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Seasonal roll-outs

Seasonal roll-outs are really important to stay on top of. Be sure to find out when the tradeshows and market weeks are going on throughout the year f...

What PR can do for your brand

Learning how to leverage good PR for yourself is a total MUST to keep any business afloat!  Once you have some PR, it will give you credibility w...

What a celebrity can do for your brand

Getting products to celebrities can be very exciting! It can bring you major brand recognition, possibly get you on TV, attract wholesale buyers, boos...

How to use your story to increase sales

Having a story behind your brand can be an important selling point when pitching your line. Think about why and how you came to develop your designs a...

Best Sales Secrets

Do you often wonder what other people's strategy is for reeling in sales?  Wonder what they say or do to get customers buying their products?...

Finding your target market Avatar

Getting to know your target market is probably the MOST important thing you will ever do in your business. Really dialing into this (one) person is th...

Build your Buyer Black Book

Building your own "Buyer Black Book" can be a daunting task. Making sure you are gathering stores that your target market shops in is the ma...

Do magazines pay for samples?

Dear Sarah, I would really appreciate some advice. I received an inquiry from the editor of a magazine to have my jewelry included in an editorial. I ...

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I Love Saving Money

“In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes”  – Benjamin Franklin I LOVE SAVING MONEY don’t you??  I am always loo...