Cosmetic Bags

10 Ways to use your Cosmetic Bags

10 Ways to Use Your Simply Sarah Cosmetic Bags


1. Purse Blunders?- Make sure to keep all your make-up and toiletries in our bags that are coated with plastic on the inside.  When on the go they keep messes to a minimum and style to a maximum!
2. Simple Garden Secret- Keep all your gardening supplies in a large square bag so you always know where your favorite tools are!
3. Arts and Crafts – Make sure your arts and crafts area is neat and tidy! Our assorted sizes of bags will cover all your crafting needs! The large sqaure bags are perfect for watercolors and paint brushes since they are coated on the inside.
4. Spills in the Luggage got you down? No more spills in the luggage for our jet-setting fashionistas with our coated travel bags.
5. Night Stand Styling- Keep a small sasha on your night stand filled with all your bedside essentials
6. Baby Diaper Overload? Make any bag a diaper bag! Fill a large square bag with diapers and toss it in your bag and fill a small sasha with baby powder, creams and everything else.
7. Guests Coming into town? Show some hospitality by giving your guest a sasha bag filled with toiletries on the night stand.
8. Kids toys scattered in your car? Have your kids each fill a large square bag with their favorite toys for car rides.

9. Jewelry All Over?
Place a few clutches around the house in the spots you find yourself taking your jewelry off.

10. Summer Fun-
Sasha Sets are the perfect graduation gift for the grad heading off to college.  Also the fun bright colors make our cosmetic bags great for children going off to summer camp to keep all their essentials in.

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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