February Check List

February checklist So here we are already staring February in the face!   How did you do on your January Check List?  I know doing all these things might seem overwhelming but if you take small steps each day to stay on task, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish.  Try to set aside an hour a day, at least, to work on whatever you have left to do on my suggested check list below.  These things will help your sales, exposure and overall brand. They are a MUST to keep up with today’s fast moving world.
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Start calling stores to follow up on emails

Email campaigns set up for boutiques –  continue to sell Spring line now

Email campaigns set up for online shoppers  – keep pushing fall sales & Valentine’s

Contacted bloggers about new spring line

Contacted Celebrities – start thinking about next on your list

Post daily on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Media Calendars – complete setting up your list

Contact at least 10 magazine editors this month

Work on your Buyer Black Book – always adding new stores monthly

Complete any off loading of old inventory

Create St. Patrick’s Day Email Campaigns

Set up Presidents Day sale on line

Tradeshows for the year should be finalized

Contact Sales Reps

How are you doing???  Love to know so leave me a comment!!

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

    There are 9 comments

  • maslinda says:

    love love love these lists Sarah. Keep em coming!

  • Ashley says:

    Love this list! It will definitely get me in gear!

  • Angie says:

    How do you suggest contacting celebrities? Via social media?


  • Zorica says:

    Thank you Sarah for great suggestions.

  • So very helpful as always, Sarah. It helps me get inspired and get motivated with my jewelry business again!  Thank you so much!

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