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Does working alone have to be lonely?

One of my new 10-week coaching clients asked me how I handle working alone most of the time and if I ever wished I shared an office with other women.  I thought this was a great question so wanted to share my answer with you.

Yes, sure, of course! Sometimes being your own boss can get lonely, or just feel like you are all alone at times.  But in reality, there are hundreds of thousands of women just like you (and me) all over the world and most of them here in the USA.  So where do you find them and how is the question right?

So my big thing is joining specific (AKA groups of cool savvy women) networking groups.  I have to admit, I hate “typical” networking meetings where you wear a name tag and walk up to strangers and say hello my name is….  I have hand picked a few that work for me and I have learned so much from the women I meet there.

Once you make some friends either in-person or virtually, you can ask around to see if anyone wants to be Mastermind partners with you.  This is done by phone, usually 2x a month.  You pick an amount of time each person has (I do 30 min each) and use the time to either ask for advice on something, get suggestions about your next move, basically what ever you need help with.  A mastermind partner is a great way to stay accountable to someone.

Here are a few quick suggestions of places you can meet other Entreprenettes on a national level. These are groups that I either belong to, or have belonged to in the past, and have found really helpful.

1. Savor the Success – it’s  a very involved online community for entrepreneurs and has in-person mastermind meetings in some cities.  If you don’t see your city listed reach out to ask if you can start one.

2. An Empowered Woman -They offer Web TV & Radio shows, Tele-Calls, MasterMind Meetings, Coaching, Seminars & Special events.

3. Your local groups may have some entrepreneurial meetings that could be fun.  I go to one in LA from time to time and have made some good contacts.

Let me know about the groups you belong to and how you avoid feeling alone.

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Thanks very much for post. Yes, it can feel very loney and isolating working yourself, so finding other outlets for communicating with others is really important. However, everytime I feel lonely or isolated, I remind myself how much I like being my own boss and having my own business. I wouldn’t trade that for anything!

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