129 Ways to Manage your Time?

Wow – this has been such a blast to read! I have this discussion with just about every client….and it often comes up on my Ask Sarah calls……and constantly with friends and colleagues. Are we running out of time? Feels like it to all of us at some point I’m sure! As much as I rely on my schedule running like clockwork, we can all get distracted. I have taken a liking to my Google calendar as I can share it with my assistant who feels free (I begged her to order me around) to post things I need to do that I don’t even know about…..Guest blogs I am suppose to write, interviews she schedules, my twins doctor appointments etc… and this awesome reminder pops up and gives me a 10 minute warning!

I am sure you can find some fabulous time saving tips and tricks from my 129 Entreprenette Experts who so generously gave a few moments of their precious time to help you out.

Nipple covers reimagined - Bra in a Box Nipcos come in a chic travel compact that allows for storage and portability like no other brand. Nipcos can be stuck directly onto the interior of the case preserving their shape and adhesive. Nipcos are the perfect fashion accessory for weddings, formal events, backless tops, bathing suits, yoga apparel and with any and all everyday garments for the ultimate nipple coverage and bra-free comfort.
Vendor Contact: Phoebe Horak of Bra in a Box | Phone: 2158838690 | Email:

BEATRICE HOLIDAY is a Los Angeles brand, specializing in jewelry and accessories made from REPURPOSED BICYCLE PARTS (Innertubes. Chains. Spokes.) We are an environmentally conscious brand with a mission of "Making Fashion Your Compassion". The innertube in particular is an amazing alternative to leather making it an instant favorite among customers who love leather but, have adopted a vegan or sustainable lifestyle.
Vendor Contact: ALiSUN Franson of BEATRICE HOLIDAY | Phone: 7207716479 | Email:

Our T SUIT swimmable coverup is great for your vacation at the beach, by the pool, wearing during water sports and with the kids at the the water park. Who can wear this? Absolutely anyone who wants to feel confident and comfortable regardless of size or age this will Fit you to a T! Swimmable and sexy, all in one. You can choose from the T SUIT Top or Dress. Designed with fabulous fabric and the fit in mind.Quick drying, giving you freedom to wear in and out of the water.
Vendor Contact: Denise Cesare of T SUIT Fits Every Body To A T | Phone: 917-751-6897 | Email:

Line 1: fun kitten earrings, enamel on french hook earring, sterling silver, kitten charm is enamel. I sell this pair for $8 Line 2: turtle cord sliding knot bracelet. This bracelet is made with beading cord, and has a cute 14k gold plated turtle charm. The closure is a sliding knot. I sell these for $8 Line 3 : genuine saphire and garnet stones. Simple drop earrings, on 14k gold filled french hook earrings, I sell these for $12 Line 4: 14k gold filled elephant earrings, $12
Vendor Contact: Marianne Tonelli of Felting Unicorn | Phone: 7408162017 | Email:

Aloha my product/ creations are called Organite bracelets, which not only a beautiful accessories but EMF protection for your body against EMF damages, filled with diff metals, gems/crystals
Vendor Contact: Felisa Agbayani of Moe's Bath & Beauty | Phone: 8088680341 | Email:

Jayne & Jane -a canna-couture Jewelry line of quality gemstones, wrapped in sterling silver and 14kt gold-plated with adornments of charms is exclusively designed and presented by Living Emerald Jayne. Our collections are inspired by both “women” Jayne being bold, trendy, out there, and Jane is classic, poised and minimalistic. Conversational and Consciously Chic, Jayne & Jane is currently focused for target availability in select boutiques and studios across the country and Canada.
Vendor Contact: Patrice Clark | Phone: 6025271154 | Email:

White Orchid Studio creates bespoke necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Artisan findings of gold and silver combine with gems from around the world to honor artistic inspirations provided by orchids, gardens, and fine fabrics. A catalog is available upon request. site have tried to load pics 3 times to no avail. site shows all as does our catalog. Please inquire. thanks
Vendor Contact: Peggy Herrman of White Orchid Studio | Phone: 7062071490 | Email:

