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How do I convert Facebook fans into customers?

I asked my good friend and social media confidant Lindsay Wilson of Social Media Heaven to respond to this inquiry as she is really the know it all here!

Dear Sarah,
I have started a business and am growing in year two, but feel like I could be getting more sales if I could turn my fans into customers. How can I grow, with no budget, my online business?

Thanks – Maleah

I always measure the success of Social Media on how much it’s meeting your business’s goals, so great question!
First off, you are a business and the expectation of people on your Facebook fan page is to hear about your business.  Though your posts are delightful, there’s not one with an opportunity to buy.   We all know people who only post things to buy, and it’s not effective either.  However, I bet they didn’t sign up to learn facts about tea, either.   (Just out of curiosity, I checked your Twitter page, and there are no prompts for people buy things there either.)
So, here are some ways to get your fans buying:
1.  Ask them questions.  For example:  “What’s your favorite tea pot of ours?”, “What kind of tea do you wish we made?”, or “What’s the most memorable moment you had drinking our tea?”
2.  Engage in the discussion with them.  You have fans writing on your wall about how much they love specific teas.  In your response, post the link for others to buy it.  (It’s actually better customer service to provide an easy way for them to buy that tea than to make them search for it on your website!)
3.  Post specials (with video, if you can) on your Facebook page.  The numbers are headed up for women buying for savings on Facebook and for people who buy online from video.

Another possibility is this:  your “fans” are really just your friends – not people who want to buy your tea.  And, that’s a whole other topic.  To solve this, I’m gifting you an hour in “Social Media Heaven”.  Email me at and let’s get you started.
I love the heart that you show in your posts and product and with a little tweaking, your sales should start to grow!

Lindsay Wilson is a Social Media and Sales superstar, and can be found at .  Her clients have said about her: “she’s amazing”, “she’s an angel” and “she walks on water”.  Though that last statement is questionable, she does pride herself on meeting your business goals through Social Media (and if you twist her arm, she might even do your sales).  This she knows is true:  if your Social Media for your business is not increasing your business, I can help.

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Great question!
    Great response!

    One promotional tactic you might test out is literally — a promotion. Maleah pointed out your FB stream doesn’t really push any products/sales. The only promo contest I say on the 1st page was rewarding the 400th Facebook Fan. Guess what, I saw that the Fan count was really close, so I choose NOT to Fan the page! After all, I rationalized, if I wanted to find your page later, I can do it anytime. There’s no benefit of being a fan other than having it listed on my profile. I wonder how many other FB peeps go through the same thinking.

    Instead, how about a real promotion where you reward your current fan members (that’s incentive to *become* a fan, see?). An extra freebie. . .or discount on S&H.. .

    Or here is a buzz-worthy promo to test out –> announce that on XYZ day of the month, you’ll send an exclusive FB Fan link to a page on your website that will give them a super deal on one product each month at employee pricing — FOR THAT DAY ONLY. As you get closer to the date, put up a short video about how excited you are about sharing the best ___ with your FB Fan community as a thank you.

    Now when you set-up the sale, make it a real limited offering — so if you have 400 FB fans, offer only 20 or 30 for sale at this unbelievable price — and MAKE IT A REAL SALE. Make it so irresistible that they just HAVE to buy the product. Consider even selling it at cost. For your ecommerce site, don’t link to the the same product on your public site. Set-up a duplicate product sku in your shopping cart backend with the discounted price and set the inventory to 50 so that it will in fact sell out. Once it sells out, (you should monitor sales that day), you should put up a sign (or better yet video!) on that same page announcing the product, what price you sold it at, and that you’re all sold out– but remind people there that FACEBOOK FANS will get another super offer next month. People will inevitably send the link to friends who are non-FB fans, so this will capture more potential fans for you.

    Rinse and REPEAT next month. and next month.

    BONUS TIP: Get a pre-inked stamp from Staples, etc that has a promo message like –

    for extra special deals!

    Stamp this on the box of every item shipped and envelope that goes out the door.

    Hope these help get the idea factory going!

    Kenny Jahng
    Big Click Syndicate LLC

  • Good question. Outside of keeping up with friends and family, FB and Twitter are so incredible for reaching new business. I have been around the business world forever, and I believe that now more than ever before, people buy not only for a product but for the “personality” of the business and the business owner. Showing integrity, experiences, personality–gives business owners a “hook” into the consumers lives. Don’t be afraid of selling through these social media avenues; just be sure to mix it up so you are letting people see a bit of YOU!

    Tweet on my friends!


  • Any advice for us? We’re even more new then the example. We’re now running an ad on FB showing non fans that they will receive a 25% discount on their first months order if they become a fan and then order. About 3-4 new fans per day…no orders though.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi guys,
    I am also new to the online business world. I would love if you guys could take a look at my website and my facebook and offer any feedback. Thanks heaps! =)

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