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    Why media exposure is important to raise your credibility

    Boost your credibility with valuable media exposure insights from 'Why Media Exposure is Important to Raise Your Credibility'!
  • Unlocking the Power of Free SEO Through Blogging

    Unlocking the Power of Free SEO Through Blogging

    Are you genuinely passionate about your blog? I want to share how unlocking the Power of Free SEO Through Blogging can get your website seen by more people, and hopefully bring in more sales. This may seem like an unusual question, but if your passion is lacking, finding topics to write about can feel like […]
  • How to leverage social media when you get into a magazine

    How to leverage social media when you get into a magazine

    Maximize your exposure by utilizing social media effectively with our guide 'How to leverage social media when you get into a magazine'.
  • How to Write Awesome Product Descriptions

    How to write engaging product descriptions

    Master the art of writing engaging product descriptions in our blog 'How to Write Engaging Product Descriptions'!
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    How to Use Fashion Brand Storytelling to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

    Harness the power of fashion brand storytelling to differentiate yourself in a competitive market with our blog 'How to Use Fashion Brand Storytelling to Stand Out in a Crowded Market'.
  • How to Promote your Print on Demand Business Model

    How to Promote your Print on Demand Business Model

    Discover the power of direct-to-consumer fashion in our blog 'Why Direct-to-Consumer Fashion Brands are Winning Over Retail Giants'.
  • Navigating the Fashion Industry

    Navigating the Fashion Industry and Market Research

    Enhance your success in the fashion industry with insights on fashion market research in 'Navigating the Fashion Industry: The Role of Market Research in Your Success'.
  • How I became a handbag designer

    How I Launched a Handbag Empire

    Back in the late 90s, Martha Stewart was my go-to source for inspiration, particularly her ingenious “Good Things” section brimming with crafty ideas. One day, I stumbled upon her story about crafting “little brown lunch bags” from red felt with charming pinked edges. Enamored by the concept, I promptly purchased some felt and fashioned these […]
  • Are you ready for a sales rep

    Are You Ready for a Sales Rep?

    Think you are ready for a Sales Rep? The reality is stark: before sales representatives will even consider perusing your line sheet, you must first establish a robust presence in the market. This entails cultivating relationships with retailers, generating buzz through strategic marketing initiatives, getting some media placements, and, above all, delivering a product that […]
  • SMS texting for fashion

    Unlock Profit with SMS Texting for Product-based Brands

    How SMS Texting Will Drive Profitability for your Company In the fast-paced world of fashion commerce, staying ahead means connecting with customers in meaningful and effective ways. As we step into 2024, SMS texting has emerged as a cornerstone strategy for fashion brands aiming to boost profitability and forge lasting relationships with their clientele. Let’s […]
  • your guide to navigating trade shows

    Your Guide to Navigating Trade Shows Like a Pro

    Here are the three biggest blunders to avoid at your next trade show adventure. This is your Guide to Navigating Trade Shows Like a Pro. 1. Neglecting Pre-Show Preparation Preparation is the cornerstone of success at trade shows. It’s not just about showing up; it’s about showing up prepared. Start by setting clear objectives for […]
  • How to write great subject lines

    Unlock the Power of Irresistible Subject Lines

    Ever found yourself staring blankly at your screen, struggling to craft that perfect subject line that will make your subscribers click open faster than you can say “email marketing”? You’re not alone. Writing compelling subject lines is an art form that can make or break your email campaign. But fear not! I’ve got you covered […]
  • Set the Right Price for Your Product Line

    Profitable Pricing Guide for Your Product Line

    Knowing how to set the right price for your product line is crucial for the success of your business. It involves a combination of factors, including understanding your costs, considering industry standards, and adjusting prices to meet market demand and your business goals. The information provided below outlines some key steps to help you determine […]
  • How to Successfully Avoid Tradeshows and Still Reach Your Buyers

    How to Successfully Avoid Trade Shows and Still Reach Your Buyers

    To successfully avoid Trade Shows and still reach your buyers, you need to have specific timing. Have you ever wondered when your buyers make their purchasing decisions? Chances are, a significant portion of the buyers you are trying to reach follow Trade Show schedules and make buying decisions in sync with these events. The good […]
  • Buyers look t other stores for buying tips

    What Buyers Don’t Want You to Know

    Buyers Look to Other Stores for Great Merchandise​​It is a well known fact in the world of retail that store buyers shop other stores for ideas and new product ideas. By getting your products into more stores, you can quickly expand your reach and grow your wholesale business. But how can you leverage this concept to […]
  • Making Your Pop-Up Event a Success

    Making the Most of a POP UP EVENT

    If you want to get your product into one of the most desirable stores on your dream list, then you must prove yourself by doing a killer pop up event.  Pop Ups are the perfect way to demonstrate the value and demand of your products, as well as test out the market in a specific […]
  • How to get into 25 stores in a week

    How to contact 25 stores in 14 Days

    Do you wonder how some brands are all of a sudden “all over the place” and just a few months before you’d never even heard of them?  I used to wonder that too until I figured out their secret to quickly getting into tons of stores. I’m going to show you how to contact 25 […]
  • how to write amazing subject lines

    How to Write Amazing Subject Lines

    It’s a simple equation: get more people to click on your emails, and you’ll get more sales. But no matter how great your product is, if no one opens your emails, it really doesn’t matter what you offer. So you need to learn how to write amazing subject lines. Start off by telling your readers […]
  • Screen-Shot-2015-07-10-at-6.58.59-AM-300x287

    A Little Known Way to Quickly Build your Brand

    When I had my handbag line I dreamed of being in stores like Henri Bendel’s, Sak’s 5th Ave, Bloomingdales, Fred Segal and many other “Superstar” stores. But while I was still making a name for myself they seemed totally out of reach until a friend suggested that I try to do trunk shows to prove […]
  • 5 ways investors will ruin your business

    5 Ways Investors Will Ruin Your Business

    When I had my handbag line I just wanted to be successful.  I wasn’t always sure what that meant….. it did include making lots of money….but I wasn’t sure what the rest looked like for a while. And I certainly didn’t know there were 5 ways investors were going to ruin my business. Once I […]
  • How to build a buyer list

    Build a Perfect List of Stores

    Back in the mid-1990’s, when I was working in the movie industry, Hollywood was rocked to its foundations by the infamous Heidi Fleiss scandal If you don’t remember her, Ms. Fleiss was the famed “Hollywood Madame”, who had an even more famous little black book, where kept the names of some of Hollywood’s elites… along […]
  • Screen-Shot-2013-09-04-at-10.00.18-PM-300x127

    Do you really need a Business Partner?

    I have had many partners over the past 20+ years… some good and some horrendous. I have spoken on many investor tele-summits and wanted to recap a few main points for you in case you missed out……and hopefully I can help you avoid all the yucky stuff. So many entrepreneurs assume that business will be […]
  • failure

    How Failure Leads to Success

    When I say I’ve failed… I mean I’ve failed. A lot. And as Daymond John, one of the Sharks from the TV show “Shark Tank” said “Life is a cruel teacher. She loves to give you the test first and the lesson later.” The lesson here is to fail forward. And believe me, I’ve learned […]
  • Screen-Shot-2013-06-05-at-1.43.59-PM-300x188

    Procrastination Fascination

    Do you procrastinate? I have never ever ever ever ever ever…..been a procrastinator ……..until recently.   I have found myself whiling away the time gardening, puttering around my  house, hiking, biking and frankly behaving like an alien has taken over my body and mind.   There is part of me that loves it as it is so […]
  • Screen-Shot-2012-10-31-at-12.02.55-PM

    Trunk Show Secrets

    One of the best ways to get into a store is to “prove” yourself by doing a killer trunk show.  Sometimes buyers want to see how well your product sells before they are willing to shell out the big bucks.  So if you are sure it is the “right” spot, then push to get in […]
  • Screen-Shot-2013-06-11-at-9.13.17-PM

    The 3 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make At A Tradeshow

    So you finally decide to take the plunge and get a booth!   It might be a relief for you that you finally pulled the trigger, or it might be a total stresser – like it was for me each and (most) every time – and I did 5 shows a year when I had my […]
  • april checklist

    April Checklist

    Wow Easter is just around the corner!   How did you do on your March Check List? I know doing all these things might seem overwhelming but if you take small steps each day to stay on task, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish.  Try to set aside an hour a day, […]
  • make your company look bigger

    Make Your Company Appear Bigger in Minutes

    Are you looking to make Your Company Appear Bigger in Minutes? Sometimes customers feel more comfortable buying from you if they think your company is not a one woman show. It can make them feel like your product will be better made, the customer service will be better, or you’ll just be more helpful…. or […]
  • How to grow your business you need a plan month by month.

