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Do you often wonder what other people's strategy is for reeling in sales?  Wonder what they say or do to get customers buying their products?  Well I am always curious, so I reached out to my experts for their advice and they have some ideas for you below.

Sales was never easy for me and was never my favorite thing to do in my business.  I did enjoy Trade shows, and the face to face time with buyers, but phone sales was never really up there on top of my fav list.  Not ideal when you need to sell to survive I know!

Over the years, I tried lots of different things, but the one tactic that has worked really well for me that I want to share with you is this:  A friend went to Charlotte, NC on vacation and did a lot of shopping with friends while there. She returned and handed me about 10 business cards saying that these stores were super cute and were perfect for my Handy Hold All®.  So of course – I was all over it.  I called them up and said that my friend had given me the cards etc……and I closed 7 of them!  I realized that this totally warmed up the "cold call" and gave me a special insider position.  Well…….we continued to use that "story" over and over with all the stores we cold called and had a huge closing rate! In less than two years, we were selling to over 400 stores.

What is your secret?

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Karen says:

    Excellent pointers!!
    Truth and simplicity always seems to work!


  • Glad to be included in this group, I’ll be testing out some of these collegial sales tips this weekend!

  • Chantele says:

    Thank you Sarah….your content is so useful for a budding entrepreneur like myself!

  • Ron Wood says:

    It is always a good idea when someone comes to you to ask how or where they heard about you. This allows you to find out what part of your marketing plan is working.

  • Concise, focused and determined!

    What a great list of tips. I look forward to digesting them more later today.

    Glad to be part of the group.

  • Tasha says:

    Thanks for including me! There were some great tips-like asking for the sale. It can be so easy not to do but the most important question

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