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How to Promote your Print on Demand Business Model

Discover the power of direct-to-consumer fashion in our blog 'Why Direct-to-Consumer Fashion Brands are Winning Over Retail Giants'.

5 Ways Investors Will Ruin Your Business

When I had my handbag line I just wanted to be successful.  I wasn’t always sure what that meant….. it did include making lots of money&#...

How Failure Leads to Success

When I say I’ve failed… I mean I’ve failed. A lot. And as Daymond John, one of the Sharks from the TV show “Shark Tank” said “Life is ...

Make Your Company Appear Bigger in Minutes

Are you looking to make Your Company Appear Bigger in Minutes? Sometimes customers feel more comfortable buying from you if they think your company is...

Drop Shipping 2020

So what is Drop Shipping? Drop Shipping is when a website displays your product for sale, but does not buy and stock it in advance.  They sell it ...

Finding the contacts for Holiday Gift Guides

The big question seems to be – How do you know what they are working on? Editors usually work on a calendar schedule and know what is coming up ...

How to Boost your Sales in November

I wanted to give you a quick tip on how to Boost your Sales in November. I dramatically increased my  wholesale sales year over year in November and ...

Photographing Your Line

Do you ever wonder about some other ways to photograph your line?  I know I always did…..and it took some expensive shoots to teach me some...

How do you move on?

So continuing with our January duties………..Parting with seasonal "left-overs" can feel like you are giving away your babies...

What is a road rep?

Road Reps are independent reps that sometimes work for a larger group, or on their own, and don’t have a showroom. They travel around their “terr...