How Mastermind groups can uplevel your business

Have you ever been a part of a mastermind group?  Or had a one-on-one mastermind partner?  If so then you probably know about the benefits.  If not, this is definitely something you want to explore.  More minds bring bigger ideas……which turn into bigger profits!  I have been party to several incredible mastermind groups over the years, as well as some private ones.  These sessions have given me huge insights into avenues that I might never have explored……or even thought of.  Sometimes the simplest idea can lead to the biggest leaps.

It really takes a great leader, one who can teach you how to get to the nitty-gritty and ask direct questions that will really make a difference for you and your business.  Learning how to distill down the questions is an art and one that can take time so be patient and kind to yourself through the process. 

I truly believe that participating in a paid mastermind group is the way to go.  You have a stronger commitment to the group out of the gate and will do more when money is at stake.  I'm not sayin' it has to be out-of-control-expensive…… but one you have given more thought to than just signing up for a freebie.

I encourage you to read these helpful tips from my experts and get ye a mastermind partner or group!!

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Precisely what I am looking to learn about, Sarah. How timely! Which is why I emailed you recently. 😉 Hope you saw it!

  • Nancy says:

    I had not heard about Mastermind groups before this article. I am the partial owner of a new artisan run gallery and we really need to increase traffic into our store. We are on a very tight budget as this is a non-profit enterprise. How would I go about finding an appropriate Mastermind group?


  • Great idea! How do you find a Mastermind group? I wouldn’t feel comfortable assembling a group of friends.

  • Great article!

    And great timing as I am about to launch a six month mastermind programme in my own business. Some good pitfalls to avoid and it really highlights the benefits.

    I love just listening to what’s going on for others – really reinforces my learning, and also the opportunity for joint ventures and partnerships within the group never fails to astonish me.


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  • Paul Tran says:

    Love this post! So many people throw the word around, but don’t know how to effectively manage 1 – otherwise it just turns into those pointless meetings in the office!

  • Lisa Tener says:

    What a great array of inspiring answers–I was especially blown away by Jackie Tulos! I’m sharing this with my mastermind team. I just joined a mastermind for the first time–actually two–and it’s been so powerful. I am loving the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs in a very focused and intimate way. It’s also exciting to see each person’s business grow. And there’s that accountability part. I think my favorite part, though, is just reading those mastermind principles at the start–it reminds me that the mastermind is bigger than any one of us alone–and that we have more impact because we work as this greater mind to the benefit of each of us and all our clients/customers, as well.

  • Great info here.  Very encouraging words of wisdom.  I love entrepreneurs!!

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