Anyone can launch a product and that’s a fact!

shhhCreating products and manufacturing are second nature to me……but for many of you I know it could be a daunting and scary idea.  I want to try to level the playing field a bit for us.  I was where you are over 12 years ago.  I didn’t have a clue (maybe you do) and didn’t want anyone to know about my secret desire to launch this handbag line.  Honestly – I might have thought I was fooling myself too! I didn’t know the first thing about handbags, I don’t draw and all I had was this idea for ONE bag.

But as time went by and I worked really hard, learned from all my mistakes (always the hard way) and persevered through all the moments I wanted to quit, in the end I found my passion and what really made my mind work wonders at what it was meant for.  Sure, while I had my day job, I could also run my costume department blindfolded too, but it didn’t make my heart swell with pride, nor my brain work overtime.

Since I have been my own boss, I have found that my brain naturally wants to problem solve and actually thrives on it.  I love a challenge and perhaps that is what helped me stay so focused and determined though out my learning curve years.  Even today I can’t keep my mind from leaping to suggestions and new ideas for everyone.

journal setMy friends joke that they never come to see me without a pad and pen because they always leave with tons of ideas and sources.  I think my brain learned to think differently once I was a full time problem solver!!

Of course now, what I love more than anything is to problem solve for YOU!  I love coming up with ways you can fill out your line, give a few pointers that can change your margins, suggest a quick fix that makes it sell better, and that I can SEE AHEAD and let you know what to anticipate and how to solve those issues.

So this is what I want to get across to you: Creating a product, or a line of products is FUN!  Let your imagination run wild. Don’t get bogged down by wondering how you are going to get it made, or how much it will cost.  Dream BIG and then we can figure out the rest later.  It doesn’t cost as much as you think to launch a product line…….

Maybe you have a pair of jeans that you think would fit better if you just did so-and-so to it, or a cosmetic bag that just is just missing the xyz to make it perfect, or you have the idea for the perfect carry-on clear bag…….I know that I think about lots of “things” in my life that I wish were slightly different/better…….MANY IDEAS are created out of reworking an existing item or building on it to make it better, faster, more user friendly – whatever you feel would make it sell better.

Perhaps you are a life coach or holistic practitioner who has always dreamed of creating a product to compliment your business……a special journal and pen set, a meditation candle or pillow, but never knew how to go about it so just put the thought aside.

Try to notice the things in your life that you like but wish was tweeked so you LOVED it.  Write them all down and at the end of the week, you’ll be surprised as to how many things you want to change that you already own. It just takes a little confidence, passion and the desire to make it happen.

Anyone can launch a product and that’s a fact!

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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