Hitting Up Hollywood Stylists

Stylists have always been rather mysterious and illusive in my opinion.  You often see their names in magazines, in Oscar reports and sometimes in tabloids, or on Celeb driven TV shows like Extra, E! etc…. but getting your product to them is a different story.

We all know that getting your products to celebs is usually a sure fire way to get more media exposure but you don't always know if they "really" got it, and liked it, or just received it and passed it on to their BFF, or even worse, to an employee.
At least the BFF might be photographed wearing it out with them sometime!

Getting to know the most powerful stylists in Hollywood can change the game for you.   They have the MOST power over what celebs are wearing and can often help a brand more than even the biggest store order you can possibly imagine.  Here is a new list of the 25 top tastemakers in Hollywood

Now all you need to do is look at their client list and seek them out. I'd find their contact info and start with social media and perhaps giving them some love……. what do you like about their clients, style, choices?  Then, once some sort of relationship (even a teensy one) is established…… offer them something for a client and see where that goes.  If you are able to easily manufacture, then consider offering to make something – possibly collaborate on something new.  I collaborated with the Costume Designer when I made the handbag for Julia Roberts in Ocean's 11 and then I sold it to Bergdorf Goodman and many other stores.

This knowledge is so powerful that even ex super fashionistas are jumping on the personal side of "styling".  Michelle Goad, an ex-Marc Jacobs and Barney's New York Vet started a company calls PS Dept.  It is a cool App that connects you to the hottest sales staff at specialty stores and they become your virtual stylist so you can look hot too!   I'd find out if they can suggest your product line to the right buyer……or at least point you in the right direction.

Do you like the idea of contacting stylists??

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Katy says:

    You know I do!!! Thanks Sarah, for this great reminder post!

  • Sure I do Sarah! I think it’s an excellent idea!

  • Tim says:

    Love this idea, building relationships with those that have the relationships that could take you further..

    Hope didnt confuse with that comment, but a simple guy I am..

    Always love your tips Sarah.

    Rock On


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