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How do you get inspired when deciding to create a new collection?  When I had my handbag line I always found the most inspiration in books about vintage handbags – not that I made many vintage inspired bags, but the I was always drawn to the vintage shapes and somehow my mind twisted them into a modern version!  Don't ask me how – it just seems to happen.  Was always one of those, "if I move this here, make this bigger, reshape the strap" it will be cool kinda thing……:O)

I also found inspiration in Museums, art books, fabrics, and trend reports.  I tried NOT to go into very many stores and look at actual bags as I found it confusing and would often feel like I needed to do what the haute couture designers were doing – which was so not my brand…… as a young designer at the time, I often was influenced in lieu of being inspired!

This image above of a 2013 Alexander McQueen Runway dress is something I derive tons of inspiration from as I find the floral trend exciting.  I love the mix with the sheer and the plaid.  The feminine played against the stark masculine plaid.  I would have made a plaid bag and mixed it with lace, flowers, leather, or perhaps floral buttons……..

How do you find inspiration to keep things fresh and exciting for yourself and your customers?

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Poetry is my favorite avenue for inspiration

  • I find inspriation in travel.

  • I find inspiration from art and textiles from around the world. India has amazing textiles and is one of my favorite countries to research for inspiration.

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