    January Check List

    So the new year is under way……..and there are so many things to be doing right now…….. is your head spinning yet?  To grow your business you need a plan month by month.  I wanted to give you a short but detailed check list to be sure you remember all the things you can be […]
  • how to avoid tradeshows

    How to Avoid Tradeshows

    I’m going to teach you my trick to avoid Tradeshows. Do you wonder when your buyers are buying? I can pretty much guarantee (99% at least) that most of  your buyers are following Tradeshow dates, and attending when possible, and that they buy on the same cycles as the Tradeshows.  And the good news is […]
  • Setting the correct price for your product line

    Setting the Right Price for your Product Line

    Do you know how to set the right price for your product line? It took me years to figure out how to set the right price for my product line when I first started out, so I can imagine you might be in the same situation.  If you are not sure if you are making any […]
  • how drop shipping works

    Drop Shipping 2020

    So what is Drop Shipping? Drop Shipping is when a website displays your product for sale, but does not buy and stock it in advance.  They sell it “like” they have it in stock, but in reality, they send you the order and have you ship it. Win Win for sure! What is so great […]
  • getting into holiday gift guides

    Finding the contacts for Holiday Gift Guides

    The big question seems to be – How do you know what they are working on? Editors usually work on a calendar schedule and know what is coming up at least a few months in advance. If you can get up the courage, try to get them (or their assistant) on the phone or via email, […]
  • Pitch Holiday Gift Guides 2016

    Pitch Holiday Gift Guides

    Pitch holiday gift guides  The time is approaching to pitch holiday gift guides over the next 6-8 weeks. I know, I know, it’s only June, but Holiday Gift Guide submissions are starting now…….so get on it sister, as it will end in July. This can be a great way to get into magazines that might […]
  • Finding Sales Reps for your Product Business

    Finding Sales Reps for your Product Business

    You might be wondering how in the world you are going to actually find a good, reputable, hard working, fast-talking sales rep for your product business who can make you some money right?Finding sales reps for your product business I know exactly how you feel. In fact, I felt the same way when I started […]
  • 7 Things to Do When a Celebrity Purchases from your Website

    7 Things to Do When a Celebrity Purchases from your Website

    Ok, so are you doing the dance of joy? Here are 7 Things to Do When a Celebrity Purchases from your Website. This can be a really controversial topic as some people feel you shouldn’t promote this as it’s a breach of privacy – but my take is that if they bought it, and didn’t have […]
  • 5 things you should know before hiring a sales rep

    5 things you should know before hiring a sales rep

    When and if you decide to hire some help, here are 5 things you should know before hiring a sales rep to make sure you sound savvy! Keep in mind that sales reps can be an amazing asset to your business, but you want to be aware of the costs involved before taking the plunge. […]
  • Set goals for 2018

    Take inventory of your accomplishments in 2017

    What do you have to be proud of this year? Has something big happened?  Something small? I like to take a moment at the end of the year to think about what I have accomplished, and what I still want to accomplish in my business…….I know it can be hard to set aside some time […]
  • boost november sales

    How to Boost your Sales in November

    I wanted to give you a quick tip on how to Boost your Sales in November. I dramatically increased my  wholesale sales year over year in November and into December too…. and show you how easy it was – so that you can do it too! It starts with a real dedication and belief in […]
  • oscar nominees 2016

    How To Attract The 2016 Oscar Nominees

    Figuring out which celebrities to get your product to can be a challenge for most entreprenettes. You are probably asking yourself one, or possibly all, of the following questions: How do I know if my target market likes this one or that? What if I make a mistake and spend a lot of money sending […]
  • onesimplesteptomorecustomers

    A simple thing to bring in more customers

    If you are wondering how to get more subscribers to sign up for your email list……it’s not that hard.  Most people don’t have an easy opt-in on their home page which is usually the biggest problem….but this is easy to fix.  Having a “paywall” – meaning that the customer pays with their email address to […]
  • strong-leader

    Who Are We to Judge?

    I saw this article this morning about the "uproar" over Marissa Mayer's claim that she is only going to take 2 weeks of maternity leave when her identical twins are born later this year.  Honestly, who are we to judge her?   How can someone who hasn't even met her decide that she is doing […]
  • how investors can ruin your business

    How Investors Can Ruin Your Business

    When I had my handbag line I just wanted to be successful.  I wasn’t always sure what that meant….. it did include making lots of money….but I wasn’t sure what the rest looked like for a while. Once I got some PR and got my products to famous Celebrities, people started to take notice of […]
  • Make Your Company Appear Bigger in Minutes

    Bigger Isn’t Always Better

     I know a lot of people’s dream is to see their products in big box stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, Costco, Target, Walmart and QVC……but the truth is, while you might enjoy gigantic orders from these behemoths, they can turn on a dime, throw you out with the trash, and cripple a company overnight […]
  • the 5 biggest mistakes in business

    The 5 Biggest Mistakes in Business

    Running a product line is like conducting a symphony. You have to be able to coordinate a lot of different pieces and make them all fit together smoothly. When you get it right, your business sounds like sweet music. But get it wrong and the results are a noisy mess… In that spirit, I want […]
  • how to get more sales

    The Simple Formula That Will Get You More Sales

    It’s been said that in life, timing is everything. And nowhere is this truer than in the product business. And when it comes to this business, here’s another truth: you may have the greatest product in the world, but if you try to sell it at the wrong time, you’ll struggle to make money. Fortunately, […]
  • august checklist

    August Checklist

    I know it can be hard to keep up. Believe me, I know. But I can tell you from experience, that being organized and having a checklist is one way to start tackling the hard stuff. What I like about a list, is that when I get a brain freeze and don’t know what I […]
  • how to find popular celebrities

    How to Find Popular Celebrities Every Day of the Week

    Get ready to learn a few more of my ninja tricks to get your products to celebs all year long so you can continue to turn yourself into a celebrity designer One of the fastest ways to get your product seen is to find the most popular celebrities each month.   What is the #1 […]
  • July checklist

    July Checklist

    I know it can be hard to keep up. Believe me, I know. But I can tell you from experience, that being organized and having a checklist is one way to start tackling the hard stuff. What I like about a list, is that when I get a brain freeze and don’t know what I […]
  • June checklist

    June Checklist

    I know it can be hard to keep up. Believe me, I know. But I can tell you from experience, that being organized and having a checklist is one way to start tackling the hard stuff. What I like about a list, is that when I get a brain freeze and don’t know what I […]
  • finding more buyers

    Finding more buyers

    Building your buyer black book (AKA your bible of potential customers) can be a tedious task if you don’t know where to look. Be sure you know who your target market is, and where they live. ONLY spend time looking for stores in those specific areas. Anywhere else is a waste of time. Only you […]
  • may checklist

    May Checklist

    OMG Memorial Day is just around the corner! How did you do on your April Check List? Try to set aside an hour a day, at least, to work on whatever you have left to do on my suggested checklist below. These things will help your sales, exposure and overall brand. They are a MUST […]
  • contacting a celebrity

    Contact a Celebrity

    Are you thinking of contacting a celebrity?  It’s not as hard as you might think……..perhaps intimidating….. but not that hard.  If you are considering this, you might want to check out this interview I did with Jordan McAuley who owns Contact Any Celebrity – he gives a lot of insight.  Having a celeb that you […]
  • Screen-Shot-2014-04-05-at-10.26.36-PM-300x218

