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How to Successfully Avoid Trade Shows and Still Reach Your Buyers

How to Successfully Avoid Tradeshows and Still Reach Your BuyersTo successfully avoid Trade Shows and still reach your buyers, you need to have specific timing.

Have you ever wondered when your buyers make their purchasing decisions? Chances are, a significant portion of the buyers you are trying to reach follow Trade Show schedules and make buying decisions in sync with these events. The good news is, even if you choose not to participate in Trade Shows, you can still engage these potential buyers effectively.

To thrive in your business and align your sales with your buyers’ preferences, it’s crucial to launch your product collections slightly ahead of the Trade Shows in your industry. If you’re unsure about the Trade Shows’ timing for your specific category, a simple Google search can provide you with the necessary information, including show dates and featured seasons. For instance, gift shows typically occur in July/August and January/February, while accessory and clothing shows are usually scheduled for January, May, and August.  Magic has purchased many of the Fashion shows so check their schedules for the latest dates and cities.

Ideally, you should get your new collection in front of buyers at least two weeks prior to the start of the show. Many buyers will express interest in reviewing your catalog (or line sheet) as soon as possible, and they’ll compare your offerings with those of other exhibitors at the Trade Show.

Your primary objective should be securing orders before buyers attend the show. If that’s not possible, your follow-up game during and after the Trade Show becomes crucial.  To successfully avoid Trade Shows and still reach your buyers, it all comes down to timing.

Allow me to share a personal success story. When I initially launched my Handy Hold All® product and decided not to attend any Trade Shows, I employed this strategy and achieved remarkable results, generating $500,000 in sales within my first two years of business. Here’s how it worked:

  1. Preparation: I always had my linesheet ready and compiled lists of target stores.
  2. Early Outreach: About a month before the Trade Show, I began sending emails to these stores, informing them of my absence at the show and expressing my interest in sending them samples for review before they attended any shows.
  3. Cost-Effective Approach: I quickly realized that sending free samples to a select group of stores was far more cost-effective than participating in a Trade Show with thousands of vendors, where getting noticed was a challenge.
  4. Personalized Attention: When you’re just one of thousands of vendors at a Trade Show, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. However, when you’re the sole vendor reaching out directly to a store and offering samples, you instantly capture their attention, often resulting in orders.

So you see…. you don’t have to attend Trade Shows to reach your buyers effectively. By adopting a proactive and strategic approach, you can engage potential customers, secure orders, and grow your business without the hefty expenses associated with Trade Shows.

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Written by Sarah Shaw

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