Do you want more website sales?

If you want to attract new customers and build your list, craft offers that sell, turn your one-time customers into repeat buyers and learn everything you need know about emailing, following up and closing sales... then this group just might be for you.

If you're that person, we want to give you "inside access" to our breakthrough sales system for attracting more customers, making more money, and having people beg to buy from you...

"Do you wish that you could wake up every morning and say, "I am so in LOVE with my business"... because you KNOW exactly what to do... every step of the way? If so, you've come to the right place..."

Sarah Shaw
Founder & CEO of Sarah Shaw Consulting.....
A division of Entreprenette

A Special Invitation...

Hi, my name is Sarah Shaw.

My day job is the Founder and CEO of Sarah Shaw Consulting, a Division of Entreprenette, but I also serve as the Chairwoman of this group, which is truly "A Group Unlike Any Other..."

Launching, marketing and selling products is what drives us. Online products. Information products. Services. Physical products... It's what we do.

And now we want to help you do it, too.

If you want to attract new customers and build your list, craft offers that sell, turn your one-time customers into repeat buyers and learn everything you need know about emailing, following up and closing sales... then this group just might be for you.

It's called The Entreprenette Business Academy

And inside, we're going to break the mold and do what no one else is doing... we're going to pull back the curtain and open the vault to our ground-breaking sales and marketing system that will have you selling more products to more people more often.

... And it all runs on virtual "autopilot"...

This is everything you've ever wanted to know about running your sales and marketing but didn't know how to do. Everything. A to Z.

We leave no question unanswered, no stone unturned.

So if you believe that growing your company and selling your products shouldn't be so hard... that there should be an easier way - because you've seen others do it, too - then you'll like what you're about to see...

The Story of Entreprenette...

Here at Entreprenette, we teach women from all around the world how to build and grow their businesses.

But behind the glamour I've been hiding a dark, little secret...

It wasn't always like this.

When I started off online, I had NO idea what to do. I was hopelessly, utterly and completely lost.

So I did what most of us do. I searched around, found the latest and fanciest sounding courses, plopped down a bunch of money and hoped my new found saviors would show me the way.

Except they didn't. I spent spent tens of thousands of dollars on courses with just about every internet "guru", "expert" and "diva" under the sun... and when it was all said and done, I STILL had no idea what do to.

Everything I was learning online was either a ton of fluff, was just just WAY too complicated for me to follow along, or was simply a way to suck me in and try to upsell me to something more expensive than what I'd bought.

About the only thing I learned was that I was out of money.

But what was even worse was that I felt taken advantage of and lied to... like they had taken my money and after they got what they wanted, they couldn't have cared less about delivering on their promise to help me out...

I even gave one very famous "guru" $2,800 (you'd probably know his name) only to have him tell me - to my face - that he had no idea how to help me.

I mean, ARE YOU $@!# KIDDING ME!!!

It got so bad that I was ready to divorce my business. I mean it. I was ready to kick it out the back door, throw its stuff out the window and key its car.

Basically, I was a hot mess :(

I remember sitting at a café, wondering how it all came to this... Because the thing is, I'm no dummy (and I'm sure you're not either). I was sure it wasn't me, because I'd been very successful at other businesses.

Before I moved online, I'd built 5 separate fashion companies from the ground up, selling millions of dollars of my handbags, clothing and accessories.

I started off selling out of the back of my car... and ended up in 1,200 stores across the country, including Saks 5th Avenue, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.

I'd been featured in magazines like InStyle, People and ELLE... and my products had been used by over 60 celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner and Angelina Jolie.

And that's when it hit me...

I already knew how to run a successful business... because I'd done it 5 times before. And... I also knew how to launch, market and sell any product, because I'd done that probably a million times before :)

So I took what I knew, applied it to the methods of online business and voila, it worked... Like gangbusters!

And pretty soon everything fell into place... The stress and anxiety online businesses started making significant money... and it's been smooth sailing ever since.

I finally "got" it.

And I learned something else, too...

I Wasn't the Only One Who Was Lost

Now that I teach men and women how to market and sell their products and build their own businesses, I get the opportunity to talk to a lot of people.

And I've found that many of these women are having the same problems I once did.

- One woman I know spent $2,000 with a very well known internet expert... but she was so confused and overwhelmed, she left the program halfway through and ate the money...

