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I just spent the day at the LA Textile show and my head is spinning. Navigating a textile show can really throw you for a loop in the way of sensory overload – in a good way of course.  Figuring out how to put your collection together and what goes with what can be exhilarating and tiring right? Over the years I have attended more than 25 textile shows and always find something amazing that I never saw coming.  These "gold mine" finds can change your business overnight and give you new insights into a knockout collection, or simply inspire you to create your next big money item (aka cash cow). 

I love looking at exotic leather and skins, rhinestone appliques, beaded Indian fabrics, kitsch prints, amazing new printing technologies and other random suppliers that I might just need one day!

Today I was being the eyes for a VIP client who lives on the east coast and is looking for high quality faux leather……and I found some amazing sources.  Another client was in for the day from Portland so we got to meet face to face which was so fun, and last but not least, I am recovering a couch for my new house and found some amazing fabrics for that too!

Love to know what fabulous inspirations you have had after seeing all these riches.

What do you think of this fabric I found for throw pillows?  It's cut velvet…….I love it.

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Kristen says:

    I love that pattern, it will look great on your new pillows! 🙂 I’m sure the show was fabulous, looking forward to going one day.

  • Kathleen g says:

    Just got back myself. Such a dangerous place for a textile-phile (oh, I may have to buy that domain!)

  • Sarah always takes excellent care of her clients!

  • janine says:

    Did, or can you still go…… see the “MOKUBA” booth. It’s my husbands business where his salesperson Richard is exhibiting…. Incredible trim/ribbon/lace, from Japan.

    I know you will FLIP over it!

    Let me know.

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