    Photographing Your Line

    Do you ever wonder about some other ways to photograph your line?  I know I always did…..and it took some expensive shoots to teach me some simple tricks!  So here is my short list of what to include when shooting your new collection. If you are not an experienced photographer or can't fake it, I […]
  • Screen-Shot-2014-03-17-at-12.54.49-PM-200x300

    Looking for a Road Rep

    Do you ever think about getting a road rep?  Do you even know what one is? Road Reps are independent reps that sometimes work for a larger group, or on their own, and don’t have a showroom. They travel around their “territory” showing products to the stores they service. Pros? More cost effective as there is […]
  • Screen-Shot-2014-02-23-at-11.27.54-AM-300x227

    How to Get Free Media Placements

    If you know me at all, you know I hate paying for press or any kind of advertising at all……when possible. And I would probably never suggest that you pay for it either. :O)  It's really important to be consistent in your communication with all editors in your industry.  Ideally, you want to create a […]
  • March checklist

    March Check List

    How did March get here so quickly?   How did you do on your February Check List?  I know doing all these things might seem overwhelming but if you take small steps each day to stay on task, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish.  Try to set aside an hour a day, […]
  • Screen-Shot-2014-01-31-at-11.55.54-AM-300x237

    Do I Need a Sales Rep?

    How are you progressing with your February Check List?  It can be hard to keep up, but oil those wheels and keep it moving!   You might be wondering if you really need a sales rep, or if it's cool to try to do sales on your own…..well either is totally acceptable to me, it's […]
  • how to vet a blogger

    How To Vet a Blogger

    How is the February Check List coming along?  Have you set up some sales to get rid of your Fall mdse. yet?  I don’t know if you are like many of my clients, and myself, and get a lot of bloggers asking to review your product, but if you are, here are some tips and […]
  • working with bloggers

    Working with Bloggers

    How are you doing on the February Check List?  Try to do just a small amount each day if you are overwhelmed and about to freak out!  Seriously, remain calm and just take small steps.  Each step that you take towards your bigger goal is getting you closer even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like […]
  • February checklist

    February Check List

    So here we are already staring February in the face!   How did you do on your January Check List?  I know doing all these things might seem overwhelming but if you take small steps each day to stay on task, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish.  Try to set aside an hour […]
  • Screen-Shot-2014-01-16-at-2.31.33-PM-300x229

    How do you move on?

    So continuing with our January duties………..Parting with seasonal "left-overs" can feel like you are giving away your babies, but at the same time, you know the cash will feel soooooo good. You might be wondering where to start or if anyone would be interested in the odd quantities you have left, but have no fear.  […]
  • Screen-Shot-2014-01-16-at-1.57.53-PM-300x109

    Hail to the Holidays

    How is your January going so far?  How is the check list coming along?  Just a reminder that it is totally cool and quite required (by me) to take full advantage of all holidays, Hallmark or Federal…..People are conditioned by the big box stores to expect a special sale and are just sitting there waiting […]
  • Screen-Shot-2013-12-18-at-5.06.36-PM-300x272

    What’s your next move?

    So here we are, rapidly approaching the end of the year and you might be shoving out the last package right now, or have hung up your "on vacation" sign by now.  Either way, have you had a moment to give some thought to your PR plan for 2014?  This is a REALLY great time […]
  • how to live a great life

    Create Your Best Life Ever

    I really like to take a moment at this time of year to think about what I have accomplished (and give myself loads of pats on the back of course), and what I still want to accomplish in my business…….I know it can be hard to set aside some time while you are wildly trying […]
  • Screen-Shot-2013-11-06-at-2.13.33-PM-300x205

    Beating Oscar To The Best Actor

    Figuring out which celebrities to get your product to can be a challenge for most entreprenettes. You are probably asking yourself one, or possibly all, of the following questions: How do I know if my target market likes this one or that? What if I make a mistake and spend a lot of money sending […]
  • Screen-Shot-2013-06-27-at-1.14.21-PM-299x300

    The Best Urban Shopping Streets

    So after hearing me blabber on (and on and on) about finding out where your target market lives, eats and breathes, so you can figure out where to sell your awesome products…..  I wanted to add one more quick tip for you.  Try to figure out what the best shopping streets are in each city […]
  • Screen-Shot-2013-06-11-at-9.50.55-PM-300x187

    No Tradeshow = Big Benefits

    Following tradeshow dates is the best way to know when your buyers are buying!  I can pretty much guarantee (99%) that they are following tradeshow dates and they want to see what you have to offer too, even if you are not going to a show. To be successful in your business, and be selling when […]
  • Screen-Shot-2013-04-22-at-3.41.43-PM-300x295

    Finding Inspiration

    How do you get inspired when deciding to create a new collection?  When I had my handbag line I always found the most inspiration in books about vintage handbags – not that I made many vintage inspired bags, but the I was always drawn to the vintage shapes and somehow my mind twisted them into […]
  • Screen-Shot-2013-04-01-at-8.58.52-PM-300x205

    How To Spot A Hole In The Market Place

    When thinking about a new product, it is wise to figure out if there is a real NEED prior to spending a lot of time and money developing this latest fab idea.  If you do your research, and really dig around, you'll quickly find through the internet and by looking in stores if your product […]
  • Screen-Shot-2013-03-25-at-12.52.47-PM-224x300

    Hitting Up Hollywood Stylists

    Stylists have always been rather mysterious and illusive in my opinion.  You often see their names in magazines, in Oscar reports and sometimes in tabloids, or on Celeb driven TV shows like Extra, E! etc…. but getting your product to them is a different story. We all know that getting your products to celebs is […]
  • Screen-Shot-2013-03-20-at-1.28.17-PM-291x300

    Snake Charmers

    I know you already know this……but just in case you don’t think about it all the time……you want to be sure you are incorporating trends into your line each season.  One thing to keep in mind is that your collection will be on the same shelves and hanging next to everyone else who is following […]
  • who are your customers

    Get To Know Your Target Market

    So let’s get down to basics.  The whole lynchpin of your business is your target market (TM)…. next to the quality and need for your products of course!  But the bottom line, is that if you don’t know who you are selling to, it really doesn’t matter how awesome your designs are……if no one is […]
  • what is a road rep

    What is a road rep?

    Road Reps are independent reps that sometimes work for a larger group, or on their own, and don’t have a showroom. They travel around their “territory” showing products to the stores they service. This can be a more cost effective choice as there is no showroom fee for road reps – they work strictly on commission.  […]
  • how to invoice stores

    How to Invoice Stores

    Invoicing can be confusing so let’s spell it out here.   I have always used Quickbooks for my accounting software so I use their invoicing program too.  It keeps track of your inventory as well which makes production much easier to keep up with than counting stuff all the time.  If you don’t use Quickbooks, you […]
  • who to hire first for your product business

    Who To Hire First

    How do you know who to hire first? If you are doing your own shipping then I suggest hiring a part time person to take that over to free up your time. This is the most menial job you are doing (besides maybe cleaning your office) and can easily be passed on.  When I was shipping […]
  • Screen-Shot-2013-02-27-at-2.13.55-PM

    It’s all in the “appearances”

    Do you worry that customers think your company is small?   Are you doing everything yourself and worried they'll find out and maybe not want to purchase if they don't think you can deliver?   Do you wear all the hats and try to keep up with customer service too? This is a super common […]
  • Screen-Shot-2013-02-13-at-3.37.38-PM-300x239

    Keeping up with your current stores

    If you want consistent sales……..You need to stay on top of your current stores. They really need to be contacted all the time.  It's hard to imagine, but they often won't place a reorder just because they sold the last one….. sometimes they don't even know they sold the last one.  It could have been […]
  • how to boost sales with consignment

    How to boost sales with consignment

    Are you looking for a mid-season boost to get into a few more stores? A great way to break into stores is to offer your products on consignment. I did this when I first started my handbag line, and again when I launched Simply Sarah.  I wanted to be in Jennifer Kaufman, Lisa Klein and […]
  • how to pick popular celebrities

