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Are You A Goal Getter?

As you have probably guessed by now, I subscribe to MANY Many Many (ok….way to many) blogs and newsletters where I learn a lot of the new stuff that...

How to Effectively Cost Your Product

As I am speaking to more and more of you budding Entreprenettes, I realize that understanding the true cost on your product(s) is a real problem for e...

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How do I gain a loyal following?

Hi Sarah, I recently launched a blog at all about saving money in every area of life.  Locally, in Minneapolis/St Paul, it ...

6 Tips to boost sales in a down economy

Everyone I know is having a harder time with product sales these days (yes even me), but I look at it as a challenge as to how to improve sales by com...

How do I prioritize my time?

Hi Sarah, I am an entreprenette with a burning question. How do I prioritize my time? Everyday I have a million things to do but can only accomplish 4...

Anyone can launch a product and that’s a fact!

Creating products and manufacturing are second nature to me……but for many of you I know it could be a daunting and scary idea.  I want to try to ...

How Do I Get To The Decision Maker?

Hello Sarah My name is Budd Shamroth and I invented the Drain Mate. This all in one kitchen product is awesome, so I’m told. My product is ( 3 )...

Is consignment a good idea?

Dear Sarah, I have a few wholesale clients now and want to really grow the business now. How do I structure my terms? Of course I need a return polcy,...