129 Ways to Manage your Time?

Wow – this has been such a blast to read! I have this discussion with just about every client….and it often comes up on my Ask Sarah calls……and constantly with friends and colleagues. Are we running out of time? Feels like it to all of us at some point I’m sure! As much as I rely on my schedule running like clockwork, we can all get distracted. I have taken a liking to my Google calendar as I can share it with my assistant who feels free (I begged her to order me around) to post things I need to do that I don’t even know about…..Guest blogs I am suppose to write, interviews she schedules, my twins doctor appointments etc… and this awesome reminder pops up and gives me a 10 minute warning!

I am sure you can find some fabulous time saving tips and tricks from my 129 Entreprenette Experts who so generously gave a few moments of their precious time to help you out.

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Time Management Tip: Place a value or dollar amount on your time. I can simplify it and say our time is priceless. As a former senior military manage and leader time is one of our greatest assest in being successful in any career. What work for me was creating a to do list and sticking to it. Emails and phone calls will consume your time, so check those at the end of the day. Open door policy is great for employees to see you, limit this time to Friday afternoons. Be on time and respect others time is a characteristics of a great leader.

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  • Tom says:

    These are great ideas, but the title is misldeading, so many people had the same tip. It would have been much more valuable for readers if someone took the time to go through and take out the redundant tips.

  • Sarah Shaw says:


    We decided to keep in some of the redundant ones as we felt those were useful tips that skimmers might miss and catch further down the list. Believe me……we had to pass on about 50 more!

    Thanks for your note,
    Lucy (editor)

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  • Wow Sarah,

    I had to blog about this list! After reading these tips I was able to say no to my husband in a way that was compelling for both of us. We have even decided to use some of these tips to take our business to the next level. Thanks so much!

  • June says:

    I really enjoy this gazette. I am a life coach and find your ideas very helpful in my life and business world.

    I have several ezine articles that may be of interest to readers, if you would care to google me.

    June Steed

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  • All great tips! Organization is key when you own a business, have a family or a demanding job. You definitely need to work smarter, not harder to get things done in order to enjoy life. Thanks for the tips!

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