviews so you can check them out an add them to your list.

Some of my top favs that weren’t mentioned below are:

PB Homepage

Love to know your favs too!

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  • Thank you Sarah, this information could not have come on a better time for me. I would love to have a review for the Drop-It-Not as soon as possible.

    The list of the bloqgers is great, hard too chose from. Specially Mom’s blogs which is what I need for the Drop-It-Not. Can I submit it to more than one blogger?



  • doodie says:

    I think you’ll find my blog entertaining. Anyone wanna do a review?

  • Really great resource thanks – I’m going to bookmark it for the future – I’m a service based business (life coach), but I still think I can learn from this and build the right relationships with potential reviewers of my other non-service products.

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