10 Ways to use your Handy Hold All®

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1. Organize your handbags.
The Handy Hold All is the perfect solution to keeping your closet neat and your handbags looking like new!

2. Clean up your hubby’s baseball caps.
Are baseball caps scattered all around your house? Now you can put them all in one area. And the next time he asks where is favorite cap is you will actually know!

3. Coat Closet Boredom?
The next time guests walk in your front door and you offer to take their bag and coat, you will impress them with your super organized and cute coat closet!

4. Hang up your favorite scarves.
Keep your favorite scarves from getting wrinkled or lost by hanging them up on The Handy Hold All.

5. Dorm Room Disasters?
No more! Keeping small dorm rooms organized and cheery is always a challenge. Not any longer! Make sure to send one in your next care package!

6. Tight on Closet Space in the Guest Room?

Hang a Handy Hold All on the back of your guest door and slip some hangers through the loops and Voila! An instant closet!

7. Are Bulky Winter Jackets Taking Up Excess Space in Your Closet?
Solution, hang The Handy Hold All up in your attic, slip some hangers through the loops and add your winter jackets/coats. Now go shopping for some new spring/summer clothes to fill up all your new found closet space!

8. Too Many Necklaces? Too Little Time?
Let The Handy Hold All help you out! Collect all your necklaces around the house and hang them up. Problem Solved! Now get back to what you were doing!

9. Baby Bags and Packs Weighing You Down?
Pick a bright fun Handy Hold All that your baby will enjoy looking at and hang all your baby bags on back of your baby’s room door.

10. Gifts!!  Gifts!! Gifts!!
*Need a last minute hostess gift?
*Know a High School Grad going to College and need the perfect Gift?
*In a bind because it’s your friend’s birthday and she already has everything?
*Still searching for that perfect anytime gift?

The Handy Hold All comes in a box with a over the door hook making it the perfect instant gift!

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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