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picture-1I just have to blow the horn for this awesome company. We just got the Safe Sippy™ cups for our 18 month old twins and they LOVE them. But most of all what I love is that they don’t leak or drip. We have tried countless brands – big famous ones – and they all leak or drip when the turn them over. And these look super mod.  How awesome is this?

Christina Aguilera with The Safe Sippy!girls

Kid Basix created The Safe Sippy™ drink cup in response to parents’ growing concerns about Bisphenol A and other harmful chemicals present in many plastic bottles. Now, we have expanded the “Safe” brand to include The Safe Starter™ stainless steel baby bottle and The Safe Sporter™ sports bottles to provide safe, reusable drink ware for the entire family.

 Christina Aguilera with The Safe Sippy!

Why go stainless when so many BPA-free plastic bottles are available now? We can give you 300 billion reasons. That’s the approximate number of plastic water bottles discarded around the world every year. Enough to power 12 million cars for an entire year. And that’s just the water bottles! It doesn’t include all the plastic bottles used for sodas, sports drinks, fruit juices and the like. All told, the plastic bottles we throw away each year would reach to the moon and back – 1500 times. So using reusable stainless steel bottles makes sense on every level: personal, local and global.

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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