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How do I prioritize my time?

Hi Sarah,

I am an entreprenette with a burning question. How do I prioritize my time? Everyday I have a million things to do but can only accomplish 4-7 of them. Do I focus on making money? Do I focus on expansion? Do I
focus on PR? Producing content?

I write the savvy-spending blog, which helps folks save money on everyday expenses like groceries and gasoline – because the little things add up!

Thank you, Julia

Hi Julia,
Most Entreprenettes wear all the hats and feel the same way you do – very short of time. It is very common so don’t feel alone in any way.

One of the easiest ways I think for you specifically because you have so many blog posts is to hire a Virtual Assistant to do the posting for you and all the technical stuff.  This will give you more time to write and do the things that ONLY YOU can do.

Secondly, yes, focus on making money. Sales and marketing are the 2 most important things in a company that is growing. One can’t survive without the other and you can’t survive without both.

Personally I’d choose to go with the PR aspect and use that to generate more sales and money in your pocket before I’d spend time expanding.

If you are the one writing and producing the content then that is your #1 priority as without that you have nothing right?  You can always hire more VA’s who specialize in marketing, PR, and the technical side to help you with time.  The great thing about working with VA’s is that they usually work in their niche and are really good at it.  You don’t need or want a  “Jack of all trades”… are already that person.

Try to find talented assistants who can help you jump to the next level. If you want to get into paid advertising, hire a VA to write the package for you and one to research other blogs or product based companies who you want to solicit.  All this will help your revenue stream and give you more financial freedom to do what you love.

Hope this is helpful – love your website!

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