- One of my best friends dropped $20,000 to learn a complete method for building and growing her business. Six months later, she left the program with no idea how to do anything... and she ended up hiring us at Entreprenette to teach her everything from scratch.

- But the worst of all is another woman I know who spent $100,000 (seriously) with one internet "diva" to learn how to launch and grow her business. She's now $100,000 in debt, still has no business and had to move in with her ex because she can't afford to pay her mortgage.

Now this is the part of the sales letter where I'm supposed to lay on the spin pretty thick, but I'm not going do that. I'm a pretty straightforward girl, and I tend to call it like I see it.

So here's the truth:

Hardly any of these "gurus" have ever actually run a business before.

They've only ever sold one thing: their programs. Nothing else. They can't help their clients because, like the guy who took my $2,800... they don't know how to do it.

They may know their own programs, but they don't know business.

I'm talking about the foundations of how sales and marketing actually work.... why people buy (and why they don't)... how to sell both digital and physical products... how to build a list of customers from scratch - and then turn those customers into buyers... how to followup via email.... and how to automate all of it so you actually have a business, instead of a bunch of gimmicks and tricks that go out of style faster than last year's shoes.

If you're anything like me and my friends...

Your business is having some challenges...

Maybe you're struggling to attract new customers and build a list...

Or perhaps you need help crafting offers that really sell...

Or you want to email your customers and buyers, follow up with them and close sales - but you don't know how...

But no matter what you're struggling with, one thing is certain:

You won't be able to attract customers, build a list, sell your products or know how to email if you don't have a system.

I'm not talking the latest gimmicks, tricks and "hacks". That stuff comes and goes. And if it's what you're looking for, you'll have no trouble Googling up dozens of sharks waiting to sell it to you.

No, I'm talking a fully automated marketing and selling system... one that runs on autopilot to bring you new customers and more sales, online, offline and via email.

In other words, you'll know how to make your business work. Effortlessly. Seamlessly. And the way you've always dreamed it could.

So you have a choice to make:

You can keep banging your head against the wall... trying the same things over and over... and getting the same results.

You can continue to feel confused, stressed and overwhelmed.

You can allow your business to keep struggling, hoping to get more sales, but lying in bed at night, wondering if it will ever really happen.

Or you can take the reins, forget all the gimmicks, and let us "open the hood" and show you the engine that should be powering your business... the one that brings in money, customers and peace of mind.

If that's you, then I hope you'll join us..


Welcome to the Entreprenette Business Academy

The Business Academy is all business. There's no fluff. No filler. And absolutely no B.S. That's a promise.

We are a private, members-only group for people who genuinely want to build their businesses, make money and let's not kid each other, kick ass along the way!

The Entreprenette Business Academy is for any type of business. It doesn't matter if you have information products, services, even physical products. We've sold all three.

Our mission is simple: to show you everything you need to market and sell your products, but didn't know how to do.

To do that, we have four simple goals:

1. To go WAY beyond the latest tips, tricks and "hacks"... and show you the "what", the "how", and most importantly, "the why" behind sales and marketing.

We're going to remove the mystery completely, and show you what really makes sales and marketing work.

I'm talking REAL KNOWLEDGE AND REAL UNDERSTANDING. Total clarity. No more confusing training programs. No more fluff and woo-woo self help that has nothing to do with business. And more over-promising and under-delivering.

2. To show you how to create compelling offers, upsell campaigns and turn one-time customers into repeat buyers.

3. To give you a fully automated, system for emailing, following up and closing sales.

4. To create a much-needed peer group of ambitious, successful Entreprenettes... so that we can all help each other out and build our businesses together.

With knowledge comes power. And we want you to be powerful.

"Success is in the Academy."

What Being in the Entreprenette
Business Academy Looks Like...

The Entreprenette Business Academy is a 6-week, DIY Training Program.

Every week, we'll cover one key element of marketing and selling. We'll start out with the foundations and then build on it. So each week you'll build on what you learned the previous week.

We've found that chunking the training down like this is FAR more effective than giving you everything all at once. That way, we can work with you step-by-step, and avoid overwhelming you with too much at once.

The core training is delivered via a video lesson. But you'll also get templates you can use right out of the box, copy-&-paste "swipe files", PDF roadmaps and everything else you need.

