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Kudos for Customer Service

We all want our customer service to be considered excellent right?   I know when I shop on line, I notice the ease (or not) of the checkout process ...

Create a user-friendly wholesale website

I have been rebuilding my Simply Sarah website and giving it a major overhaul along with an updated 2010 look.   Woo Hoo! While working on some back...

Make Your Booth Stand Out at a Trade Show

Deciding to do a trade show is a HUGE decision……big exposure and big bucks!  Everyone wants to make the most of it each time and come out...

Check Please!

With the way people’s credit is these days, and boutiques (and some larger stores too) going out of business left and right……I know it can be sc...

Pros and cons of manufacturing in the USA vs. Overseas

Dear Sarah, What are the pros and cons of manufacturing in the USA vs. Overseas and vice versa? Thanks, Robin Humphrey

How to Recognize your Wholesale Sweet Spot

So many people ask me how to determine their minimums, if they should have one, and what the point of it is anyhow.  Since there are many answers, an...

Is consignment a good idea?

Dear Sarah, I have a few wholesale clients now and want to really grow the business now. How do I structure my terms? Of course I need a return polcy,...