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How Do I Get More PR Exposure for Myself?

I asked my friend Lisa Elia of Lisa Elia PR to respond to this inquiry as she has recently written a great article on what to include in your virtual media room.

Dear Sarah,
I own a company called We provide access to exclusive events and experiences in nyc and beyond. We work with individuals and brands.

My burning is question is how do I increase brand awareness other than traditional advertising as well as how do I get more editorial/pr on myself and my business. I have a great brand and a great story to tell about myself and my brand that I created.

Robin Ross

Dear Robin,

To create brand awareness among potential clients and key influencers (people who could refer you business and those who could influence the decisions of your potential clients), you must begin with credibility and authenticity. Add your name and background information and photo to the About Us page. It’s truer than ever that people want to know with whom they’re doing business. Network with these people (your target audiences) at events they already attend, comment on blogs they would read and connect with them through a Facebook page you create or Twitter: even exclusive people and groups use these tools.

Add your bio and your photo to you web site as part of an online press room. Make it easy for members of the media to find everything they need to write or produce a story on you in one location on your site and let them see the person behind the company. I wrote a blog post on all the elements you should include in your online press room. You can find it at this link:

Consider adding some video to the home page of your web site, such as video of people enjoying the events or talking about their great experience with your site. People buy the feeling they believe they’ll have after they buy a product or service, so show them others having the experience they desire. Video on a web site converts to sales at a rate of at least 3 times that of a site with print only. This will also attract media attention.

Write press releases and/or brief media pitches on “insider” or “what’s hot” topics. Then, submit these ideas to the individuals who cover entertainment, nightlife and lifestyle topics. Or, write about why people are seeking out exclusive services such as yours and tie in statistics or references to trends in the news and submit your pitches to business media. If you’re not already doing so, invite members of the media to attend your events so they will cover them. Provide them with story angles, relevant facts and figures and background information on you and your company.

Register to receive free PR leads from HARO (Help a Reporter Out) and submit responses to queries that suit your company.

Contact members of the media via e-mail or phone to offer yourself as a resource who can provide information on exclusive events they should know about.

There is an almost infinite number of things any of us can do to promote our businesses, but this should get you started.

Good luck!
Lisa Elia

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