Vauva Natural is brand born together with 4 amazing children and made for their fragile,delicate skin.Laura had sleeping problems,Karlis and Martins had a dry skin,Marta didnt like a bath...and products was created!These simple but effective product are based on chamomile and calendula-2 amazing healing plants so our products sooth and nourish irritated or dry baby skin but not harming it in any way.Made with love fresh in small batches.Samples on request:)
Vendor Contact: Zane Bermaka of Atlantis Skincare LTD | Phone: +447809695602 | Email:

Swabbies is the first pre-filled sanitary solution to applying diaper rash cream. For busy parents with squirmy babies, the swab applicator is great for on the go or for just a fast and mess-free application. The cream is uniquely formulated using pure, natural and organically based ingredients including 40 zinc oxide for rapid results. It has a creamy smooth texture with a fresh herbal scent. Each applicator is filled with 8.5 grams of cream.
Vendor Contact: Carman Cook of Swabbies Tech Inc. | Phone: 7708993130 | Email:

We create whimsical, 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, gender-neutral, Made in the USA, small-batch printed baby and toddler clothing and accessories approved by The National Parenting Center. We are based in Newport, Rhode Island.
Vendor Contact: Gwendolyn Gardner of Simply Chickie | Phone: 4018559504 | Email:

Wearable cradle pillow Breast feeding pillow with built-in privacy cover-up Pillow and swaddling wrap for babies Toddler pillow withattached travel blanket Portable diaper changing surface Travel pillow for all ages Benefits of the GoPillow: Multipurpose Can be used hands-free Can be used as a pillow & nap mat for toddlers Wearable - more portable than competitor's pillows Can be used by breast and bottle feeders Blanket is retractable-can be tucked out of the way when not used
Vendor Contact: Tangela Walker-Craft of Kushies Baby / Simply Necessary Inc | Phone: 863-859-2650 | Email:

Rem and Em is a mom owned small business. I offer handcrafted girls dress in modern styles and unique prints. All dresses are made in America with high quality fabrics that are locally sourced. The dresses are made to order and ship within 5 business days.
Vendor Contact: Kristin Ames of Rem and Em | Phone: 650-307-2675 | Email:

Suffering from Limp Elf Syndrome? Well, ELF FLEX is Here to save the day! Never suffer again from an Elf that won't stay in place! Can't seem to replicate the idea you saw on the internet? This kit includes everything you need to give your Elf unlimited possibilities! Losing your mind trying to think of new places for the elf? Give yours(elf) a "break" and get your elf a cast! With the Elf Cast and included anote from Santa, your elf can take off for a night or as many nights as you would like.
Vendor Contact: Peter Bresnahan of Lightning Launch | Phone: 97846301541004 | Email:

Hi Sarah! We design and create made-to-order custom rugs for nurseries and kids rooms. Our other lines include kid bedding, wall art, baby blankets, etc. Our products make great gifts, are exactly boutique material and have the ability to dropship anywhere in the US. We have ready products as well as the ability to customize any of our designs at NO EXTRA CHARGES whatsoever. For any questions, please reach out to us at or call us at 647-703-8554. Sophia
Vendor Contact: Sophia G of ChildBeWild | Phone: 647-703-8554 | Email:

Award winning Lollie Wraps keep baby close, safely comfortable, and are so easy to use! The only stretch wrap to offer long wearing back support. No "wrapping" required. One size, washable, and comfortable, Lollie Wraps make snuggles simple!
Vendor Contact: Jessica Jeneske of Little Bug Creations LLC | Phone: 480-577-5049 | Email:

Designed for & by mompreneurs, the patent pending Mina & Vine Nursing Scarf is what every style conscious mom needs. Perfect for the mom on the go, it features: -Magnetic fasteners for easy closure -Sustainable & breathable fabric to cool the body -10+ ways to wear before, during & after nursing Our scarf is available in 4 prints & each is packaged in an eco-conscious reusable bag making it great for gift giving. View our digital catalogue here:; Retail Price $59
Vendor Contact: Brittany Garman of Mina & Vine | Phone: 615-516-6328 | Email:

