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connecting through facebookHow often do you post on Facebook?  Or maybe the better question is, how often do you check in on Facebook?  2-3 times a day?  10 times?  So many of my clients whine, moan and complain about using Facebook for business, yet love posting about their personal life.  I say, why not turn your business page into something FUN instead of a chore!!

I like to use my FB page to gather information about upcoming blogs I am writing, programs I am considering launching, or just to touch base and take the temperature of my peeps.  What are they up to, looking for, or hoping I’ll deliver to help them with their business?  The only way to find out is to ASK.

Jump on in and be ‘friendly” with your peeps and ask them whatever you need to know at that moment.

If you are writing a blog post on the best hostess gifts for an easter party hostess with the mostess, then ask them what they like to give.  I am sure you’ll be showered with tons of ideas.

If you are creating a new handbag, then ask if they like to buy a new bag each season and if trends matter.  I am sure every savvy stylish gal out there will want to chime in.

If you want to develop a new dress pattern, ask your peeps what is most important in a dress shape when they go shopping.  You’ll get answers ranging from arm coverage to plunging necklines……informative right?

Have fun and remember to only post once a day with a photo.  You want to get as many likes and comments on any single post as possible to get higher up on the FB search engines……it’s how you win the popularity contest!!


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