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How Often Should I Blog?

Hi Sarah,

My question is: Do you recommend blogspot or wordpress and how often should I be blogging to gain recognition of the search engines? Any other tips
regarding blogging that you can share?
Also, does being on Twitter or Facebook help your SEO and visability?

I look forward to reading your advice.

Thanks, Dawn

Dear Dawn,
Glad to hear you are planning on blogging! Personally I use wordpress, but I know lots of other friends of mine use blogspot or blogher and are just as thrilled. The best thing to do is to look into them all and see which templates you like the best as they are all different and unique to each blog site.

You should try to blog every day (or as often as you can obviously) to keep your readers satisfied. To help with all that writing, a good way to get ahead and spread some blog love along the way is to find other blog posts and write your 2 cents about the blog and repost it on your blog, of course giving credit to the original blogger.  It’s nice to ask if you “borrow” it but I have never heard of someone saying no.

As far as other blogging tips, the best thing to do to become known in the blogging world is to visit other related blogs and comment on their posts…..leave breadcrumbs all over the web and it will come back to you in many ways….. same goes for twitter and FB.  They may, or may not help with SEO, but the Know, Like, & Trust factor is WAY more important these days and will get you further.

When you get your blog up – give us a shout so we can tell everyone about it!!

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