At mkw design co, we specialize in designing + creating minimalist fashion jewelry with a cheerful pop of color. Our newest collection (not released to the public yet), features lightweight teardrop hoop earrings, simple but on trend, rich-toned necklaces, & colorful stacking bracelets to create a cohesive and consistent look. All of our jewelry is made in Texas and $1 of each sale benefits local animal rescue groups that work tirelessly to find homes for shelter dogs & cats.
Vendor Contact: Mary Wood of mkw design co. | Phone: 903-424-9355 | Email:

Luni is a contemporary jewelry and curated home goods company made for modern Diosas. Taking inspiration from Fashion and Cultural Anthropology, I create jewelry that helps bring out your unique essence and expression. Our mission at Luni is to bring back feminine power through jewelry that is inspired by esoteric symbolism originating from our ancestors.
Vendor Contact: Lorenia Henriquez of Luni | Phone: 9174287841 | Email:

In fashion as in history, it's all about the details and embellishments. Inspired by the storytelling of bygone days and intricate weaving of tales, Good Girls Studio repurposes the past into present day fashion. With classic wit and whimsy, vintage artifacts are transformed into signature pieces of jewelry; each creation a glimpse into the lives of an array of women.
Vendor Contact: Johanna Ely of Good Girls Studio | Phone: 9196690561 | Email:

Certified women owned, zip my dress® is the zipper assistant designed specifically for the invisible zippers, as well as any other zipper on the market. zip my dress® is a useful tool to carry for any women on the go or traveling. And it's the perfect gift for the women traveling alone. We had our biggest sales season to date, including a feature on GMA that moved more than $25k in inventory in a day.
Vendor Contact: Peter Bresnahan of zip my dress® | Phone: 978-463-0154 x 1004 | Email:

Cool Me Scarf, a conservative fashion scarf that discreetly holds a cooling pack at the back of the neck. Specifically for the peri-menopause, menopause or medical conditions. Women can combat hot flashes and feel cool, without drawing attention to themselves. No freezing, no wetting, no waiting. Instant cooling. Carry it in your purse, ready to use. 100% moisture wicking, silky-smooth, Lyocell, deep sea blue - like jeans, goes with everything, machine wash.
Vendor Contact: Lisa Hayes of Hugg Company LLC | Phone: 2033142441 | Email:

Cool Me Scarf, a conservative fashion scarf that discreetly holds a cooling pack at the back of the neck. Specifically for the peri-menopause, menopause or medical conditions. Women can combat hot flashes and feel cool, without drawing attention to themselves. No freezing, no wetting, no waiting. Instant cooling. Carry it in your purse, ready to use. 100% moisture wicking, silky-smooth, Lyocell, deep sea blue - like jeans, goes with everything, machine wash.
Vendor Contact: Lisa Hayes of Hugg Company LLC | Phone: 2033142441 | Email:

DREAM MASK $250-275 Dear Janine, Congratulations on your new store! My luxury sleep mask might be a good fit. It is designed to bring luxury, comfort, and elegance to the sleep experience, whether in transit or at home. We offer the glamour of yesteryear with advanced design techniques resulting in a sleep mask that is as beautiful as it is innovative. Wholesale Line Sheet:
Vendor Contact: Catherine Holtz of The Art of Alchemy | Phone: 1 201 492 3523 | Email:

Hello, I'm Michelle, founder of Bangle & Band. I design bangles for people who wear hair elastics on their wrists and sigh over the unsightly aesthetic and loss of circulation.
Vendor Contact: Michelle Maltbia of Bangle & Band | Phone: 2135408152 | Email:

Swag in every step. 100% Italian leather, suede and textiles made with 100% Italian craftsmanship. Free shipping to EU, UK and USA. Unique and exclusive designs from my ankle boot campaign. Many different designs available including heels, flats and casuals. Includes premium packaging. Bulk savings available. Promotional pairs available by request with manufacturing fee.
Vendor Contact: Jodie Barrial of Jeaux for | Phone: 9852491404 | Email:

All handmade jewelry original designs including unique faux nose cuffs, ear cuffs, rings, and healing crystal/ stone (dangle and studs) earrings. long feather/suede earrings. Gold plated chains with wire wrapped stone rings. Wire wrapped rings with and w/o stones. Working on headpieces and festival inspired accessories Prices ranging from $10-$50
Vendor Contact: Tijahnni Newton of Tijahnnni Los Angeles | Phone: 5625054134 | Email:

