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10 ways to turn on the green light and make your dreams come true

Do you sit around and wonder why you are not living your dream and making the kind of  money you want to be making? Are you afraid to commit to your ...

Are You A Goal Getter?

As you have probably guessed by now, I subscribe to MANY Many Many (ok….way to many) blogs and newsletters where I learn a lot of the new stuff that...

How to Effectively Cost Your Product

As I am speaking to more and more of you budding Entreprenettes, I realize that understanding the true cost on your product(s) is a real problem for e...

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How do I gain a loyal following?

Hi Sarah, I recently launched a blog at all about saving money in every area of life.  Locally, in Minneapolis/St Paul, it ...

6 Tips to boost sales in a down economy

Everyone I know is having a harder time with product sales these days (yes even me), but I look at it as a challenge as to how to improve sales by com...

How do I prioritize my time?

Hi Sarah, I am an entreprenette with a burning question. How do I prioritize my time? Everyday I have a million things to do but can only accomplish 4...

Anyone can launch a product and that’s a fact!

Creating products and manufacturing are second nature to me……but for many of you I know it could be a daunting and scary idea.  I want to try to ...

How Do I Get To The Decision Maker?

Hello Sarah My name is Budd Shamroth and I invented the Drain Mate. This all in one kitchen product is awesome, so I’m told. My product is ( 3 )...