Do you need more marketing or sales?

As you probably know, marketing and sales go hand in hand……..ugh you say? Well you are not alone!
As a creative gal you probably feel lost in the marketing world, and a tad nervous about calling stores to get them to buy your product right? When I first started out I felt exactly the same way…..swear.
So what do you do about it? If you want to learn ALL the details to all my secrets, be sure to join me on Thursday December 6th for my FREE webshow where I’ll give you all the skinny.
These days I think that being in constant communication with your email list is the #1 way to get more sales.   They signed up so they want to hear from you right? But your job is to give them what they desire to make them feel connected to you…….not just to try to sell them your products……that will come later.
Here is a quick list of tips you can use to find interesting things to write to your list about (other than your fabulous product line)
  1.  Blog about things they want to learn and know about, and then let them know weekly to check it out.
  2. Find awesome blog reviewers to review one of your products and do a give away.
  3. Get your product to a celebrity that will knock the socks off your subscriber’s feet and tell them all about it and be sure to include images of the celeb (regardless of whether they are wearing your product).
Next, reach out to the media about the amazing celeb you just got your product to! Just send them a one-sheet with all the scoop. If the celeb is popular (more on that subject on the webshow) most magazines will jump on the opportunity!
Then, if you are feeling bold, download the media calendar of your top 10 favorite magazines and contact the editor and pitch something of yours that is relevant to what they are working on. Be creative and see if you can put a twist on your product and pitch it “out of the box” style. Maybe it is good for weddings?
And lastly, if you are ready to put on your sales hat, let’s call some stores shall we?    Pick your top 5 stores this week and call the buyer. Try to find some connection to the store so you can say something about that to the buyer – check out their website, check your notes to see if you found them in a magazine, Research the lines they carry so you can tell her that other boutiques in (name a city) carry that same line as well as yours……just something so you warm up the cold call. Buyers like to know that you have done your homework.
Are you excited to get started? Hope you’ll join me for my free webshow on December 6th!
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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Sarah Shaw’s webshows are extremely educational and extra fun!

  • Nehro Austria Ranay says:

    Thanks Sarah tnx for your simple and beautiful advice> I like you 🙂

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