Change The Game

change the gameAs the year comes to a close, I like to look at my business from all sides and angles.  The main goal is to find what was successful, and do more of it, but also to figure out where I am lacking so I can turn it around as fast as possible…….yes I can lack too!

I often use this chart with my VIP clients to help them overcome big obstacles and want to share this with you so you can grow too.

Simply follow the directions and take action.  In order to be successful you need to be willing (and really want) to fix the broken things, or the challenges that are getting in your way to be as successful as you desire.

If you know that getting products to celebs will help you, but you feel scared or reticent, then write that down and take a stand to do what ever you are afraid of doing to get it to them.

If calling 3 stores a day is a challenge for you, then figure out who is going to do it for you and put that into play immediately!

If understanding what magazine editors are looking for each month is too difficult for you, then make a decision to ask the right person to advise you.

Getting the idea now????  OK your turn.  Love to know what you come up with so leave me comments……. you never know who will give you the right answer!


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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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