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Celebrity Faux pas?

Dear Sarah,

I make these super cute round terry towels, that are incredibly absorbent, and have an unique button loop so you can hang it from almost anything; towel bars, stove bar, fridge handle, apron strings, high-chairs, cribs, strollers, tennis bags,  and gym bags.  I have targeted several celebrity moms, chefs, tennis pros and dog lovers who I want to send these to (I have your “How to get your products to Celebrities” CD) but how can I promote this if I can’t get a photo of the celeb with my product since it most likely will be used in the home and not worn like a handbag or other fashion item?

Lana  Simply Lana

Dear Lana,

Thanks for asking this question. In this instance, I would proceed as planned to send to your target celeb list.  Perhaps you will see a tennis pro using one or a celeb mom with one on her stroller (cute photo on your website by the way) that you can find on TMZ or another celeb website or even in a weekly magazine.  But the approach you might want to take with this item in particular, is to find out what charities these celebs are into and offer to give a percentage of the towel of their choice to their favorite charity. That would give you the ability to put their photo on your website and drive traffic through social media and the celebs Facebook page as well.

Let me know how it works out!

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • AffPortal says:

    Hey Sarah, I read this and have an idea. If she can make a few that are larger than a cutsie little towel and make them much more masculine she can find a famous market supplying these to musicians and pop artists that perform on stage and usually have a sweat towel they are grabbing at once and a while.

    Imagine the photo opp of your cool super absorbent man-rag getting waived around “like ya just don’t care”.

    ~ Corey

  • AffPortal says:

    Ahhhhh, second idea. Take the man rag put a more durable button or looping system in place and send them to your local NFL or college team’s wide reciever core, offensive centers, quarter backs and anyone that touches the ball and needs something as absorbent as a wrist band but in towel form.

    I can attest that those little gatoraid towels that they send out to the teams were not too thick when I played college ball.

    You can see this is the kind of stuff we like to talk about and brainstorm. It takes a village sometimes, right?

    ~ Corey

  • AffPortal says:

    … then go to the UK and go after the rugby market where EVERYONE touches the ball and needs some dry hands…

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