How To Get Your Product to Celebrities

Once you get your product into the hands of an A-list celeb you will:

  • Build tremendous name recognition – people pay ridiculous amounts of attention to what celebs are doing or wearing.
  • Enhance your market credibility – a photo or a “thank you” note will turn fans into buyers. End result – money in the bank!
  • Get free publicity – the media is much more likely to be interested in your brand if you have celebs behind you.

Know your favorite celebrities and do your research! – Find out as much as you can. Do they have kids? What is their style like?  Do they travel a lot?  What are their hobbies? Do they have a favorite charity?  This info will help you pick wisely and have a better chance of converting them into a fan of you and your line!
Check out for all the info you need.

Become BFFs with the Gatekeepers- Making friends with the assistant or gatekeeper is KEY to getting ahead. They could be the boss tomorrow. Offer the gatekeeper a gift too.  If it is jeans, then ask what size they wear and offer to send them a pair too.  If they are the wrong sex or style for your product, ask if they want to give it as a gift to a friend or family member as you’d be happy to offer them something too.  This is the time to get friendly since you know the chance to make $50K in sales could be a pair of jeans away if your celeb gets photographed in them!
Send out targeted gifts – Try and involve your celebs favorite charity or make them a special personalized product if possible (this is where your research will come in very handy). Use their favorite color, pattern or power animal.  You get the point.

Make sure your product is beautifully wrapped.

Send your package via FedEx as people in the movie business will more likely open a FedEx package due to the perceived value… don’t ask me why….it just is.

Follow up with the gatekeepers to see if it was liked – If your product is loved, consider flooding the market with tons of the item.  Think about sending it to other celebs to create an instant trend.  The weeklies love trends and love writing about them- make it easy for them to write about you too.

Pray for photos or a “thank you” note- Once you have one of these coveted items, post it immediately on your website and all social media outlets.

Ok, so now who are you going to call?



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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Debbie says:

    I am already a member of ImdB Pro. What’s the difference? THe only addresses/phone I get are publicists, agents, directors, or company. I call, talk up the gatekeeper but most of the time, I’m told that they will be glad to forward the information but turn down free product.


    • Sarah Shaw says:


      If you are calling the publicist or manager’s office, they are usually fine with getting the celeb a package that you send. I don’t suggest contacting the agent, director or company listed on IMDB.


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