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How can I make my website more appealing to magazines?

Hi Sarah,

I own a small jewelry company. I am trying with very little capital to get PR. I have emailed every editor with no luck. Mother’s Day is the best day of the year for my engraved jewelry as it is engraved with kids names and birthdates. I would love advise on how to get my product out there in time for Mother’s Day.

Thank you
Lori Gilman

Dear Lori,

Thanks for asking this question and for being an example to other up and coming designers who might be in the same position as you are.  I did take a look at your website and I  love your designs.  They are very sophisticated and beautifully made.  But, I think some of your difficulty with editors starts with the basics of your business model.  Since all the items are made to order at this time, it is hard to attract “holiday driven” traffic as it is often last minute.  I can see why magazines might have a problem with this and therefore, not be as wiling to write about your awesome company. I am sure you were hoping for a more glamorous response, but I think you need to go back to basics and relaunch with something that will really grab every ones attention!  I know you can do it.

So here are a few suggestions to try to grab their attention:

1. Try to develop a line of signature designs that are available all the time and can be shipped within a few days.  Most internet purchasing is done last minute and the customer wants it yesterday!

2. Be sure your website is user friendly – meaning that each section has separate images so purchasing can be made simply.  Right now you require the customer to contact you to place the custom order. Each extra step someone has to go through on line means they are less likely to purchase and just click off to a site that is easier.

3. Create a sales page for your new signature items as well as the custom items and let them order on line.  It seems that for your custom items you will need a text box or a way for them to send you a jpeg of the image they want on the item. BUT, get them to commit and purchase – then getting them to send you what you need will be easy.

4. I’d suggest having an “about you” page with a photo. Your customers might want to know who you are and learn more about you before making a purchase.

5. I’d also create a FAQ page about your companies policies.  You might include some of the following: Your return/exchange policy, how you ship, instructions on how to place an order on line or by phone, how to contact you for a return or exchange, how to care for their jewelry, etc… Check out some other websites and see what they include on their FAQ and borrow it!

I hope these suggestions are helpful to you.  I think once you have a signature line, you will find it easier to go back to the editors and resubmit your press kit.  Building a business based on 100% custom orders is very difficult and hard to promote because of the lag time.

Check back frequently as a lot of people have asked the same PR questions and I will answer those in the coming weeks.

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Stephanie says:

    Great question and get tips. Especially tip #2, my first instinct when I went to the site was to view the product line. It would be great to be able to click on a style and buy now.

  • Jennifer says:

    Those are such great tips, Sarah!

    A picture speaks a thousand words and the first thing I want to see on your site is a photo splash with a sampling of each type of product. A customer needs to be drawn in to look further. I had to click 3 times before I saw what it is you are selling, and for me, that is too many times.

  • Katrina says:

    I feel like I’m struggling in this area as well? I’ve got great testimonials about the work I do and this January I was invited to a celebrity gifting event but sales have been non existent since. Not sure what to do next and wondering if it’s my website that’s not working.

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