How to get your Product into X series

Learn how to get your products into Boutiques,Dept Stores,

Magazines, Showrooms, Celebrity Hands, Movies and on TV


What will you get?

Each 45+ minute audio CD, and additional data CD will help you excel in each specific area

Plus you will also get cheat sheets, guides and even an MP3 version of the audio CD (so you can listen to it on your iPod or phone)

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Department Stores
Boutique Shops
Celebrity Hands
Television Shows
All 7 CD’s (Get 2 FREE)
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Here are all the secrets you will get with this one-of-a-kind set


  • Discover the little secret to finding the right buyers
  • Know how to walk into a buyer meeting fully prepared, and walk out with an order
  • Master the presentation secrets that buyers always look for
  • Learn the secrets to buying power and what it means to you
  • Master the merchandising “lingo” necessary to conduct business

… and many more secrets to getting your product into department stores.

  • Discover what it takes to get into a big time showroom – you will be surprised
  • Learn the insider tricks to getting on the shelves
  • Avoid the mistakes that lock you out of every showroom in the nation
  • Master every step to delivering what the showrooms expect from you
  • Uncover the simple method to finding showrooms that already want you
  • Locate independent sales reps hungry to present your product

… and other powerful methods to getting your product into showrooms.

  • Unearth all the requirements to making a killer press kit
  • Acquire the trick experts use to reveal editorial calendars before they become public
  • Learn the simple but critical rules to editorial etiquette
  • Dispel the myths about editors, journalists and publishers
  • Build your own media list, that outperforms and outshines purchased lists

… and countless additional ways to get your product into magazines.

  • Discover the boutique buying seasons and what makes it so unique
  • Find out the reason why certain lines are always boutique favorites
  • Learn to identify the non-paying boutiques before wasting your time
  • Learn how to leverage trends to get into any shop you want
  • Get the inside scoop on the only way they like to be contacted

… and loads of other techniques to get your product into boutique shops.

  • Get the inside scoop on where to find any celebrity’s contact info
  • Unearth the method to making a presentation celebrities clamor over
  • Understand the rule of the “golden gate” and the key that unlocks it
  • Avoid the “product stalker” syndrome that gets you kicked out of Hollywood permanently
  • Learn the 1st, 2nd and 3rd thing you must do when a celebrity gets a hold of your product

… and dozens of more tips to getting your product into celebrity hands.

  • The secret trick to finding movies that want products (before anyone else)
  • An amazingly simple way to find the one contact who you must speak to
  • The method to pitching your product – the right way
  • Discover the only way to ship a product to a movie set
  • Learn how to make your sales skyrocket once your product is in a movie

… and a few stories about how Sarah got her own products into movies!

  • Learn to scan TV shows using the market opportunity method
  • Instantly identify the show that will build your brand (and the ones that will destroy it)
  • Discover the strategy to talking with the studios like a pro
  • Master “gatekeeper” management, the key to television access
  • Learn how to spring board sales once you get on a TV show

… and many more tips and tricks to growing your product sales through TV.


List of CD’s

Department Stores
Boutique Shops
Celebrity Hands
Television Shows
All 7 CD’s (Get 2 FREE)
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With Sarah’s help and guidance through her “How to get your products into X series”, I was able to get my product into the hands of 5 hot TV set dressers (including Grey’s Anatomy and Cougar town) and meet with magazine editors. We are slated for mentions in Lucky, Self, and Allure this May! Sarah also gave me the confidence to follow up on actions that I needed to move forward in my business. Thank you for all your help, I couldn’t have done it without you!
Edna Ma, MD BareEase & Cream
Working with Sarah Shaw in her coaching class, “How to Get Your Products into Celebrity hands, Boutiques, Movies, Magazines and So Much More” was an invaluable learning experience for me. Sarah not only knows the business but knows how to teach it. Her knowledge across the board with launching a new product was not only educational but also fun. If you are thinking about starting a new business or in the midst of it, Sarah can help you take it to the next step. I had heard so many wonderful things about her, but working with her was more than I expected.
Sheena Edwards Lizzie Lou Shoes
Sarah’s “How to Series” was just what our company needed to take our PR campaign to the next level. During the course, Sarah shared inside tips and tools that were essential to growing our brand and creating a successful campaign. Her extensive knowledge in marketing and PR was extremely beneficial and her commitment to helping others is inspiring.
Lindsey – on behalf of Cinzia Designs