Seriously. We're leaving nothing out. One of our core missions is that we don't leave our clients standing on the curb... it's important to us that, when you finish, you have what you need to take your business to the next level.

Plus you get us.

For the duration of the program, you'll access to our private, members-only private Facebook Group where you can get daily answers to your questions.

My specialty is with physical products, creating your automated email selling system and setting up your launch and promotional calendars so that you can know exactly what to do and when to do it.

Membership DEFINITELY Has Its Benefits

As a member, here's what you're going to get:
# Week 1: How to Create a Cult-Like Following (Value - $997)

Here's where it all begins. You'll learn the 3 things you need to stand out in any market, non matter what you sell. And once you're in that market, we'll show you how how to find the customers who are DYING to buy from you. We call them your Starving Crowd - and you'll not only see how to get them to love what you're offering but even better... how to get them to ignore your competition and buy from you instead...

# Week 2: The "Ultimate Offer" Formula (Value - $1,297)

The old way of selling is dead. Welcome to the new - and better - way! We're going to show you how to turn one product into three - and in the process, increase your chances of a sale by 20x. It's called "Splintering Your Offer", and you'll learn the step-by-step formula for doing it for everything you sell - no matter whether it's a physical or digital product.

# Week 3: How to Build a Sales Funnel that Converts (Value - $1,697)

With the building blocks in place, it's time to get to the sexy stuff... selling. You'll learn how to properly structure your offers on your website. We'll show you how to get customers past your "Store Window" and into your valuable "Back End" offers, so you can upsell them and turn them into repeat customers who buy from you again and again and again...

# Week 4: The Smart Email Selling System (Value - $2,697)

Want to know the real secret to sales? It's called "follow-up". And there's is NO better way to do it than through email - no matter who you're selling to. In Week 4, we're going to reveal what may be our most powerful strategy - our email selling system. You're going to get a step-by-step walkthrough on how to build and implement a fully automated email system for selling, following up and closing sales...

# Week 5: Entreprenette Traffic Secrets (Value - $997)

In Week 5, we unlock the mystery of traffic. Building a list is WAY easier than you think... as long as you have the recipe. And we're going to give you all the ingredients to getting new leads from the best, most cost-effective place in the world: Facebook ads. You're going to learn how to hyper-target only the people who are interested in what you're selling and how to quickly create ads that convert.

# The Entreprenette Email Copywriting Collection (Value - $1,997)

You could spend weeks (actually I spent months) trying to craft the perfect email... or you could just use our copy-&-paste email swipe files. Our emails have been tested and work across all markets. Everything is laid out for you - just fill in a few blanks related to your company and product, and you'll be ready to roll... You'll get our Hello Series, Store Window Series, Signature Series & Upsell Series...

# "Design-in-a-Box" Email Templates (Value - $1,497)

Of course, what good are email scripts if your emails don't look fabulous, too? So we're also including our personally designed email templates. We've designed these especially for this program - we don't even give this to our most exclusive private coaching clients... but they're yours to use right out of the box.

# Archived Members Only Group Coaching Calls (Value - $997)

No matter how successful you are, none of us can ever do it alone...

For 6 weeks, Sarah & Pete answered a multitude of questions about building a successful online business. We've archived all of those calls, and there here for you to listen to whenever you want.

Persuasion Secrets of the World's Most Successful Brands
(Value - $797)

Want the secret to REALLY accelerating your sales funnel? Then take a journey with us inside the minds of your customers. In this FAST ACTION Bonus, we'll reveal the true motivations behind why people buy from you... and why they won’t.

You'll learn the 5 hidden reasons anyone uses to make a buying decisions, so you can use them for your own offers... and the secrets the world's top ad agencies have spent billions to learn, but will never tell you...

It's your step-by-step guide to getting your customer to say “Yes”.

"I created my site and have been doing ads on Facebook – and thanks to what I learned from you I’ve brought in over $100,000 into the business in 2 months!Thank you Sarah!"

Christina Rozaikis,
XR Epigenetics for Migraines

Here's the Deal...

The Business Academy is a relatively new program. We've previously only taught this to our highest-level private clients, but we've spent the last six months refining it so that we can offer it to anyone.

Membership is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once we hit our limit, we're closing the doors and you'll have to wait until our next availability.

