How to dramatically increase your profit margin in November

how to increase sales in novemberI wanted to give you a quick tip on how I dramatically increased my sales last year and how easy it was – so that you can do it too!

I believe it starts with a real dedication and belief in the benefit your product brings to people – which you have right?

I decided that I believed in my Handy Hold All so much that I wanted to offer it to stores with a guaranteed sale! That’s right, if it didn’t sell then I would take it back and refund them.  Kinda crazy huh?  But it worked.

I usually offer a 12 pc minimum……so I raised it to 36 pc and gave them a date they had to purchase by, and a date to return by (end January).  I sold over $30,000 to stores and only got one inquiry about returning, which they never did.

Are you ready to take a HUGE step forward and make them an offer they cannot refuse?

Let me know what happens!

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Kirsten R says:

    That sounds so great. Would love to see the email you sent to your leads! What was your subject line? What order date did you give?

  • Thank you for this tip.It never hearts to try )

  • Tiia says:

    Do you have any advice specific to low-volume, high-end/luxury producers?

  • Sarah:

    Thank you for another helpful sales strategy!

    You are the best business coach!

  • Sarah Shaw says:


    I simply put “Guaranteed offer for you” and “I guarantee it” as some of my subject lines. Sounds dorky but worked.

  • BH says:

    Can you address Tila’s question because that’s my question too. Thanks!

  • Nehro Austria Ranay says:

    Tnx for the great advice simple and beautiful

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