    How to pick a popular celebrity

    One of the fastest ways to get your product seen is to find the most popular celebrities each month. Magazines tend to find their “favorites” and then stalk them. By keeping track of who is popular is a fairly easy task. No matter where you live, here are a few ways you can find the hotties and […]
  • how to recover from a slow market week

    How to recover from a slow market week

    Ok, so your sales rep finally calls (you have been calling & calling to get the sales numbers for market week) and gives you the the “not so great” news that sales are down and she is not sure why since “everyone loved it”, they just didn’t buy it……and you are heartbroken.  You worked so […]
  • Screen-Shot-2013-01-03-at-11.29.05-PM

    The top 5 business mistakes and how to surpass them

    When I first started out with my handbag company I was in the dark about everything. I had never taken a business course of any kind, and was really relying on my own savvy to get through it all…….not knowing (or even being aware) of what big mistakes I was making every day.   All this cost […]
  • Screen-Shot-2012-12-14-at-10.22.32-PM

    Make Your Marketing Count

    I imagine you are starting to think about January and might be tossing around ideas for your marketing plan for spring. When creating marketing campaigns to send to buyers, simple and colorful gets the best response in my opinion.  I find that a simple 3 image campaign usually works best and gives buyers a quick […]
  • Screen-Shot-2012-11-28-at-3.06.12-PM

    Do you need more marketing or sales?

    As you probably know, marketing and sales go hand in hand……..ugh you say? Well you are not alone! As a creative gal you probably feel lost in the marketing world, and a tad nervous about calling stores to get them to buy your product right? When I first started out I felt exactly the same way…..swear.   […]
  • how to increase sales in november

    How to dramatically increase your profit margin in November

    I wanted to give you a quick tip on how I dramatically increased my sales last year and how easy it was – so that you can do it too! I believe it starts with a real dedication and belief in the benefit your product brings to people – which you have right? I decided […]
  • change the game

    Change The Game

    As the year comes to a close, I like to look at my business from all sides and angles.  The main goal is to find what was successful, and do more of it, but also to figure out where I am lacking so I can turn it around as fast as possible…….yes I can lack […]
  • Urgent- how to lover your taxes

    Urgent: Ways to lower your taxes

    Did you know that if you are a corporation you pay taxes on inventory at the end of the year? This is why I always do as many sales as possible prior to December 31st…….. rather put the money in my pocket. To round things out each year, I try to do one or two […]
  • Screen-Shot-2012-10-23-at-2.20.53-PM-189x300

    Secret Tips To Boost Your Holiday Sales

    As the end of the year rapidly approaches, I know us product-minded people are scrambling to make it the best quarter of the year, and you might be relying on 4Q sales to make your entire year!  My mind has been working overtime these days coming up with some out-of-the-box ideas for my clients and […]
  • Screen-Shot-2012-10-22-at-9.19.45-PM-300x215

    Fabric Frenzy

    I just spent the day at the LA Textile show and my head is spinning. Navigating a textile show can really throw you for a loop in the way of sensory overload – in a good way of course.  Figuring out how to put your collection together and what goes with what can be exhilarating […]
  • Screen-Shot-2012-09-18-at-2.47.39-PM

    How To Get Your Product to Celebrities

    Once you get your product into the hands of an A-list celeb you will: Build tremendous name recognition – people pay ridiculous amounts of attention to what celebs are doing or wearing. Enhance your market credibility – a photo or a “thank you” note will turn fans into buyers. End result – money in the […]
  • Screen-shot-2012-07-27-at-12.17.35-PM-300x197

    Finding Reps at Tradeshows

    Sometimes the fastest way to find sales reps is to visit the shows where they exhibit.  They are often available to speak, and will certainly take your card and catalog if you leave it with them.  This is a fabulous opportunity to find tons of reps under one roof and see them in action as […]
  • Screen-shot-2012-07-27-at-12.05.03-PM

    Interviewing Sales Reps

    So I hope you have had a chance to take a look at some of the Marts around the country that I posted about last week.  I know speaking to reps might be a bit intimidating so I put together a list of questions you can freely ask (and they'd be expecting of you) so […]
  • Screen-shot-2012-07-26-at-9.06.39-PM-297x300

    Finding Sales Reps

    So maybe you have been following my previous blogs on doing your own sales and have decided that this is not your favorite thing, or just don't feel it's your best use of time considering your lack of expertise, or you just outright hate it.  Any which way you slice it, it has to be […]
  • Screen-shot-2012-07-16-at-1.18.10-PM-300x202

    Create and roll out your own perpetual sales machine

    Even though you might have sales reps, it does not mean you should get lazy about continuing to sell yourself. Selling from the “home office” should be the easiest as you are the most excited person about your brand. Buyers hear this in your voice and are often attracted to that over the “drone” of a […]
  • littleblackbook-254x300

    How to find the right buyers

    So you want to reach the right buyers and are finding it's not always so simple right? The first thing you want to do is develop a targeted “Dream Store” list. Once you complete your target market research and really know who you are selling to, start to research stores in the cities your customers live […]
  • Screen-shot-2012-06-20-at-8.13.01-PM

    Saying the right thing to buyers

    If you are like most entreprenettes, fear of calling buyers is pretty much at the top of your “tasks I hate doing” list. It can be very intimidating. There are a few things you can do to make sure you hit the high points and come across as a savvy business owner.   The first thing to […]
  • entreprenette.seasonal-roll-outs-300x245

    Seasonal roll-outs

    Seasonal roll-outs are really important to stay on top of. Be sure to find out when the tradeshows and market weeks are going on throughout the year for your particular product line and make sure you are approaching buyers accordingly. The more experienced you "appear", the more seriously buyers will take you.  Each product line […]
  • magazines-300x240

    What PR can do for your brand

    Learning how to leverage good PR for yourself is a total MUST to keep any business afloat!  Once you have some PR, it will give you credibility which makes buyers feel more comfortable about buying from you – especially if you are a new brand. Staying on top of your media calendar is the key […]
  • Screen-shot-2012-02-29-at-10.53.07-PM-300x292

    What a celebrity can do for your brand

    Getting products to celebrities can be very exciting! It can bring you major brand recognition, possibly get you on TV, attract wholesale buyers, boost online sales, start new trends, and give you awesome credibility! Choosing the right celebrity for your brand depends on who your target market admires, so be sure to approach celebrities that […]
  • how-your-story-can-increase-sales-300x215

    How to use your story to increase sales

    Having a story behind your brand can be an important selling point when pitching your line. Think about why and how you came to develop your designs and weave that into your story to add interest and intrigue. When sales staff can tell your story and engage customers, they are more likely to close the […]
  • entreprenette-sales-secrets

    Best Sales Secrets

    Do you often wonder what other people's strategy is for reeling in sales?  Wonder what they say or do to get customers buying their products?  Well I am always curious, so I reached out to my experts for their advice and they have some ideas for you below. Sales was never easy for me and […]
  • sarah-shaw-videos2-150x108

    Finding your target market Avatar

    Getting to know your target market is probably the MOST important thing you will ever do in your business. Really dialing into this (one) person is the key to your success. Grab and pen and paper and make a quick list of the ideas I give in this short video and get cracking on your […]
  • sarah-shaw-videos-150x108

    Build your Buyer Black Book

    Building your own "Buyer Black Book" can be a daunting task. Making sure you are gathering stores that your target market shops in is the main key to building a solid list.  Take a look at my short video for some quick tips so you can build a black book that works!      
  • 8

    Do magazines pay for samples?