If we sold each module and bonus individually, the full value of this program is at least $14,250...

So How Do You Get In?

As you can imagine, we're getting a LOT of interest for this program. And that's why I need you to read this next part very carefully:

This is NOT For Everybody... Here's Who We Can Help

1. You must have a business of some sort

You have to have been in business for at least a year or two (sorry, no startups). For this program to work for all of us, your business must be running.

You don't have to have a huge money-making business or even one that's where you want it to be (after all, that's why we're here, right?). But you must have tried doing at least ONE of following:

Marketing online, selling to retail stores, selling to online customers, emailing to your list, running ads to get traffic.

2. You must be willing to try what we're going to teach you.

We can give you all of the tactics, templates, secrets and swipe files in the world, but there's one thing that your business won't succeed without: You.

You have to participate. All we ask is that you're willing to try. Because if you don't actually implement these methods, they're not going to work - and then none of us win!

This is only for you if you're serious, and if you really want to make it. We want you to succeed, and we're going to do everything we can to make that happen... but you also have to want it, too.

Face it: you don't need any more fluff, woo-woo or idealistic theories. you need proven, actionable systems to grow your business and make more money.

You can figure these out yourself, but what will that cost you in valuable time, money and lost profits? That's an expensive learning curve, right?

So now I have a question for you...

Do You Want In?

If you're reading this page and the JOIN US NOW button is still active, then we are in our open enrollment period.

Imagine what your business will look like
when you're inside the Academy...

Make 2016 your best year ever.
Join us today and let's do this. Together.

Total value of all modules + bonuses

$ 14,973

Regular price

$597 SOLD OUT!


"In just one hour on the phone, Sarah gave me clarity in my pricing and bottom line... Our new product went off without a hitch. Thank you, Sarah!

Angela Jia Kim CEO + Founder, Om Aroma & Co. Co-Founder, Savor the Success

"I came to Sarah with just the seed of an idea, a pile of sketches, and a bundle of nerves. I left with a clear purpose and a blueprint for success."

Raven Kauffman, Raven Kauffman Couture

"In a one-hour phone call, Sarah and Pete gave me 4 new revenue streams, and an idea to immediately expand my market share dramatically."

Ellen Golden CEO + Founder, Bona Dea

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work for both physical and online products?

Yes, it does. Because we work in both the physical and online products space, we've specifically designed our system to work no matter what you sale.

And when we say it works with physical products, we mean it. Whether you want to sell into retail stores or sell online to consumers, this system works.

Do I have to be tech savvy to do this?

No! I'm terrible with technology and I do all of our email automation.

Plus, when you sign up, you're going to get video walkthroughs PDF guides, and copy-&-paste templates for you to setup everything you need.

And because we know that not all of us are techie enough to work for Google, we've made all of the technical stuff easy to understand.

Do I need to be a great copywriter?

Nope... We're giving you our templates for sending emails, our opt-in pages and sales pages and even our "how-to" headline swipe files.

Each template we give you has all of the copy blocked out. You just need to fill in the details specific to your company and/or product.

Do I need to have an e-commerce website?

If you're selling online products or services, then obviously you do, because that's your entire business. (And I assume you've already got a site setup for that.)

But if you have physical products that you're selling only to retail stores, no you don't need one. Everything we teach is applicable to both types of businesses.

We use things like email and online sales funnels as a way to market better and sell more. But it doesn't really matter where your FINAL sale actually occurs...

How long will I have access to this material?

Forever. This isn't one of those programs where the advertising sounds better than the actual training inside.

Once you sign up, you're in for life. You'll be able to review all of the materials as many times as you want. And all of our coaching calls will be archived as well, so you'll have lifetime access to those, too.

How is the training delivered?

The training is DIY - but we want you to take it step-by-step so that you're not only doing things in the right order, but so that you also don't get overwhelmed. We suggest that you only do one module per week so that you have time to implement and really learn the material.

We've found that our clients always achieve better results when we do it this way.

Each module will include a video lesson, along with applicable PDF guides, copy-&-paste templates and scripts.

Do I get personal access to you?

You bet! Simply join the Facebook group and we will answer your questions there!

We want to make sure you understand everything we're teaching, so we'll not only help with what you to do, but we'll also be there to show you how to do it and, most importantly, why to do it.

Total value of all modules + bonuses


Regular price