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How can I improve my sales?

Dear Sarah
I love my products and thought they would sell out right away, and it’s just not happening.
What can I do to get things going??
Thanks – Jen
Hi Jen,
Yes, your product line is super-cute. I do have some suggestions for you to hopefully improve sales asap!

1.     Website: I’d suggest changing the images on the home page to reflect your best selling categories instead of particular items. You might have one box that is the pick of the week and spot light one special item there.

2.     Navigation bar: Your navigation bar is very-very-very full and sort of hard to read. I’d try to group things more into categories so it’s easier on the eye. For example: Toddler hats, Baby hats, Diaper gear, Dress up, Hair clips, etc…

3.     Mailing list sign up: You are missing a HUGE opportunity to build your mailing list and take advantage of direct sales opportunities by not having a sign up box.

4.     Your blog: This is a great opportunity to connect with your customer base. I’d like to see you blogging at least 2x a week about things your target market wants to learn about. What are you an expert in? It is best to use your blog to show the world how much you can teach them, rather than use it to self promote.

5.     FB and twitter icons: I don’t see any links to Social media. I’d add those to the top of your website to make it easy for anyone to click. Again, you are missing out on free marketing tools.

6.     Charity Driven Products: If you are promoting the Israeli products, then what about giving a percentage to a charity? That might make those sales move faster.

7.    Colors: You might consider changing the black to a more kid friendly color that relates more to your product line.

8.    About you: Your story is interesting but could be written better by a pro….hard to write about yourself.

9.    Facebook: Try to use your FB page to build rapport with your fans, not just sell to them. There is so much selling going on everywhere it’s like a Bazaar at times. Try to use your page to give supportive info and ask questions to get to know your target market better.

10. Connect:  Figure out who your target market is and start to “hang out” where they are and show them what a super star expert you are in all cute things for kids……… maybe there are mommy groups, mom bloggers, YMCA, local schools or religious communities where you can do a “pop up” sale one day like a tupperware party.

Good luck, Hope some of these ideas will help you,
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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Great article! Please do mine next!! (Pretty please)

  • Michael Grosheim says:

    Sarah’s points are right on. While it would certainly make moving around your site easier by streamlining the navigation bar, the color of your website may be a turn off. While younger parents may find your site easy to read, grandparents and parents who chose to have kids later in life may find it difficult to read. You can keep with your color scheme, but using soft colors with dark text is always the best option. White text in general can be very difficult to read on a computer screen.

    A final observation is to connect, connect, connect. If you don’t have the time to engage with your target audience in person, distribute material about your products to places your audience will frequent. If you can’t be there in person, brochures and business cards are better than nothing. And, Facebook is a great marketing tool, but Twitter has an amazing potential for the small business and will allow you to connect as if it were a face-to-face conversation (and let’s not forget Twitter opens the communication channel and will let others join in conversation).

  • Kirsten says:

    Really great tips. So valuable. Thanks for posting!

  • Great suggestions! I love this site. Sarah, is there a place where I can learn about making my FB company-page more professional and engaging to my customers. We can do so much better with this – but I don’t know where to begin!
    Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear… for women who like to sleep!

  • Sarah Shaw says:

    @Sarah Baldwin – email me directly for my FB company page guys… can get quotes from two.

  • Katrina says:

    Great Article! I feel like I’ve done all of the above yet I still don’t seem to be able to draw customers. Could it be my web presence? Are people just not able to find me. I feel like I’ve made great strides on my website and I’m making more but still need to improve sales. Have any other tips for getting people to your site?

  • Useful suggestions! I agree with all of your recommendations. Sometimes it’s hard as a business owner to identify issues within your own business because we are “too close” to see clearly. An “outsider” is always more objective.

  • Hi Sarah! Great ideas and suggestions. I have just launched my FB page and am wondering how to get people coming back. I know that I will like a page and then never remember to go back to it. What is the key here to have them come back and keep coming back?
    Also, Yes this is my company afilliated website. Do I need to create my own and how do I draw people to it?
    I am swamped like everyone else and I do not have a lot of time but I want to make the most out of it. I would appreciate your input and suggestions.
    My FB page is (I have to shorten it 🙂!/pages/Best-in-Anti-Aging-for-Younger-Skin/138736242846561

  • Sarah,
    As usual, you are bang on! I agree with everything you mentioned! When starting a business, it is tricky to step back from the passion and see the realities but it is great that you highlighted the key areas. The only one I would add is Video! It is all the talk right now as a key marketing tool but I have to agree it brings products to life!

  • Great suggestions, Sarah. You are so smart. 😉 I totally agree with you on all of these points, especially #3. The mistake that I see the most business owners make is forgetting to have the opt in box on the top right hand side, above the fold. Even if you have a product based business, you still need to collect names and email addresses so you can market to your audience.

    Many entrepreneurs don’t realize that your email newsletter list is an ASSET to your business! If you ever plan to sell your company, your email newsletter list is something that can mean the difference between a 5 figure value and a 7 figure value! Seriously. Collect email addresses and send valuable information so you can connect with your audience and make more sales!

    Great post! I am forwarding this on to a few people who will be your new best friends (and subscribers), Sarah. 😉

  • Good tips Sarah, Having an outside, non bias perspective is always helpful!

  • Heather says:

    Great tips! I would change the black background 1st!

  • Great suggestions! I always forget to blog, but you are right it is a good place to educate your customers and talk about things they are interested in reading.

  • Jen says:

    Thanks Sarah! Whew, looks like I got alot of work ahead of me 🙂 Thank You for all your wonderful points and ideas!!

  • Jen, thank you for letting us learn alongside you. And thank you Sarah, for your generous and kind advise.

  • wonderful advice. i also suggest that the images in the center link to the item for sale.

    also the images next to the paypal links are too small. I can’t see the item to purchase clearly.

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