    Dear Sarah, I would really appreciate some advice. I received an inquiry from the editor of a magazine to have my jewelry included in an editorial. I have a couple of questions: 1. My understanding is that this is not akin to an ‘advertorial’, which I would have to pay for – true? 2. Should […]
  • 0

    Happy Holidays

  • I love saving money

    I Love Saving Money

    “In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes”  – Benjamin Franklin I LOVE SAVING MONEY don’t you??  I am always looking for new tax tips and any new loop hole I can poke my head into. Ok, so as I see it, we are divided into two main groups.  Those who are super […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-12-14-at-3.17.56-PM

    Smooth Manufacturing = Better Sales

    I have been working on my calendar for next year and I wanted to share a few tips and tricks that I find really helpful to keep your business running more efficiently and hopefully, with less forgotten details.    As many of you know, I am a single mom to 4 yr old twins and […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-12-12-at-12.30.09-PM-225x300

    Best Ice Breakers

    Ok so who doesn't get a bit nervous walking into a room when you don't know very many people, or even worse, not a soul?  I know I do!  Networking events can get a bad wrap just thinking about them right?  I love meeting new people, but do admit that I find it a lot […]
  • 0

    Finding money for your start-up

    Dear Sarah, I’ve recently launched my home-based business, and my sales are inconsistent. Until I can get a steady income flow, what are some ways that I can save money in my everyday life? Thanks, Sandi Hochman  Lucky Puppy   Dear Sandi, Thanks for a great question!  I reached out to my friend Andrew of […]
  • how to get a blog review

    How to get a blog review

    Who wants more media coverage, more website page views, bigger mailing list, more Facebook Fans and more Twitter followers?  I know I do and assume you do too!  If you had a chance to listen to my interview a few weeks ago with Megan from Blogger Black Book, you might already be on the blog […]
  • 4

    Pushy PR?

    Dear Sarah, If you’ve had a placement in a magazine, how long should you wait until you approach the magazine again?  Should you continue to pitch them as long as you have noteworthy news or product updates? Thanks in advance, Erika Deady-Wohlers    Tutu Pour Mon Deux Erika, I say the squeaky wheel gets the […]
  • bootstrap or bust

    Bootstrap or Bust

    I saw a video the other day with my good friend and mentor Mike Michalowcz and it got me thinking……. How can bootstrapping really make you a better business woman? A lot of us dream of a big investor coming in (our knight in shinning gold coins) and solving all our problems, bringing a lot […]
  • 2

    How can I make the most money?

    Dear Sarah, Is it a good idea to exhibit at a tradeshow show if you don’t have much visibility as a young company? Tradeshows are very expensive, so I’d want to make the most of the money I spend.   What do you suggest as the best course of action? Thanks for your wisdom, Meghna   Meghna Designs Dear Meghna, Tradeshows […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-09-26-at-1.03.19-PM

    How to write a press release that works

    When you hear the word press release what is the first thing you think of?  Somebody has great news to report right?  I think the same thing, and sometimes we can even be jealous of them and wish it was us right?  Did you know that the first thing most people feel when hearing the […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-09-14-at-9.50.55-AM-300x192

    How to Boost 4Q Holiday Sales

    As the end of the year rapidly approaches for everyone, I know us product minded people are scrambling to make it the best quarter of the year, and some rely on 4Q sales to make their entire year!  My mind has been working overtime these days coming up with some out-of-the-box ideas for my clients […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-08-12-at-11.01.56-PM

    Best PR tips

    So everyone wants awesome PR right? I know I do and am not ashamed to admit it…….but how does one get it?  When I had my handbag line, I worked with several PR companies until I hired my sister to come inhouse. Over the years, I learned many tricks of the trade, but my favorite […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-08-12-at-10.20.52-PM-300x195

    Who opened it?

    Quick tip: I like to know who which buyers are open to buying when marketing my accessory line – don't you? When I send out a marketing email, I see who opened it and clicked on the images (sometimes more than once) and email them directly with catalogs and a letter detailing the product line […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-08-11-at-2.21.29-PM-300x229

    What can a “Group-coupon” do for you?

    Do you look at these "Group-coupon" style companies and wonder how they find vendors to showcase?  How they get such great deals? And how come they don't know about you? I have to admit I was feeling the same way and then one came knocking on my door (via email of course) about 2 months […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-08-11-at-2.16.01-PM

    What is your call to action?

    What is your call to action? The first time someone asked me this, I looked at them like they were from Mars.  I seriously had no idea what they were talking about and this was only about 3 or 4 years ago.  After getting over my embarrassment, I got really excited about it and implemented […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-08-04-at-10.37.54-PM-300x161

    To Pop-up or not?

    As we approach NY fashion week next month, award shows and the holidays in general, Pop-up shops which are often popular become rampant…….and so do the solicitors who are looking to you to fill the available spots. I know, some of them are really good sales people and you are ready to sign on the […]
  • heart-300x228

    How to handle the competition

    “If you follow yourself you don’t have any competition” – anonymous woman on the street. This one sentence sparked a fabulous dinner conversation a couple weeks ago.  It is something I often used to fret about when I started my first handbag line, but in the end I really didn’t see them as competition, just […]
  • 4

    What steps am I missing?

    Dear Sarah, I have a great Product called the “Teething Bib” and I have managed to get it in a couple of boutiques and also on a major website Csn Stores. I am still not getting the exposure I need to make the teething bib become a household name. I am currently advertising for sales […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-07-31-at-2.18.43-PM-300x226

    What’s your comfort zone?

    Andy Grove, co-founder of Intel Corporation said, ” Only the paranoid survive”. I am a total believer in this theory.  Not sure you need to take it to the extremes with paranoia, but constantly reviewing your strategy, staying on top of your next move and noticing that scared stomach feeling you get at times as […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-07-30-at-10.51.38-PM

    Is the sales rep as good as their Rolodex?

    For some product lines, having a showroom is really the only option if you want to build a successful wholesale business. Some stores are reluctant to buy without having seen the goods and checking for quality and styling with their own eyes – totally understandable right? Showrooms, or independent sales reps, can be a wonderful revenue […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-07-21-at-10.37.39-AM-300x200

    5 quick ways to find new wholesale accounts

    As each month rolls along, I am sure you are aware of constantly filling the pipe line with new stores right?  But how to find them can be a burden and take a lot of time…….right again?  But at the same time, we all know your annual sales depend on new accounts coming in monthly, […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-07-26-at-1.12.46-PM

    What do you outsource first?

    Wearing all the hats when getting your business going can become very tiresome…..ok exhausting!!  But knowing what to outsource first can be equally confusing.  When I launched my first handbag line, I was doing it all from designing, running my production, sales, shipping, trying to do marketing but failing miserably,  and managing my other company […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-07-21-at-1.30.30-PM-236x300

    How to con your way into a boutique

    A great way to break into stores is to offer your products on consignment. I did this when I first started my handbag line, and again when I launched Simply Sarah.  I wanted to be in Jennifer Kaufman, Lisa Klein and Fred Segal (hip stores in Los Angeles) so badly that I offered them consignment […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-06-29-at-9.45.23-AM-300x223

    What do you include in your sales and marketing plan?

    Do I hear you groaning already?  So many creative inventors just cringe when they hear the words sales and marketing, even though you know deep deep deep down that this is the entire backbone of your survival…….right?  I have been right there with you sister…..I had the hugest-most-gigantic resistance for many years until I learned […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-06-22-at-8.54.23-PM-110x150

    Boost Sales with PR

    How to find magazine editors and contact them: The first thing to think about is which magazines are best for your brand and your product line. Once you narrow that down, look at the masthead which shows all the names of the editors. At the very bottom of the page there is usually a main number […]
  • 13

    How can I increase sales?

    Hello Sarah, I recently opened an Etsy shop selling personalized accessories for little girls, moms, teachers, and much more! We are still in the process of growing our site and we plan to expand to other types of accessories as well. I have been doing a handful of blog giveaways and trying to grow my […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-05-10-at-4.33.38-PM-300x257

    How to use your ipad for business

    So here I was, off to NYC on business with only my ipad…..and no real sense of how to maximize it's fabulousness!   I have to admit I was slightly panicked as I am very attached to my macbook, yet was thrilled to be toting this new lightweight toy.  What's a girl to do?  I immediately […]
  • 17

    How can I get an editor’s attention?

    Dear Sarah, How do I best approach big name magazines to elicit response and get coverage? It’s hard to get in contact with them as it seems that they are always slammed by pitches and deadlines. Plus, they seem to be more interested in covering monster brands – well, maybe it’s because monster brands know […]
  • 13

    Will buyers pay upfront?

