Are you in love with your blog?

are you in love with your blogAre you in love with your blog? 

That might sound like a funny question, but if you aren’t, you may find figuring out what to blog about a big bore.

Have you ever thought about a theme for your blog?  I find that once you have a theme in mind, it makes it sooooo much easier to come up with topics.   And, if you are not aware – it is super important that your target market (AKA Avatar) will like the theme that you pick.  We want her/him to be super psyched each time you write a new blog post and we want them to sit down and snuggle up to whatever you write.

We want them to DESIRE it.

If you feel in tune with your avatar, then think about topics they’d want to read and learn about.

Could be themes ranging from lifestyle, beauty, fashion, food, gardening, family related stuff, or soemthing that incorportes several topics.

Action step: Decide now and write down your blog theme:

How are you going to organize your blog?

Don’t panic. Here are some ideas and ways you can organize your blog.  I find that if I always write the in the same style all the time, that even I get bored with myself……. These ideas below can help vary the style of your blogs to keep you and your readers in love with your blog.

  1. Random blogs on topics your avatar enjoys and you like writing about based on the main theme.
  2. Themed weeks – for example: a week all about a holiday, hair care, make up, clothing, best apps, etc..
  3. Repetitive weekly blogs – for example:  If your blog is kid based, you might write about various recipes on Tues, crafts on Wed, and best kids clothing on Thurs.
  4. Interviews – This can be fun to do. I love it. You find authorities on topics you write about or personalities your avatar will relate to and record an interview.
  5. Q&A blogs – This can generate reciprocity with your readers.  They can submit questions and you provide the response.  It gives you reasons to email them. When asking to put their name in lights – they are bound to agree – who doens’t like to see their ideas used in articles?  And  and added plus is that you are not trying to sell them something.

I’d love to see your blog……send it to me.



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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Aziza says:

    I often struggle with new content for my blog as its a combination of educational consumer information about jewelry care (not just my jewelry) and promoting my actual new jewelry pieces. I hadn't considered repetitive weekly topics to blog about until now. Great ideas! Thanks Sarah! p.s. you can check out my blog at:

  • Sarah Shaw says:

    Thanks for your comment Aziza.  I hope this post helps you figure out a theme for your blog. One other quick side bar…..It's best not to blog about yourself and your products.  Create a blog that people flock to to learn about cool stuff you bring to their attention.  They can see and read all about your products on your website.



  • Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the tips Sarah! I have a new business venture and have wanted to start a related blog, but have been struggling with content. This was really helpful.

    My current blog can be found here:

  • Jacqueline says:

    I created this blog that I would love for it to look more like a website only more interesting. I am a stay-at-home mom creating an income for myself because I will be going through a divorce as soon as the money is available for me to file. So, I created this blog and worked hard on it only not hard enough and stopped working on it a year ago. I am teaching myself how to design or customize me blog to make it look the way I desire it to using Worpress since I do not have the funds to hire anyone. It has been really challenging. I have been learning through tears. Yet, I am determined. Basically, I am starting all over again. I desire to create a blog (site) that encompasses everything I can present to the world about vegan Korean cuisine, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, you name it. I know this is something that isn't widely known, yet it is starting to come about since more and more people are into Korean everything due to Kdramas and Kpop. My blog is at I am so glad that I received this post.

    • Sarah Shaw says:

      Jacqueline – I am sorry you are going through a tough time in your life, but overjoyed to see you taking your OWN steps to make it better.



  • Thank you for the tips Sarah.  My blog is brand new and the biggest lesson I've learned so far is that my ideal reader is not necessarily me!  The blogs and articles that I enjoy reading are not what my ideal reader and potential customer of my handmade products will enjoy reading.  I have been trying to really sit down and think about what she would be excited to read.

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