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What is the most cost effective marketing tactic?

Dear Sarah,
What is the most cost effective marketing tactic? How can I recruit someone who promotes my products but is paid strictly on performance? AND how do I entice sales professionals to work on commission only?
I need help in many areas but don’t have enough capital to hire someone for a salary..

Thanks – Jennifer Sinclair

Hi Jennifer,
I checked out your website and your products look super luxe!  Try putting a few of these ideas to work and let’s see what you can do.

Cost effective marketing can be done through simple email. You can use online servers like to help you facilitate and avoid spam. Just start writing to your subscribers like you do your best friend and get them to trust you – people buy from those they trust.  Give cool tips that you find along the way about random things – like you do to your best girlfriend or your sister – or even how bamboo is viewed as a special product and  how the footprint is better for the world etc..
Then when you hit them with a “buy this now” email, they will feel better about buying from you.  It seems from your website that your biggest customers are retail outlets so if that is the case then try sending a few helpful selling tips or something useful they can tell their customers about products made from bamboo.

As far as people to promote or sell for commission only – sounds like you are looking for sales reps. They usually work on commission only – except if you are part of a larger co-op showroom in one of the major markets like NY, LA, Dallas or Atlanta – where they will ask you for monthly rent. If you want to start small and seek out independent reps then check out  You can post an ad there for about $30 – I have had good luck there over the years. Be sure to ask for at least 3 current references before choosing a sales rep.  I’d also suggest your ad being very specific about the type of stores you want them to service like spas, hotels, etc..

One more piece of advice – add some stuff from your blog to the homepage of your website and talk up the benefits and fabulousness of bamboo products – let your customers know right away how awesome they are and that they are in the right place!

Good luck!

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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