    Hi Sarah, I am interested in taking my business wholesale to stores. Is it possible when pitching to larger stores to ask for a percentage of the order upfront and the remainder 30 days after delivery?   I am thinking about getting a rep. Is this something they would be willing to ask on my […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-04-26-at-3.29.59-PM-300x217

    How Mastermind groups can uplevel your business

    Have you ever been a part of a mastermind group?  Or had a one-on-one mastermind partner?  If so then you probably know about the benefits.  If not, this is definitely something you want to explore.  More minds bring bigger ideas……which turn into bigger profits!  I have been party to several incredible mastermind groups over the […]
  • 16

    How can I improve my sales?

    Dear Sarah I love my products and thought they would sell out right away, and it’s just not happening. What can I do to get things going?? Thanks – Jen http://www.navarain.com/ Hi Jen, Yes, your product line is super-cute. I do have some suggestions for you to hopefully improve sales asap! 1.     Website: I’d suggest changing the […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-04-13-at-1.40.15-PM-300x203

    How to build fans on Facebook

    Let's face it…..Facebook is a household name……and a must have business tool if you want to maximize your exposure on line.   Some of the ways we use Facebook, might be for networking, getting feedback on ideas, making friends, learning, and  a big one for solopreneurs is just flat out finding a connection so you don't […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-03-23-at-7.08.25-AM

    How to stretch your dollars

    So we all want to know what the crystal ball says right?  How do you cut corners and stay on your growth track at the same time?  I asked my experts for some tips they are using right now and it seems that the most common are brown bagging it, getting VA's instead of employees […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-03-08-at-8.45.53-PM-300x207

    How to find the best partner

    If you know me at all, or have read my bio, you know I've had many partners and investors during my entrepreneurial life.  Experiences that were good and bad (well, mostly bad if you must know the truth), but experiences that I learned a lot from. I want to share my tips on how to […]
  • images

    How to find and use a Virtual Assistant to get ahead

    So last weeks post inspired me.  I loved hearing what people disliked doing in their business and how they handled it.  The #1 way to handle their "icky tasks" was to outsource them…….which lead me to this post.  It seemed to me that almost everyone was using a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help with the […]
  • Screen-shot-2011-01-25-at-10.19.34-PM

    How to handle things in your business that you dislike doing

    Wearing all the hats in the business can be tricky as you know. There are things we are good at, can do quickly, are required of us, perhaps only we can do, and the things we dread……….but still have to get done.  I know them all inside and out from running many companies of my […]
  • GS215049

    100+ ways to overcome the loneliness of being a solopreneur?

    This topic comes up so often in my coaching practice that I wanted to reach out to my experts to get their feedback and give you ideas of how to overcome the feelings of loneliness you might feel as a solopreneur. Let's face it, we all spend most of our time either on line, on […]
  • 0

    How many is enough?

    Dear Sarah, I would really appreciate some advice. I received an inquiry from the editor of a magazine to have my jewelry included in an editorial. I have a couple of questions: 1. My understanding is that this is not akin to an ‘advertorial’, which I would have to pay for – true? 2. Should […]
  • Screen-shot-2010-12-14-at-6.55.16-AM

    Transform your old product into a new one

    Ever wonder how to revive and old product and create something new and exciting for your customers? Sometimes recreating the old can be an easy and economical way to boost your offerings and reengage with old customers…….creating more sales. My experts below have contributed some cool ideas they used to give you some ideas on […]
  • bxp217733

    Innovative Sales Solutions

    Clearly I am on a BIG sales kick right now to help you come up with as many ideas as possible to raise your sales RIGHT NOW!  We need to get your customers to open their wallets!  I reached out to my Entreprenette Experts to get some innovative and different ideas for you to try […]
  • jl_033006_0001

    New ideas = Money

    Even stores are reinventing themselves these days; getting face lifts, makeovers and doing whatever they can do attract new customers and revive old ones.  Anthropology has always seemed like a store that can withstand anything to me.  They have such an eclectic array of merchandise, that it has always felt like there is bound to […]
  • KS3603

    Drop Ship or not ship?

    I got so many great comments and emails on last weeks post on how to maximize 4th Q and questions galore about drop shipping and what it means and how it works…….so you ask, and I answer! So what is Drop Shipping? This is usually when a website displays your product for sale, but does […]
  • u19306509

    10 ways to make the most of 4th quarter

    We are well into 4th quarter and I want to get you all cha-chinging away, so let’s go over a short check list to see what else you can be doing to make the most of the rest of this year.   Here are some ideas that I have brainstormed with clients to generate more […]
  • asktheentrepenette1-300x300

    Pros and cons of consignment

    A great way to break into stores is consignment. I did this  a lot when I first started out.  Here is the tip:  Be sure to make a real invoice for your items so it is clear what you expect to be paid. Make arrangements to follow up after 30 days and let them know […]
  • showroom-300x241

    Road Reps Vs. Showrooms – is there a winner?

    Deciding to hire a sales rep, be it a road rep or a showroom based sales rep can be a hard decision. I know finding a reputable one(s) can be difficult.  You are going to want to interview a lot before you make a choice.  Just because one is right for your friend, does NOT […]
  • BLD042326

    How to market a new product on-line

    So you are ready to launch a new product and there are so many options these days…….are you wondering what is the best route to take?  My vote these days is video for the #1 way to launch a new product. Obviously you cannot leave out PR, social media or notifying your mailing list…but video […]
  • PCL20186

    What to Expect When Selling to a Department Store

    Do you ever find yourself dreaming about your product being sold in a Department Store and just know you’ll feel like you’ve really made it when you are being sold in one? I used to feel that way too.  But as I grew my handbag line, I came to realize that a product line built […]
  • 20

    How to Approach a Magazine Editor

      Why do we often feel like a magazine editor holds our future in their hands? Will we ever feel comfortable pitching ourselves? Believe me, I am right there with ya!  Pitching ourselves is just about the hardest thing for most people – no matter what your business is. I think the biggest tips I […]
  • stand-out-in-a-crowd

    Kudos for Customer Service

    We all want our customer service to be considered excellent right?   I know when I shop on line, I notice the ease (or not) of the checkout process and appreciate the email with the order confirmation. Just as when shopping in a real store, I notice the interaction with the sales staff –  whether a […]
  • blog-check-list

    Create a user-friendly wholesale website

    I have been rebuilding my Simply Sarah website and giving it a major overhaul along with an updated 2010 look.   Woo Hoo! While working on some back end yucky stuff with my web designers, I realized all of the things you’ll need to have in order to create a friendly and easy to use Wholesale […]
  • target_market1-300x206

    How to reach your target market

    Narrowing your target market is so essential to your success.  The question often is……how do I find them? I’d like to invite  you to do an exercise that I have my clients do to really get clear about who your target market is. This should help you figure out where they are, once you really […]
  • x136605361

    Is a patent really worth it?

    Have you ever had some incredible idea and wondered if you should patent it?  Most people have at some point in their life.  Have you ever seen a bronze plaque of a patent on someones wall and thought it was cool?  I know I have! But the real deal is a plain piece of paper […]
  • Screen-shot-2010-07-13-at-10.50.54-AM-300x212

    Make Your Booth Stand Out at a Trade Show

    Deciding to do a trade show is a HUGE decision……big exposure and big bucks!  Everyone wants to make the most of it each time and come out on top for the huge effort you put into it. I loved doing trade shows when I first started my handbag line.  I faithfully went to NYC 5 […]
  • images

    100 (plus) Reasons to Become an Entreprenette

    I often wonder WHAT made someone decide to become an Entreprenette. Do you?  When I graduated college and got a job in the movie business, I never thought for a second about being an Entreprenette. I was just going to work in the film business forever and find my fame and fortune there.  Even though […]
  • girl-shells-300x300

    Sand + Sea = Product

    Just look at this new Entreprenette photo! I arrived at the beach yesterday (on my vacation!) to find these two enterprising young women with a jewelry stand…..selling necklaces made from sea shells and beach rocks with natural holes in them. They win my vote for the best new business of the week.  All they needed […]
  • bxp27823

    56 Ideas To Fund A Startup

    Who isn’t hoping for money to fall from the sky when launching a new business right?  In this fast moving world, there are always new ways popping up to win, find or earn money every day.  My 56 Entreprenette Experts in this post, share ideas that worked for them, links to business loans, and other […]
  • u12151872

    Check Please!