{dk} designs is a bespoke line of jewelry. informed by traditional metalsmithing techniques and 10 years of jewelry-making experience, the {dk} collection highlights the beauty in the imperfect. {dk} pieces are cre­ated in fine & ster­ling sil­ver, gold and gem­stones. the work is organic in design and original. dani's work has been featured on television shows ~ Stitchers, Riverdale, God Friended Me & MacGyver. link to line sheets - thank you dani
Vendor Contact: dani keith of {dani keith designs} | Phone: 3365490288 | Email:

Obscura™ is luxury wearable art accessories. I create all my designs from my own photographs taken on my travels around the world. They are reflections of nature and the world around us and show us how stunningly beautiful life really is when you take a moment to see and how unapologetically extraordinary nature is in her bold exquisiteness. Obscura is about expressing yourself with color and beauty. Obscura is made with only100% natural fiber fabrics. Live Love, Love Life!
Vendor Contact: Julie Gardner of Obscura Arts LLC | Phone: 3107353198 | Email:

CocoRoo is an all natural & organic skin care brand made in the USA with love, integrity & care & certified woman owned. A wonderful addition to your boutique. At CocoRoo we believe what we put ON our body is just as important as what we put IN our body. That is why we do not add any chemicals. We have carefully selected each ingredient & are proud of our simple, yet effective, ingredient list - every ingredient is edible! All of our products are all vegan friendly & cruelty free.
Vendor Contact: Jill Howarth of CocoRoo Natural Skin Care | Phone: 6602273404 | Email:

Fairytale-like Accessories for all ages! Prices Range from $12.00- $80.00
Vendor Contact: Angie Brandon of Angela Candella | Phone: 724-710-5800 | Email:

"Jewelry is the way that we decorate our personality" ~Lisa Beth All of our jewelry is handcrafted and designed by Lisa Beth using genuine gemstone and semi precious stones as well as shell and crystal & high quality hardware. We have numerous styles of bracelets & necklaces for both men and women as well as earrings and anklets for her. The images attached Moon Chokers $55 Retail Various Women's bracelets $35 Retail Dangle & Drop earrings $80 Retail Double Rainbow necklace $125 Retail
Vendor Contact: Lisa Goodrich of Lde Affinity Jewelry | Phone: 8183989887 | Email:

My jewelry represents a progression of my spiritual growth. All the tools that have helped me on my spiritual path I now make available to my growing supporters. My pendants are a combination of crystals, eco-friendly resin and plant/flowers. Resin to fuse Intention to ignite Love to resonate
Vendor Contact: Lanee Bradshaw of NeeTure | Phone: 7707449504 | Email:

I specialize in creating unique fashionable handbags that stand out. I call them conversation starters. No handbags are the same.
Vendor Contact: Haley Hustles of HaleyHustles | Phone: 7133448182 | Email:

Hot Rocks Scent Therapy Jewelry is an LA based, female-run company. All of our pieces incorporate eco-friendly Lava into the designs to be utilized as a scent diffuser. The idea was originally formed as a way to save the designer's sensitive skin while extending the life of the fragrance. We carry several amazing Hot Scent Oils to accompany our pieces. Our popular Mantra Bracelet line and our many statement necklaces have been the cornerstone of our brand for several years.
Vendor Contact: Jackie Shapiro of HOT ROCKS | Phone: 2139253878 | Email:

We sell the most amazing hair ties they won’t dent your hair, they are comfortable to wear, come in almost 100 colors/ assortment always changing/ great for all ages and hair types/ Large enough to wear as a bracelet! Haikey started the business at age 11 as a charity give back project and is now only 17 and a high school senior!
Vendor Contact: Nanci Stern of Haileyshairelastics | Phone: 5619317583 | Email:

While most people know Gypsies + Debutantes as a handbag and jewelry company, our newest accessories are hair clips made from vintage, hand set Swarovski and Austrian Crystals. Clips have teeth and a strong grip to prevent slipping on all hair types. Clips come in three lengths and are mostly one of a kind due to the vintage nature of the stones. Our handbags are made from the recycled blouses of indigenous Maya women. These same women weave the bases for our embellished friendship bracelets.
Vendor Contact: Lana Soussan of Gypsies + Debutantes | Phone: 617-953-4141 | Email:

