5 quick ways to find new wholesale accounts

As each month rolls along, I am sure you are aware of constantly filling the pipe line with new stores right?  But how to find them can be a burden and take a lot of time…….right again?  But at the same time, we all know your annual sales depend on new accounts coming in monthly, and if you are determined to really build your company this year, you need to take some gigantic steps!

Here are a few fast tips to help you build your dream store list.

  1. Check out (clothing, accessories, shoes) websites who you feel sell to the same stores your product should be in.
  2. Find out where your target market lives.  The object is to find stores in those areas. If you sell something related to tennis, then google all the tennis clubs around the globe.  If you sell high end baby items, then your google search might be for high end baby stores in specific cities where income levels match those of your target market.
  3. Find new friends you can trade lists with.  Find forums related to your product or post on my Facebook page and ask if anyone sells to your target market and wants to trade lists.
  4. Scour the magazines your target market reads and make lists of the stores you find in there.
  5. Get popular blogs to write about you or have them host a give-away as many buyers search blogs for new lines.

What other tips can you share that work for you?

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Hi! I find I am constantly seeking quality sales representation. I would like to know how to successfully find, train and keep good help?!! Thanks!

  • Barbe says:

    Good tips, but how does one approach a store or boutique outside their area? I recently moved to a very small, very economically depressed area where my jewelry will not sell. Since I am not able to make any money here, I need to find ways to approach stores elsewhere that would be a good fit for me.

  • Good tips, thank you Sarah. I also agree with Sandra. How do you find quality sales reps that have established relationships with the right stores for your target market? I have been through a couple different sales reps that have not worked out for one reason or another.

  • Mylah Stanton says:

    I am starting an online baby boutique and am looking for hand-crafted baby items, unique baby apparel, Christian/Scripture onesies, bibs, etc. Where do you suggest I start looking? Should I attend trade shows? I guess I’m on the opposite end of your previous posters.



  • Sarah Shaw says:

    Hi Ladies – thanks for your comments. Check out this link on my blog and check out past posts on Sales Reps….see if anything there answers your questions.
    For new reps – have you tried greatrep.com? I have found many great reps there!

  • Cheryl Dade says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I have an awesome product(cosmetic), that I would like to create, develop and distribute. Have been in this industry for over 30 years, and have a product to fill a long awaited void.
    I really need help with just how do I get started and actually execute without getting taken advantage of. Could you give me a few tips?
    Thank you so very much

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