Are you your own best advocate?

Article by Sarah Shaw

bn321022As funny as this may sound, it struck me today as I was drying my hair that we are our OWN best advocate.  I know this deep down inside but I often forget, or just don’t think about it. Note to self: Think about this every day all the time! We know our products best and should be talking about them, working them into conversations and GETTING them into the hands of potential users as often as possible.OK back to my hair – I have curly hair but really prefer straight (the grass is always greener right?) and drag out that blow dryer and products galore to get it that way.

So last weekend I held a seminar about the 10 simple steps to starting a product line and I was given a leave-in conditioner sample to try out by a woman there.  I have to say – I  was immediately suspicious when she said, “This is the best  detangler, static controller, frizz stopper you will ever try and on top of that, it has all kinds of vitamins and stuff to make your hair shiny.”  “Yeah right” I thought!  Anyhow, a week later when I realized I forgot to try it – I tried it today…… I am amazed!


She was 100% correct.  I am hooked.  I wrote her the gushiest note ever and she now has a client forever!  She took the time to hand me a sample, follow up with an email and see where it got her?


She was 100% correct.  I am hooked.  I wrote her the gushiest note ever and she now has a client forever!  She took the time to hand me a sample, follow up with an email and see where it got her?

Talking about your product (or idea if at that stage) will only help spread the word and attract new buyers.  You have the passion and commitment to make this happen more than anyone; more than your sales reps, more than your stores, more then your BFF, your significant other, and more than your mom.   If you want your hair to look as great as mine did (does?) then click here to buy her Vita Plexx.  This is a total shameless plug and she has no idea I am doing this!

Be BOLD, take action steps today to reach out to the people you are most afraid of.
Is it stores? The media?

Here are a few pointers to ATTRACT your next potential customer:

1.    Create a list of “dream stores” – Call them all and find out who the buyer is.                                        A few ways to find these stores are:

  • Magazines (online and in person)   example: Luckymag
  • Look at competitors websites and “borrow” their list.
  • Google Google Google ex:  Boutiques Denver – you will see how many retail stores come up – then call call call.
  • Trade lists with a friend in similar industry

2.    Make sure your catalogs are up to date and looking good.
3.    Stay on top of your current stores – call or email, check in from time to time to see how sales are going, make friends with the buyer.
4.    Reach out to the media.  If you don’t want to go sit in a bookstore and find the contacts yourself, you can join seeking for $20/month and they provide media lists and PR opps FREE with your membership + you get to build a little store on their website for more exposure. Awesome right?
5.    Join helpareporterout for FREE PR opps 3x  a day.
6.    Join some networking groups that cater to products or your demographic.  I like smartyla and savorthesuccess
7.    Twitter, Facebook, Linkden, etc……….
8.    Send email updates with specials from your website
9.    Offer an incentive to get them to sign up on your mailing list.  I offer 25% off on Simply Sarah
10.    TALK about it with as many people as possible all the time.

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Stephanie says:

    Great post I completley agree you have to put yourself out there. I’m very guilty of not doing that myself. Thanks for the motivation to try it again.

  • Sarah, I find this article very amusing! This was genius. Great list of tips on attracting potential customers by the way. I am woman entrepreneur myself and I’m always looking out for the best business tips there is. Glad I found this!

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