We are bringing sexy back literally and figuratively. We believe that women intimately connected to their feminine beauty ignites the power within and those around her. Our design focuses on showing off women's backs. We have a unique bra line with interchangeable bra backs that connect with bra cups. Instead of hiding the bra, we turned bras into back accessories. We also have open back tops and dresses (some of them not on the website). The website does not show all the new products for 2020
Vendor Contact: Leah Milan of BKCESSORIES | Phone: 8184974980 | Email:

Vendor Contact: deirdre shapiro of Oh Snap! EarringBacks | Phone: 6107161420 | Email:

My Spring/Summer line consists of 2 collections: The Sweet Pea Collection and the Ombre Rose Collection. The Sweet Pea Collection features necklaces, bracelets and earrings woven from matte pastel rings and the Ombre Rose collection is a set of bold coloured cuffs with simple stud earrings to match. These pieces are all colourful, lightweight jewelry that are perfect for everyday wear. They are all handwoven out of anodized aluminum rings and run from $15 CAD to $60 CAD MSRP.
Vendor Contact: Emry Mika of Arishae Creations | Phone: 2502625607 | Email:

VIVRE Couture was founded to create the most unique one of a kind garments and accessories for those who dare to be different. The couture canvas gowns fitted to each individual client are lined with quality fabrics, finished with a beautiful zipper, and 100% hand-painted. No two dresses or accessories are ever alike. The hand bags and bow ties are non size specific and two of our top selling products.
Vendor Contact: Kristen Alyce of VIVRE Couture | Phone: 2019190388 | Email:

My pieces are all handcrafted in New York with high quality materials. Some of the pieces have feminist themes, such as the Gentlewoman's Agreement and Oeuf Earrings. My jewelry is priced $85-$195. You may view the full collection at
Vendor Contact: Emily Li Mandri of MLE | Phone: 9738968983 | Email:

I craft one of a kind Pagan and Spiritual designed earrings, jewelry and accessories. a few of the styles can be worn as one or as a pair.
Vendor Contact: Athena Dugan of Earth'sEnergies | Phone: 215-878-0562 | Email:

MARCO BAGA is an accessory brand based out of Brooklyn, New York. Each one of our products is crafted by hand. Our leather and suede carefully chosen, each bag thoroughly stitched, our ideas nourished and brought to life. We stand by economically sustainable and ethical business practices. The average price is $450 with starting point of $125 going up to $1550. Our bestseller is Horsie, which is available in variety of colors, $150-$195 retail. Florida necklace and clutch are $150 each.
Vendor Contact: Marina Gil-Lemesheva of MARCO BAGA STUDIO LLC | Phone: 6316919887 | Email:

Hello, I want to start by saying thank you for this great opportunity. ETS Bold Creations began with just a passion for creating Jewelry. I want women to feel bold and free; which is my brands motto. Each Jewelry collection is made of different material creating individual unique items. The mission is to empower women with every Jewelry design. For a linesheet send email. Thanks you, Erica Smith * WHOLESALE$ Spike Bracelet Bestseller $4 Red Necklace $6 Spike Necklace $6 Green Earrings $3
Vendor Contact: Erica Smith of Erica T Smith Bold Creations | Phone: 2677739931 | Email:

We are sisters who love designing jewelry pieces in a variety of styles and colors for several occasions. Most of our jewelry designs are made up of various semi-precious stones and crystals. The prices of our handmade jewelry items range from $10.00 to $110.00.
Vendor Contact: Angela and Shelley Roberts of AngieShel Designs, LLC | Phone: 973-986-8051 | Email:

Margosia is a line of handmade, affordable luxury jewelry. Focusing on the magic of the ocean, pieces feature pearls, glass water-drop beads, found driftwood, and gold-filled chain and wire. We use only high quality materials that don’t tarnish, so you never have to take them off! *Disclaimer: I don’t have a website for my jewelry line yet so I have provided my artist site. Also, I know the photos are dreadful! Haven’t done a proper shoot yet.
Vendor Contact: Maggie Lochtenberg of Margosia | Phone: 3105039669 | Email:

Afghan born Canadian fashion designer who works from her design studio in Az, USA. She has participated in numerous fashion shows in Canada, US and most recently in India’s runway platforms. Our current collection of earrings are created targeting urban women catering to the need of latest fashion & trends so as to make our customers feel confident at affordable prices. Price Range for Collection: $80 - $225
Vendor Contact: Nazila Sawhney of Nazila Couture | Phone: 0016024789019 | Email:

Born of a love and appreciation of jewelry and women, Subsensuals was started a little over six years ago when a Domme approached Helaine wanting a product to simulate piercing the nipples without the commitment or fear of damage to the breast. This idea became the brainchild and baby for Helaine. It sparked the revolutionary patented magnetic enclosure that has become the cornerstone for the sensory jewelry line that now carries styles suitable for both the nipples and clit.
Vendor Contact: Helaine Katz of Subsensuals | Phone: 516-884-8050 | Email:

Lori Meehan, metalsmith & designer behind LMM Design, creates handcrafted jewelry using modern & ancient techniques. Finding inspiration in nature & geometry, she works in 24k gold, silver, fine silver & gemstones. Images included are from my Geometry Collection. I love taking a basic shape or form & creating patterns & designs with it. Many of my designs will start from something that inspired me during a walk in our woods or an architectural element.Featured in CT Mag & Handmade Business Mag.
Vendor Contact: Lori Meehan of LMM Design | Phone: 9147201479 | Email:

Design by Tangee is a collection of hand-crafted accessories. My aesthetic is organic modern. I love to add elements of nature in my work, be it natural stones like bone, wood and horn or earth tone hues. These elements allow me to create timeless, classic pieces to be worn season after season. Images attached - leather & bone ear wire $48, leather knot cuff $130 and leather & bone crescent necklace $120 Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you. Tangee
Vendor Contact: Tangee Pritchett of Tangee Inc | Phone: 773-955-5175 | Email:

Nkijastyle is a line of hand curated clutches and purses made with high-end silk, velvet, brocade and jute fabrics. They are hand embellished with elegant beads, diamonds, pearls and other embroideries. We manufacture our purses in India. We are also introducing our new line of elegant fashion jewelry with stones, metals, pearls and crystals. All our material is nickel free and we take guarantee for all our polishes.
Vendor Contact: Nehali Dhutia of Nkija | Phone: 630-415-6486 | Email:

In Andrea Designs, you will find luxury handmade items as scarves, shawls, hats, fingerless gloves and other accessories. Using the old techniques of knitting, crocheting and weaving to create the fabric, with luxury fibers and handmade jewelry. My style is Boho Chic. The bracelets are made with beads, leather, nylon cord and/or wire. Some of them are stretch bracelets, others are kumihimo knitted, wrap memory wired, and/or macramé style. The prices run between $30 to $40.
Vendor Contact: Andrea Wagner of Andrea Designs LLC | Phone: 8129321202 | Email:

We are a Miami based art & fashion design company. Our main product is our story-telling silk scarf, which has two other variations Twilly and Maxi Twilly (please refer to our website). Our main focus is on quality and unique motifs in our creation with the aim to produce timeless and classic accessories to complement any outfit. Our scarfs comes in high quality boxes that can be used for the scarf preservation.
Vendor Contact: Elnaz Torabi of Elnaz & Mario Designs Inc. | Phone: 786 865 8888 | Email:

MIKING is pleased to present its 2020 collection of elegant round and baroque pearls, each piece handmade in the United States (MN) stands out with the fashionable wardrobe in this season. The selected collection PRADERA is inspired by the reflection of the sun in the fields of Minessota contrasting the vertical meadow with the tall and long trees that move with the rains and winds.
Vendor Contact: Miluska Rigert of MIKING LLC | Phone: 6122007356 | Email:

I'm presenting a collection with 3 pieces: a cuff, a ring and earrings. All the pieces are 18 K gold plated brass and very very light weighted. The pictures I’m attaching are the computerized pictures. But I have the pieces ready and I can send the pictures later.
Vendor Contact: Parmida Mahboub of Jouel Bar | Phone: 7864617944 | Email:

