Do you Want to Create an Upside to the Recession?

Article By Sarah Shaw | Entreprenette

IS203-015I have been knee deep in my new 26-week Entreprenette course for the past few weeks and am so inspired by the projects these women are bringing to the world.  And to top this off, I feel like every time I open a magazine or the newspaper these days there’s an article about someone FINALLY taking the steps to launch their “big idea”.  I feel totally surrounded by innovation and creativity.
Do you get as excited as I do when you hear people talking about their ideas?   When I hear ideas, my mind starts to whirl, I start to visualize and get these amazing colorful pictures. I start to see the item in stores, magazines and even on people or in a house.  Sometimes I have to bite my tongue to keep from overwhelming them with my ideas about how they can get started and manufacture it, market it, package it, and get PR…… mind just starts ticking and I want to teach them everything I know! I have a very photographic mind and when ideas start flowing I can “see” them very quickly  – it has been a very useful tool for me over the years – especially with designing my own line.

Did you know that during the great depression the ideas for the
Twinkie, Monopoly and the Photocopier were born?

What will this recession be remembered for?
What will be created today, tomorrow and the next day?
Will you be one of the innovators mentioned in greatness?
What are you waiting for?

This is the time to launch that idea you’ve been sitting on for years.
Don’t’ let someone else beat you to it.
Did you know:

  • Inventors groups have doubled in size.
  • Patent filings are going up each day for individuals, while going down for large corporations who are cutting back.
  • Licensing companies phones are ringing off the hook.

I read this article in the LA Times about students from The Pratt  Institute in NY who were challenged to create their “big idea” for $1.  How can that be done you wonder? Well I wondered as well and was so impressed by their ingenuity and drive to create interesting products for $1 or less.
You can do it too!
Now is the time to get moving and create that prototype you’ve been dreaming about.
What are you waiting for?
Go ahead – take the $1 challenge.  What can you find, borrow, or get to make this happen?
Start at home – make a prototype with anything on hand.  Use clay, paper, wire, socks, bed sheets, whatever will be easiest for you.  Glue it, staple it, bake it.  Visit the hardware store for more unusual items needed.  Ask friends, a handyman, even your husband, dad, brother, mother, sister, wife or significant other for help if they‘re handy.
OK how does it look?
Let us know – we want to support you.

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • susan says:

    great idea. if you have photographic mind use your ability.

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