    With the way people’s credit is these days, and boutiques (and some larger stores too) going out of business left and right……I know it can be scary to offer credit terms and forgo the instant satisfaction of a credit card payment.  But alas, some stores still refuse to pay by credit card. Now I’m not […]
  • bn280043

    129 Ways to Manage your Time?

    Wow – this has been such a blast to read! I have this discussion with just about every client….and it often comes up on my Ask Sarah calls……and constantly with friends and colleagues. Are we running out of time? Feels like it to all of us at some point I’m sure! As much as I […]
  • INGSEYFS0280

    Does your product stand out?

    How Do You Know if Your Product is Unique? I get asked this question all the time! I wish I had a crystal ball that could tell you if you had the next million dollar idea. I can certainly help you determine if it is unique and worth a try! I asked my Experts to […]
  • follwo-me-twitter

    How Well Do You Tweet?

    It seems to me that everyone wants to tweet, should be tweeting…..often is tweeting…..but isn’t always sure how, what, when or why to be tweeting!  My Entreprenette Experts have pulled through again and offered some great tips on how to gain the attention of your followers. Enjoy!    
  • bxp65549

    57 Ways to Market your Video

    How many of you use video to market your business? Have you thought about all the ways you can use your videos?  Thanks to my Entreprenette Experts, here are 57 ways to use  video to market your business and possibly get them to go viral…….that would be awesome right?  I am working on my own […]
  • bxp26161

    How Do You Gauge The Competition?

    Assessing the competition is a healthy activity. Most of us want to know how they do what they do right?  How did they get that PR, that store, that cool website, that price point???? Here are 22 informative tips from my fabulous experts that should give you some ideas about how to gauge and possibly […]
  • u10581806

    31 Tips to Win the Heart of a Retailer

    Everyone wants to know what everyone else does to get their products into stores!  Here are 31 fabulous tips to try out.  I think each and every suggestion is a valuable one and should be taken to heart and given a fair try.  Thanks again to my fabulous Entreprenette Experts!
  • bxp27823

    52 Ways I Improved My Business

    With the current economy in such a state of flux, I asked my loyal Entreprenette Experts to share what changes they felt “required” to make in their business to survive……that ended up being wonderful additions they were grateful they had made.  There are a lot of tips and tricks you can implement in your business […]
  • 18

    Learn How to Schedule Facebook Posts

    I was so glad someone asked this question as I was just wondering about this myself!  I knew it was possible but never found the time to research it and implement from my end.  My friend Kathryn gives easy to follow instructions to make your life easier and schedule those FB posts too!  I am […]
  • PCL18472

    How To Get Into A Magazine

    Ok, let’s be serious for a moment……everyone wants to get in a magazine right? Whether you have a product or a service, there is room for everyone if you have the right approach and something newsworthy to pitch! Here are 43 tips from my awesome Entreprenette Experts to help you on your way to stardom. […]
  • 3

    How Do I Use Facebook To Promote My Event?

    I asked my dear friend, and social media mentor Lindsay Wilson, to respond to this question. Dear Sarah, I’m a massage therapist and yoga instructor. I teach specialized classes such as: Yoga for Round Bodies, Restorative Yoga for Low Back Pain, Deep Restoration, etc. I am launching my first ever Yoga for Round Bodies Weekend […]
  • 01P0340

    The One Tip that Changed My Business

    People often ask me if there was ONE piece of advice that changed my business and helped me grow.  And YES – there was.  A friend in the fashion business turned me onto a special die cutter who could cut my handbags and that allowed me to expand from my dining room table to major […]
  • 3

    What is a spec sheet anyhow?

    This question came up in my Ask Sarah call this week and it seems to be a confusing topic for a lot of Entreprenettes.  Not to be confused with a cutting ticket, a spec sheet gives all the details of what is needed to make the item. A cutting ticket gives the quantities or sizes […]
  • ks13574

    How to use social media to boost your product sales

    OK, you asked for it and new here it is!  61 Entreprenette Experts give their tips on how to use social media to boost your product sales! There are a lot of juicy tips in here and innovative ways to attract new customers and covert to sales.  Let me know how it works out for […]
  • k0375781-150x113

    Do celebrity endorsements hurt or help your business?

    People often wonder if a celebrity endorsement can hurt or help your business.   Here are 25 tips to help you see the good the bad and the ugly and make the best choice for your own brand.  You decide if you want to roll out the red carpet or not! 1.  Is bad press good […]
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    How do I convert Facebook fans into customers?

    I asked my good friend and social media confidant Lindsay Wilson of Social Media Heaven to respond to this inquiry as she is really the know it all here! Dear Sarah, I have started a business and am growing in year two, but feel like I could be getting more sales if I could turn […]
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    How can I make my website more appealing to magazines?

    Hi Sarah, I own a small jewelry company. I am trying with very little capital to get PR. I have emailed every editor with no luck. Mother’s Day is the best day of the year for my engraved jewelry as it is engraved with kids names and birthdates. I would love advise on how to […]
  • k0017982-150x110

    Why watching TV can help you get your products to celebrities!

    Have you ever thought of watching TV as part of your job? Well I never did either until many years ago my publicist asked me which TV shows I wanted to see my handbags on.    I had to admit that I had no idea as I never thought to “watch” with that in mind!  I […]
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    How do you know if your idea is a good one?

    Dear Sarah, I would love to know how you move pass the is this a dumb idea or should I go for it? How do you know? I have been stuck on a product idea for a couple of years but scared to bring it to life for fear of failure…fear that is a dumb […]
  • k0445883-126x150

    Tips on how to discover a new product to invent

    Struggling to figure out a way to invent a new product?  Thanks to the amazing Entreprenette Experts, here are 58 tips on how to discover a new product to invent.  Be sure to have a pen and paper ready because there are awesome resources in here. 1. Use the economy to your benefit   Tips […]
  • k0316163-150x121

    Can You Protect Your idea??

    One of the questions that has come up a lot with clients is How do I protect my idea? This can be a super frustrating aspect of a great invention. Unfortunately, while we pay the big bucks to the lawyers to file Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights, if you don’t have the cash to put up […]
  • bxp213797-150x111

    How to Find a Manufacturer

    Struggling to find a manufacturer and bring your idea to life?  Trying to figure this out on your own can be a frustrating process…..and you are not alone.  Thanks to the amazing Entreprenette Experts, here are 44 tips on how to find a manufacturer.  Be sure to have a pen and paper ready because there […]
  • 01P0325-150x124

    What are the best-kept secrets to finding new wholesale accounts?

    Okay I hear you!  You want to know creative ways you can find new wholesale accounts while doing it all yourself!   This is still exciting for me because when I started my first handbag line 13 years ago…..there was no social media, no google and barely anyone had a website and stores were not on […]
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    How Do I Get More PR Exposure for Myself?