Beautiful and unique floral phone cases designed with fine art pictures from Central Park, NY. • Protects phone from scratches, dust, oil, and dirt. • Easy to take on and off • Hybrid Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and Polycarbonate (PC) material • Solid polycarbonate back • Flexible and see-through polyurethane sides • Precisely aligned port openings • 0.5 mm raised bezel • available for all iphone & samsung cases Wholesale price: $19.50 Retail price: $39
Vendor Contact: Menen Hailu of Menen Pictures Shop | Phone: 3477440629 | Email:

Beautiful scarves designed with pictures from Central Park, NY; the perfect way to dress up any outfit. 26" x 26" Made from pure silk. Printed and sewn by hand. Vivid print that will never fade after washing Wholesale price:$40 Retail price: $80
Vendor Contact: Menen Hailu of Menen Pictures Shop | Phone: 3477440629 | Email:

Calypso’s Island® is a brand celebrated for its island inspiration and high quality materials, born from our love of the Virgin Islands and inspired by all of those sparkling little gems dotted throughout the Caribbean Ocean. We believe in the power of nature and that we are all a part of its amazing simplicity and splendor. Our use of semi-precious stones are intended to enliven ones senses by connecting the wearer directly with the energy of the stones.
Vendor Contact: Audrey Dalessandro of Calypso's Island | Phone: 954-372-6970 | Email:

The Abisola belt is a statement belt for an extra edge to any outfit. It is made out of Aso-oke fabric, a hand-woven cloth created out of threads and made with love in West Africa.
Vendor Contact: Olamide Danso of Abena-Danso Nig Enterprises | Phone: +2348023421551 | Email:

MILLIANNA is the creation of Sharmilla Persaud and Arianna Brooke. Friends since 1995, they met while working at BCBG Max Azria, where Sharmilla worked in design and Arianna worked in the marketing department. Each MILLIANNA piece is intricately handmade by skilled artisans in Spokane, WA, many of whom came through Spokane World Relief, and organization that helps resettle refugees. We are known for our intricate weaves, sophisticated color palettes and our Python skin magnetic closures.
Vendor Contact: Arianna Brooke of MILLIANNA | Phone: 4155058507 | Email:

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Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Time Management Tip: Place a value or dollar amount on your time. I can simplify it and say our time is priceless. As a former senior military manage and leader time is one of our greatest assest in being successful in any career. What work for me was creating a to do list and sticking to it. Emails and phone calls will consume your time, so check those at the end of the day. Open door policy is great for employees to see you, limit this time to Friday afternoons. Be on time and respect others time is a characteristics of a great leader.

  • […] — in an article on time management in “The Entreprenette Gazette”. The article is “129 ways to manage your time?” and mine is listed at 112 — what? I know this is not related to Give Me 10! unless my goal is […]

  • Tom says:

    These are great ideas, but the title is misldeading, so many people had the same tip. It would have been much more valuable for readers if someone took the time to go through and take out the redundant tips.

  • Sarah Shaw says:


    We decided to keep in some of the redundant ones as we felt those were useful tips that skimmers might miss and catch further down the list. Believe me……we had to pass on about 50 more!

    Thanks for your note,
    Lucy (editor)

  • […] the fall, so if you want to get a jump on your time sooner hop over to Sarah’s site and read 129 Ways to Manage Your Time. […]

  • Wow Sarah,

    I had to blog about this list! After reading these tips I was able to say no to my husband in a way that was compelling for both of us. We have even decided to use some of these tips to take our business to the next level. Thanks so much!

  • June says:

    I really enjoy this gazette. I am a life coach and find your ideas very helpful in my life and business world.

    I have several ezine articles that may be of interest to readers, if you would care to google me.

    June Steed

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  • […] recently had two leads published on dealing with time management. My tip is #75 on The Entreprenette Gazette and #43 on The Toilet Paper […]

  • […] I didn’t even think to include a disclaimer about how starting a new venture online can throw a schedule to the wind for a short time. It’s another animal all together! That new resource is due out in the fall, so if you want to get a jump on your time sooner hop over to Sarah’s site and read 129 Ways to Manage Your Time. […]

  • All great tips! Organization is key when you own a business, have a family or a demanding job. You definitely need to work smarter, not harder to get things done in order to enjoy life. Thanks for the tips!

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