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Pushy PR?

Dear Sarah,

If you’ve had a placement in a magazine, how long should you wait until you approach the magazine again?  Should you continue to pitch them as long as you have noteworthy news or product updates?

Thanks in advance,

Erika Deady-Wohlers    Tutu Pour Mon Deux

I say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I’d never stop contacting the media if you have new products or some fabulous news about your company.   But, that said, fabulous news can vary so it also depends on which media outlets you are contacting with certain news items. If you have celebrity news, most major fashion magazines and weeklies will be interested in updates, as are some newspapers and blogs. But if it is more “business” type news about investors, or an exceptionally huge growth story, then perhaps WWD, Entrepreneur Magazine and newspapers might be more apt to write about that type of good news.
I like to try to “create news” whenever possible, so I advise you to be looking for some new opportunity to pitch at every turn.
Good luck – you have great PR so far.
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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for sharing this! Particularly, the part about business type news about investors and your contact! Merry Christmas! Lana

  • Erika—
    Looks like you’ve been very successful with top press.
    My advice (after 25+ years as a benevolent PR guy):
    1) Don’t pitch
    2) Find out as much as you can about the writer/editor
    3) Take the time to suggest a story idea that is highly relevant to what they cover
    4) Beyond shilling your own product– include info/hyperlinks to other products/sites that might fit into a roundup story– (e.g. in your case: What’s in your 6 yr old daughter’s closet? Cute Clothes for Cute Kids, Twin Apparel for Individual Personalities, Mompreneurs who give back)
    5) If you have expertise— suggest they put you on their source list for specific topics

    Last but not least offer to help and deliver on your promises.
    Look forward to reading more about Tutu Pour Mon Deux
    Bonne chance!

  • Sarah baldwin says:

    Thanks for more great tips – there are days when I feel like I’m writing Santa – like you, I’m not giving up! Ho, Ho, Ho – Too many sleepless women (especially in the US;)

    Goodnighties is the perfect gift for the season! 100% made in the USA too!
    Happy Holidays to you and your adorable girls! Here’s to a prosperous 2012 😉

  • I agree with Sarah. Stay in touch with the media in a meaningful way. There are ways to do this without always pitching your business. When you do get that coveted ink, send a thank you note and invite the reporter or editor to contact you if there’s an opportunity for you to help them with a future story. Got a knack for spotting trends? Read something that would be of interest to your contact? That’s an opportunity to reach out, offer something valuable and subtly remind your contact of you. Did they write something that left an impression on you? Send them a note or leave a comment on their article with your thoughts. When you have news of your own to share, they’ll be more likely to remember how you helped them and they’ll be more willing to help you.

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