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How Do I Get To The Decision Maker?

Hello Sarah

My name is Budd Shamroth and I invented the Drain Mate. This all in one kitchen product is awesome, so I’m told. My product is ( 3 ) products in one and solves a HUGE problem in any style kitchen. Please go to to check it out.  My question is how do I get to the decision maker in large corp. To give me 15 minutes of there time so I can pitch my product. I am very persistent!!. Drain mate can be used in Boats, campers, RV’s and out door BBQ’s . I am a design/builder by trade and have a very successful home improvement company.

Thank You, Budd Shamroth

First of all, thank you for writing to me.  I love your product. Since I don’t know where you are with this process I will assume that you are not very far along so will give you my broad view on what you can try.
The main reason it is so hard to get into stores like Target, BB & Beyond, etc, is that it is very time consuming for them to bring in a new vendor.  From showing and selling it to their boss, to getting the vendor set up in the system, paperwork upon paperwork, making sure the warehouse is prepared to receive it, and that it fits into their plan-a-gram (meaning it has adequate shelf space), setting up demos if needed and the list goes on.  So…..when you have a one item line for them to select from, it makes it harder and more expensive  for them to accept a new vendor.

But all is not lost! The best thing to try first is to go directly to the big buyer.  I’d pick the top 2-3 stores you want to get in and concentrate on those for a start.  You can usually get the corp info from the website – and sometimes you can get the buyers info from the main customer service number. I’d send them a really well written letter explaining how the Drainmate is going to change their customer’s lives for the better.  You need them to see that they can improve people’s lives with your product.  I’d include some of your testimonials with this letter.

The second option is to make friends with the head manager in the store near you.  Once you have “friended” them, perhaps offer to give them a Drainmate to try at home.  If they like it then they could be your best advocate to the top floor buyers.

The third option is to find a sales rep that services that store.  You might find them at kitchen type tradeshows (I think there is one in Chicago) or perhaps through an ad on Great Rep. – you can post one there too for a small fee.

The last option I can think of is to license the Drainmate to a brand that already had a big presence in the store.  If your product brings VALUE to their brand and enhances it, they will probably want it.  If you want to go this route, then check out the major brands that are in the store and that you think could use your Drainmate to compliment their line and contact them! This can be lucrative.

Good luck, let me know how it turns out!


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