The Express Straps are literally your pumping best friend because it makes pumping hands- free so simple. They are a one size fits all, compatible with any nursing bra, easy on and off, patent pending accessory. These make super thoughtful, helpful and unique gifts to any new mom planning to nurse/pump.
Vendor Contact: Lisa Corsiglia of The Express Moms | Phone: 563-271-6077 | Email:

Hey my name is Michelle, I made all my designs t-shirt, bags,sweatshirt, baby onesies, water bottles, perfume, aprons, puppy clothing, hair accessory,. I designed everything by myself,with some of my own photos. I had started a sickle cell project,due to I just lost my baby sister. If interested you can order from Shop: Mookiemichelle United States Thanks in advance.
Vendor Contact: Michelle Schenck of Fluffy mascot | Phone: 8568220776 | Email:

Hi, My collection consist of organic cotton baby essentials (pacifier clips & teether blankets) as well as hair accessories handcrafted in metallic ribbon and leather. Wholesale from $6-$30 Thank you, Tangee
Vendor Contact: Tangee Pritchett of Tangee Inc | Phone: 7739555175 | Email:

McDowall Gifts is an online boutique that specializes in baby and maternity items.
Vendor Contact: Muria Nisbett of McDowall Gifts | Phone: 4094443210 | Email:

At Simply Chickie, we create organic cotton, funny, made in the usa baby rompers, hats, blankets, and gift sets.
Vendor Contact: Gwendolyn Gardner of Simply Chickie | Phone: 4018559504 | Email:

Handmade baby items, doll clothing, dog sweaters, and coffee copies.
Vendor Contact: Mary Dzik of Creations by us | Phone: 7164327438 | Email:

Our specialty is buttery soft bamboo bath and bedding textile products for babies and toddlers
Vendor Contact: Sophia Pham of Bambi Bamboo | Email:

Purchasing Kushies GoPillow supports Simply Necessary, Incorporated. It was invented, patented, and licensed to Kushies Baby by a mom. Kushies GoPillow is a: ▪Wearable cradle pillow ▪Breastfeeding pillow with built-in cover ▪Pillow and swaddling wrap ▪Toddler pillow with an attached travel blanket ▪Travel pillow 3 Kushies GoPillow styles are available: Kushies GoPillow Lite, Kushies GoPillow, and Kushies Bamboo GoPillow. See videos on YouTube. Type "Kushies GoPillow".
Vendor Contact: Tangela Walker-Craft of Simply Necessary, Incorporated | Phone: 8639441587 | Email:

We are an online kids clothing company run by Japanese. Our kids clothes are reasonably priced ranging from a retail price of $9 to $39 (a wholesale price is 50% of the retail price). We have a lot of recurring customers who continuously come back to us as their kids grow, which you can see product reviews on our website. Our mission is to bring smiles and happiness to kids by providing comfortable and fashionable clothes.
Vendor Contact: Rena Suno of Japan Fashion Link, Inc. | Phone: 9176224788 | Email:

Better Family offers three patented baby products! - The Beebo - Swabbies Diaper Cream - Drop it Baby Please contact us at for pricing.
Vendor Contact: Carman Cook of Better Family Inc. | Phone: 8774792224 | Email:

The Mina & Vine 'Smart Scarf' provides style & versatility at any mom on the go. First of its kind, it's the only to use magnetic fasteners for easy closure, breathable and sustainable fabrics & can be styled 10+ ways. The perfect gift for new moms, this scarf is nursing friendly, a go-to throw on for a playdate & also doubles as a baby blanket or carrier/carseat cover. Mina & Vine believes in supporting all women by contributing $1 to the Helping Mamas Organization for every scarf sold.
Vendor Contact: Brittany Garman of Mina & Vine | Phone: 6155166328 | Email:

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