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How to find magazine editors and contact them:

The first thing to think about is which magazines are best for your brand and your product line. Once you narrow that down, look at the masthead which shows all the names of the editors. At the very bottom of the page there is usually a main number for the magazine. A great way to initiate contact is via email. You can ask the operator what their email format is: first name _ last…. or whatever it is….she will tell you. Once you have that secret, you will know how to contact anyone at the magazine by email. Be sure to ask the operator for  their phone number as well (or extension) while you have her on the line. Now you are ready to send them a short and sweet email about your fabulous product line and follow up with a phone call a few days later.

Be sure to check the editorial calendars for each magazine so you know what to pitch the editors. You can usually find those under advertising on most sites (you might have to do a tad bit of detective work on some) and can see what the magazine is writing about for future issues.

Editors want to be pitched as you might have the next "it" item and help them shine…….but be sure it's on target so you don't waste their time.

Good luck!

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Suzy Mac says:

    As always, Sarah, this is great advice!!

    I can’t tell you how spot-on and helpful your tips are; I have recommended your CDs to every entrepreneur I have talked to..I’ve listened to them so many times I am wearing them out! lol

    Thanks for helping us get our products out there!

    Suzy Mac
    Who’s Your Mommy, llc

  • Amazing tips AGAIN, Sarah! Thanks!

  • Kirsten says:

    Thanks for all your helpful tips. Recently purchased this holiday decor company, from my Dad and am trying to find my way. All your tips are great and I look forward to getting the emails from you each day. Thanks so much!

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  • Great information and exactly what every business owner needs to know when they want to move forward and promote their business. Thank you!!

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