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With the way people’s credit is these days, and boutiques (and some larger stores too) going out of business left and right……I know it can be scary to offer credit terms and forgo the instant satisfaction of a credit card payment.  But alas, some stores still refuse to pay by credit card. Now I’m not talking about the biggies…..they always pay Net 30, I’m referring to the boutiques who are asking.

I have always been willing to take Net 30 (reluctantly of course) when asked, if I can verify their current credit with other vendors.  You want to be sure that it is current, and not credit from years ago… it may have been excellent back then.

Most Boutiques have a credit reference sheet ready (as you may too for certain vendors you buy from) so it is considered normal for you to ask for one so don’t be shy.   Once you get this from them, you can and should, check at least 3 current references for referrals on payment history.  All you have to do is fax or email over the form to the vendor they supplied and ask them to fill it out. This can take time and sometimes a reminder is required, so again, be persistent but not pesky!

I have included a sample here of what we use so you can use it too. Click here for a Sample Credit Check form and download the free pdf.

Good luck, and always try for a credit card first to help with your cash flow!

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Thanks, this is really helpful Sarah. I have 2 new vendors I am having problems getting paid from, actually 3. I see I have to change how I do business with new accounts.

  • Thanks Sarah for the sample credit check pdf. I accept net 30 days also. I think that it is legit to ask for the first month to be paid by credit. Then net 30 days going forward.

  • Hey Sarah,

    I am on the other end since my services are pre-paid. I have enjoyed the concept of paying for an item in increments before I buy it. It’s the old lay-a-way plan. It’s been a while since I’ve done it. What is taught me was how impulsive I was so that by the time it was time to take possession of the item I had lost interest. When something really matters I am thrilled and will even pay up faster to get it! Just another take on how to get paid, since so many are looking for freebies for freebies sake. I’m finding that the value of what I offer is not for everyone. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

    Thanks for sharing as always… Believe well!

  • kendall k. says:

    Great advice! I’m in the process of starting up a clothing line and I will be dealing with this sort of thing in the near future.


  • I take layaway payments from customers that request it. It’s risk free for me. They can pay as often as they wish and the product is released to them after the final payment is made.

    It doesn’t work for every type of business. But, because I sell one-of-a-kind sterling silver jewelry pieces, often customized to the customer’s specifications it works for my customer and me to accept layaway. I can have the item finished and be onto my next design while waiting for the final payments to come in.

    Because it is custom jewelry, no one expect delivery before full payment is made. I will advertise that I take layway 4 months prior to the holidays because right before Christmas I always have a pile of orders lined up. People who are too late in contracting my services won’t be able to have me make that special gift because they didn’t have enough money available. But those who paid layaway can have their special gift ready and waiting on their final payment.

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