How to find the right buyers

So you want to reach the right buyers and are finding it's not always so simple right? The first thing you want to do is develop a targeted “Dream Store” list. Once you complete your target market research and really know who you are selling to, start to research stores in the cities your customers live in. I call this process – Developing your Buyer Black Book.
Here are some steps you can take to build your own:
Find and identify key retail buyers:
This can be a time consuming but fun task. The easiest place to start is in your own back yard with local boutiques that you can show your product to. 

Ask: Maybe someone you know has some personal connections so be sure to ask everyone you know. 

Read: Scope out magazines (both on line and in person) to find stores that carry similar products and appeal to your target  market.

Complementary brand leveraging: Look at competitors’ websites for the stores they sell to, or even at complimentary brands that you envision in the same stores. Knowing whom you’ll be selling “along side” is one of the first keys to finding the right buyers. If you are not sure, a fun outing to some local stores is in order! Add these names to your lists, and watch it grow. You can code them as prospective stores so you know that you don’t sell to them and the letter you send, or conversation you have, will be different then with one who is a current customer.

Be a detective: Of course general googling is the best option. For example, if your target market lives in San Francisco, if you google “Boutiques San Francisco” you get a whole list of stores to try out.   You may need to play around and find the “right” google terms to get you the stores you need/want. Yelp is also good for finding stores.

Online research: has great lists on line, as do many fashion blogs.

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