Many people prefer to walk briskly or long distance for good health, but beach walking and shell collecting can be a quiet and peaceful past time for exercise and mental health Named The Smartest Beach Bag - Bring Home the Beach. Leave the Sand! Inspired by shell-collecting kids, Hello Beach darling beachcombing bags are perfect for exploring coastal shores and collecting treasures or rocks along seaside or lakes without all the mess and stench of the beach.
Vendor Contact: francene dudziec of Hello Beach | Phone: 5705105352 | Email:

Elements of Aliel is a plant based skin and body care company that focuses on helping women practice self care through skincare. All of our products are designed to make the a womans beauty routine as simple as possible.
Vendor Contact: LaKeisha Entsuah of Elements of Aliel | Phone: 215-703-8139 | Email:

The GLAM Facial Cupping System is a DIY beauty kit that’s all the rage among celebrities, beauty influencers, aestheticians & spas! By ‘exercising’ our facial muscles with cupping we improve circulation and fresh oxygenated blood flow helps deliver vital nutrients to the cupping area.These easy-to-use cups are affordable (the Kit retails for under $35), durable and fast acting; and work for anyone - regardless of age or experience, and offers remarkable benefits of this ancient modality.
Vendor Contact: Inna Lapin of LURE Essentials | Phone: 9736107895 | Email:

type:A is a new concept in aluminum-free deodorant. It's a lightweight cream that comes in a tube, swipes on like a stick and has sweat-activated technology for long-lasting odor and wetness protection. It's designed to work hard for men and women, and to last through active days, hectic travel, tough workouts ... you name it. We are available in two scents - The Visionary (leafy citrus) and The Minimalist (fragrance-free) - for $10 at, Amazon, goop, Credo and Follain.
Vendor Contact: Kate Donnelly of type:A brands | Phone: 3102000464 | Email:

Our new line of Breast Cancer bracelets called Glam Cause have a twist! They are beautiful semi precious stones while still displaying the traditional pink so you can layer them with all your other bracelets. "I want to proudly show my support in the fight against breast cancer but pink just doesn't go with this outfit!" They are also special because each one is handmade with love by a 28 year survivor and $5 from the sale of each one goes to research! Thank you!
Vendor Contact: Sandra Higgins of Serani M Designs | Phone: 6179302365 | Email:

FitVine Wine was born when friends made a pact to craft amazing wines that fit their active lifestyles. FitVine wines have less than 0.09g of sugar (that's 90% less than the average wine), 118 calories, and 3.9g of carbs (per 5oz. glass). But don’t let the word “less” fool you. FitVine wines offer rich flavor profiles and the alcohol content you’d expect from a fine wine. FitVine's 8 varietals are available online at
Vendor Contact: Stephanie Schappert of FitVine Wine | Phone: 5615432644 | Email:

A Sooth journal is more than a work surface. It’s a landscape. A self-portrait. It’s a launch pad. A treasure chest. It’s where it all started. Where the magic happens. Where dreams become reality. It’s the one dedicated place, throughout history, across the globe, where we all go to think, learn, write, sketch, plan, invent, improve and reimagine. Journals are not just for recording your life’s experiences and pearls of wisdom, but they can be life-changing.
Vendor Contact: Krit Khandelwal of Soothi | Phone: 6785220709 | Email:

Who says you can’t combine glittery jewelry with wellness aspects? Hi, My name is Linda and I am the owner/designer of Caleighs Crystals and I love to incorporate beauty with lava beads for all your essential oil needs. Not only does the glittery crystal ball make your happy endorphins go off the chart but it makes your inner beauty resonate. When we look good we feel GREAT!
Vendor Contact: Linda Button of Caleighs Crystals | Phone: 306-571-9779 | Email:

Vanessa’s Essence Natural Hair Care wants to help young girls with wavy, curly, coily and afro-textured hair to understand and love the hair that was given to them naturally. We worked with experts to develop a special a line of natural hair care products just for girls. We have added four new products to our line in the last year that hasn't been officially introduced to the public, until now.
Vendor Contact: Sabrina Kent of Vanessas Essence Natural Hair Care | Phone: 8555508720 | Email:

Liz Marino is a collection of high end essentials that seamlessly combine the comfort of activewear with feminine silhouettes allowing women on the go to transition effortlessly from day to night. Ethically made in Los Angeles. A portion for the net proceeds are donated are donated to charities promoting women’s and children’s rights, education and social services. We are made by women for women.
Vendor Contact: Lisbeth Marino of Lizmarino | Phone: 3104279365 | Email:

Preteen Girls/Ladies Disposable Period or Incontinence Panties with Velcro strips down both sides for easy removal....sizes (small-4XL)....colors (white-pink, purple,yellow)
Vendor Contact: Lisa Brown of Disposa'Wear Disposable Garments | Phone: (586) 222-1351 | Email:

We pride ourselves on providing customers with not just beauty at an affordable price but just the right amount of GLAM those pretty eyes need to pop! Giving you that bold look you may be going for. Our luxury multilayered 3D minks eyelashes can be worn up to 30 times with proper care and storage. We provide helpful tips on our social media platform to assist customers with application and cleaning.
Vendor Contact: Symone Monroe of Vixen Glam House | Phone: (562) 452-3950 | Email:

Our Mission: Crafting moisturizing, hydrating and strengthening products with clean formulations that are fragrance free, cruelty-free and safe for long-term use. Our Vision: We are crafting a leading, high-performing, cutting-edge, global beauty brand already exceeding US legislative requirements. We actively ban ingredients we feel harmful, constantly learn and evolve our methodologies, source our ingredients responsibly, and are transparent to our customers. We want you to know why we use
Vendor Contact: Angela Fields of CurlyCoilyTresses, LLC | Phone: 813-787-3658 | Email:

Our Coconut and Orange Body Scrubs are made with under six ingredients maintaining the skin's natural moisture, keep it soft and smooth. We scent our body scrubs with certified organic essentials oils of sweet orange for a invigorating citrusy aroma. Our body scrubs retails ranges from $14.00 to $25.00 and are available at Would you like a sample, if so, let me know and I will get it out to your right away! I look forward to partnering with you.
Vendor Contact: Taneisha Phillips of Earth's Organics | Phone: 7205778780 | Email:

Boutique Blended Loose Leaf Teas Healthy, real ingredients & direct farm to cup Woman owned, working direct w/ chefs around the world to use ingredients for the most natural health benefits Tea-Box, Night Night,Natural Hibiscus Energy,Cancer Cares(created with Chef Pete Ghione, of canyon Ranch Spa in the Venetian Hotel,Las Vegas), Cosmo, Wht Strawberry Champagne, Bourbon vanilla Rooibos(anti-anxiety, cholest, digestion) Weight loss,Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Crm-for a calorie free indulgence
Vendor Contact: Lisa Gennawey of Jenwey Tea Co. | Phone: 9512044894 | Email:

This light, moisturizing blend of coconut and safflower oils sparkle with subtle reflections of natural mica. The keyword is subtle-this is not body glitter. Plus, no greasy feeling - it finishes dry! Comes in 3 unscented options: -Bronze: Brings natural golden tones leaving a honey luster glow behind. -Rose Gold: Creates rich tones depositing warmth and glamour to your skin. -Opal: Great for highlighting collar bones & shoulders to give your skin a 3D effect without altering natural tones.
Vendor Contact: Amanda Arnold of The Shady Sun Tanning Co. | Phone: 9107773932 | Email:

If you can do it in a gym, you can do it with Circ-It. For many people, making time for personal health and wellness can be a real challenge. Circ-It can help increase your fitness efficiency by up to 50% immediately because we’ve designed an easy to use, multi-purpose, compact fitness tool that’s based on many years of transforming people’s lives.You'll have access to the right equipment and content anytime, anywhere! Sculpting the body of your dreams anytime, anywhere with Circ-It.
Vendor Contact: Reuben Miller of Fit Everywhere | Phone: 214-448-7440 | Email:

Our product: Menstrual Ease Cold Therapy Relief. An All-Natural, Organic and Vegan Cold Therapy Relief formula that delivers temporary relief from premenstrual and menstrual symptoms. Approximately 3-8% of women experience premenstrual symptoms severe enough to disrupt their daily function. Menstrual Ease Cold Therapy Relief will aid in relieving the symptoms associated with premenstrual or menstrual discomforts. Available: Therapeutic Soaking Tea, Deep Tissue Roll On Relief & Massage Cream
Vendor Contact: Dr Jacquelyn Hadnot of Mallie Boushaye Bath & Body Essenti | Phone: 9135939095 | Email:

ALCHEMY Skin Care is a mother/daughter company. Our back story is unique and inspiring that we built our simple, luxurious and ingredient conscious company during Cancer Treatment. From farm to face, we use nature’s highest quality plants and botanicals, choosing organic and wildcrafted. We are committed to clean green beauty. We can be trusted to never compromise by using synthetics, toxins, dyes, or fillers. Our motto is, Live your best life, toxic free. We have three amazing products.
Vendor Contact: Rebecca Adams of Alchemy Skin Care by Amanda Lane | Phone: 8477327308 | Email:

Zorica of Malibu Skin Care line was established 1997 in Malibu, California. We specialize in environmentally friendly, chemical and toxin free skin care, bath and body products and aroma therapy 100% pure perfumes.
Vendor Contact: Zorica Denton of Zorica of Malibu Skin Care | Phone: 310 738-1707 | Email:

I have a line of hand painted and hand stenciled yoga tops and tanks that can be customized as per each persons choice. I offer my customer a choice of shirt styles and colors to choose from; a choice of stencils or block prints to choose from, and a choice of colors to choose from, thus enabling the customer to create a shirt that is unique to her style, color, design and fit. The shirts are all high end and fashionable Bella and Canvas or Alternative, ranging from tank tops to long sleeves.
Vendor Contact: Laura DeBona of Mercury Rulz | Phone: 201-370-2481 | Email:

Cobalt Honey is a skincare line that highlights the benefits that honey, propolis, and royal jelly have on skin. Inspired by a love of honey bees and beauty, Cobalt Honey provides clean, effective, nourishing skincare. A portion of sales is donated to honey bee conservation.
Vendor Contact: Alycia Washington of Cobalt Honey Skincare | Email:

A new generation of approachable men’s skincare. You are never too young or too old, to start taking proper care of your face. Precision engineered, vitamin and antioxidant packed formulas that nourish, hydrate, heal, and not only reverse, but also prevent, the outward appearance of aging. Fresh, light scent, goes on quick, penetrates immediately and doesn't leave your skin oily, sticky, or heavy – just smooth & invigorated. Respect the Face™ Made in Dallas, Texas Not Tested on Animals
Vendor Contact: AMY WIENECKE of Marcus York | Phone: 2146005949 | Email:

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