    I asked my friend Lisa Elia of Lisa Elia PR to respond to this inquiry as she has recently written a great article on what to include in your virtual media room. Dear Sarah, I own a company called youareonthelist.com. We provide access to exclusive events and experiences in nyc and beyond. We work with […]
  • k0126619-142x150

    How to Recognize your Wholesale Sweet Spot

    So many people ask me how to determine their minimums, if they should have one, and what the point of it is anyhow.  Since there are many answers, and you are the only one (perhaps with my help) who can determine this for yourself, I will give you some scenarios and options to help you […]
  • EV111-033-150x121

    5 Key Steps to a Successful Website

    One of the main reasons that I wanted to move my website to a new server was that I was never happy with the wholesale shopping cart on my current site. And since wholesale is about 80% of my business that was a BIG problem for me.  The other reasons were all finance related….too many […]
  • IS101-020-150x128

    10 Ways to Make Last Minute Money

    Let’s be real – we all want to make as much money as possible each year, yet as we get closer to shutting down for the holidays, we sometimes just get into “shut down” mode a little too quickly! Let’s change that this year and take a vow together, to make the MOST of the […]
  • tweet

    How twitter can change your business overnight

    I must admit that I have been on twitter for some time now but never could really see how it was going to help my business.  It often seemed like a bunch of strangers posting about their morning coffee, or about walking their dog. Who cares right? After hearing my friend Kerianne Mellot speak at […]
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    What’s the difference between a merchant account and payment gateway

    “What’s the difference between a merchant account and payment gateway, and, if they’re different, do I need both?” – Betsy, Redondo Beach, CA I asked my friends over at WebGem Network to respond to this great question.  I am currently moving my Simply Sarah website to their server and was just going through this process […]
  • x25429780-128x150

    10 ways to turn on the green light and make your dreams come true

    Do you sit around and wonder why you are not living your dream and making the kind of  money you want to be making? Are you afraid to commit to your dream? Do you know what your dream is? When I first launched my handbag line over 12 years ago I didn’t know that was […]
  • shu0012-128x150

    Are You A Goal Getter?

    As you have probably guessed by now, I subscribe to MANY Many Many (ok….way to many) blogs and newsletters where I learn a lot of the new stuff that I incorporate with my own knowledge and in turn, pass it on to you.  I love learning, yet like you, I am sure you are often […]
  • IS101-020-150x128

    How to Effectively Cost Your Product

    As I am speaking to more and more of you budding Entreprenettes, I realize that understanding the true cost on your product(s) is a real problem for everyone as you really just don’t know exactly what to include……and therefore are underselling your products and loosing money and profits.  I want to turn that around for […]
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    How do I gain a loyal following?

    Hi Sarah, I recently launched a blog at www.pocketyourdollars.com all about saving money in every area of life.  Locally, in Minneapolis/St Paul, it has been very successful and I have been featured on local TV and am gaining credibility as a local subject matter expert.  My question is: with so many similar-type blogs nationally, how […]
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    Fear or Fearlessness?

    I just got around to downloading the photos from our trip to see my mom 2 weeks ago…..hey with twins you do what you can!  Anyhow, I was struck by this photo of them running fearlessly into the HUGE freezing ocean.  While my mom and I were chasing after them, all I could think about […]
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    Build it with Buzz…….

    Posted by Sarah Shaw | Entreprenette | Simply Sarah I am so excited! I was interviewed on the MS. CEO Radio show earlier this week. If you want to learn how I launched my first handbag line and got tons of press for myself then tune in to Build it with Buzz.
Sonali Chaturvedi a Customer
Your program is already helping me sooo much.. and I finally feel like there is a light at the end o… Read more
Sonali ChaturvediShiksona Beauty
I wanted to say thank you again to you for helping me connect with the Notanonymous showroom in NYC. I exhibited for the first time at the Accessorie Circuit show and have picked up lots of new accounts including six of the W Hotels. My sales are up over 30%. Thank you for all of the useful information that you constantly share! - Lisa Marie Todd #sarahshawconsulting #entreprenette #beyourownboss #femaleentrepenuer #femaleentrepenuerlifestyle #womaninbusiness #BossBabe #productresearch #productdevelopment #mistakeshappen #smallbizcoach #businessgoals #businessstrategy #growyourbusiness #businessplanning #momsinbusiness #mompenuers #solopenuer #entrepenuerwoman #businessbuilding #coachingbusiness #BusinessTraining #leadership #femalebusinesscoach #onlinebusinesscoach #leadersinheels #ceoofmylife #thehustleisreal #confidencecoach #productcoach ... See MoreSee Less
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Be sure your pricing is correct. Underpricing your line only hurts YOUR bottom line and your own bank account. Take into account all your COGS and try to use a 2.5% margin to get to wholesale.For more info click here to learn more about working with Sarahsarahshawconsulting.com/sarahshaw/#sarahshawconsulting #entreprenette #beyourownboss #femaleentrepenuer #femaleentrepenuerlifestyle #womaninbusiness #BossBabe #productresearch #productdevelopment #mistakeshappen #smallbizcoach #businessgoals #businessstrategy #growyourbusiness #businessplanning #momsinbusiness #mompenuers #solopenuer #entrepenuerwoman #businessbuilding #coachingbusiness #BusinessTraining #leadership #femalebusinesscoach #onlinebusinesscoach #leadersinheels #ceoofmylife #thehustleisreal #confidencecoach #productcoach ... See MoreSee Less
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Do you want to increase your credibility and become a more legitimate brand?Then it’s time to get your product into stores! When customers hear that your product is in a store, it makes your brand seem more real and more credible somehow.Getting your product into stores can be a great way to grow your business quickly, but you may not know how to go about it. That’s why I have created a FREE Masterclass on how getting into stores, pitching the media and leveraging celebrities to help grow your brand makes your world go round. I want to make sure you have all the information and tools you need to get started.The first step in getting your products into stores is creating an effective sales strategy. You need to have a clear understanding of what you are offering, who you are targeting, and the best way to reach potential buyers. This will help you create an effective pitch that will set you apart from other brands and give potential buyers confidence in your product.Once you have developed an effective sales strategy, it’s time to start reaching out to potential stores that may be interested in stocking your product. You can use online tools like Google, Yelp, or Yellow Pages to find boutiques that may be interested in carrying your product. When reaching out, make sure that you include all the necessary information they need like pricing structure, terms of sale, and the expected turnaround time for orders.Finally, don't forget about follow up! Once you've reached out with an initial email or phone call - follow up with them after a few days have passed. Establishing strong relationships with potential buyers is key when convincing them of the value of carrying your products. Following up also ensures that they remember who you are and what you offer – so don’t forget this important step when getting into stores!Let me show you exactly how to do this in my FREE Masterclass on how getting into stores, pitching the media and leveraging celebrities to help grow your brand makes your world go round.Check out my free training here: sarahshawconsulting.com/sarahshaw/XoxoSarah#sarahshawconsulting #entreprenette ... See MoreSee Less
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Are you considering pitching your products to stores? I want to show you some tips and tricks to get into as many as 20 stores per month. Wholesale can be a great way to build your brand quickly.I want to show you how to build a buyer black book so you can easily contact any store you desire.Check out this video and then book a call on this link with me so I can share how to do it.sarahshawconsulting.com/sarahshaw/❤️ Sarah#sarahshawconsulting #entreprenette #beyourownboss #femaleentrepenuer #femaleentrepenuerlifestyle #womaninbusiness #BossBabe #productresearch #productdevelopment #mistakeshappen #smallbizcoach #businessgoals #businessstrategy #growyourbusiness #businessplanning #momsinbusiness #mompenuers #solopenuer #entrepenuerwoman #businessbuilding #coachingbusiness #BusinessTraining #leadership #femalebusinesscoach #onlinebusinesscoach #leadersinheels #ceoofmylife #thehustleisreal #confidencecoach #productcoach ... See MoreSee Less
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I'm excited to have this awesome interview with Toccara Karizma!Click here to listen to the interview! toccarakarizma.com/blog/how-to-get-your-products-into-celebrity-hands/In this interview, Sarah was gracious enough to share her best tips to getting your products in celebrity hands. She breaks down her method to six simple steps any business can follow to get free celebrity endorsements.#sarahshawconsulting #entreprenette #beyourownboss #femaleentrepenuer #femaleentrepenuerlifestyle #womaninbusiness #BossBabe #productresearch #productdevelopment #mistakeshappen #smallbizcoach #businessgoals #businessstrategy #growyourbusiness #businessplanning #momsinbusiness #mompenuers #solopenuer #entrepenuerwoman #businessbuilding #coachingbusiness #BusinessTraining #leadership #femalebusinesscoach #onlinebusinesscoach #leadersinheels #ceoofmylife #thehustleisreal #confidencecoach #productcoach ... See MoreSee Less
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